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  1. Mates I just got it, updated the application to version 1.5 and started a new game recruited a construction worker and did all the paste ups again. This time it popped
  2. I have done all of the paste ups using my construction worker but for some reason the trophy did not pop, anyone else with this issue?
  3. Thank for sharing your experiences, I feel as if the free to play update has glitched out the item trophies. Im having a blast with the game so I don't mind playing online but i know it will get very frustrating trying to unlock items from the rocketpass without knowing if the trophies will pop.
  4. Hey y’all i just started playing today with the f2p launch. I’ve finished a season as well as played some exhibition games yet I still haven’t unlocked the trophy for collecting 5 items. Does anyone know if the f2p launch has glitched out the item trophies? Any insight would be great, thanks
  5. are people still playing this online?