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  1. I have done all of the paste ups using my construction worker but for some reason the trophy did not pop, anyone else with this issue?
  2. Mates I just got it, updated the application to version 1.5 and started a new game recruited a construction worker and did all the paste ups again. This time it popped
  3. Hey y’all i just started playing today with the f2p launch. I’ve finished a season as well as played some exhibition games yet I still haven’t unlocked the trophy for collecting 5 items. Does anyone know if the f2p launch has glitched out the item trophies? Any insight would be great, thanks
  4. Thank for sharing your experiences, I feel as if the free to play update has glitched out the item trophies. Im having a blast with the game so I don't mind playing online but i know it will get very frustrating trying to unlock items from the rocketpass without knowing if the trophies will pop.
  5. are people still playing this online?