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  1. I just finished the game and i loved it, very sad that i did some more research and come across this. Rest in peace friend. it's on sale rn, well worth the money.
  2. Thank you very much, didn't expect this
  3. Make sure you do Firefighter and Paramedic on the first island before mafia gets agro, with the tank it's not a problem since it pretty much can't be destroyed, but their buffed up shotties 2 hot every car in the game
  4. It doesn't work anymore, best way to do Vigilante is just finish the game and use the tank, 15 in a row is the easiest on the first island, also i found out after i beat it myself that you can actually use the FBI Car in the Pay n Spray, never saw someone mention this before. GL
  5. How pathetic
  6. Have lots of fun and lots of game time❤️
  7. If i get the ps5 Physical version, will i be able to swap it to ps4 version? or only from ps4 physcial to ps5? Thanks
  8. I've heard that the trophy list from this game is very bugged, on both ps4 and ps5
  9. I noticed, but the expension pack trophies are in a different list correct? doesn't that mean i can just remove that one from my list?
  10. So, if i download the Ps plus version, and buy the GOTY Legacy pack, i can get all the 125 trophies? Sorry but this game is the most confusing shit i've seen
  11. Enjoy R&C had a lot of fun in that one!
  12. Then perhaps you got lucky, idk, i see so many people complaining, more so then ever, i most likely get the game today since i pre-ordered, so i'll see for myself Now a days it's rare for a game not to have a bunch of bug fixes or day one patch on the release date/week of the game.
  13. Yea, i noticed it after my post, it's very upsetting, is was really excited for this and i've watched about 3 half hour video reviews on youtube, and it doesn't seem to be working that well, i really hope there is a form of patch tomorrow/today, i would feel bad to not instantly play a game i've pre-ordered...
  14. let's hope for a day one patch, the game's official release date hasn't hit yet.
  15. really excited to get this game, and the list looks super fun still not sure if i should get ps4 version or ps5, considering it's a free ps5 update