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  1. But why take the chance? It's not too far off to estimate it'll shut down by next year or two. Ubisoft's shutting down its PS3 servers this September.
  2. I'm not surprised UGC servers are going down, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It's a shame that Sucker Punch has no plans to return to Sly Cooper or inFamous, while I love Ghost of Tsushima, I wish they would return to the games that brought Sucker Punch to fame. Even if it's just a remake similar to the Crash Trilogy for Sly Cooper, I'm down for it. I do wonder what their plans are for future games if they're doing a Ghosts of Tsushima sequel or another new IP.
  3. I was able to knock out the trophies easily in one boosting session. It wasn't that hard to get it all done, and some trophies are even doable solo without an online partner. As I recall, one or two trophies require a second person.
  4. At least the two online trophies look to be relatively easy to do solo. I still get nightmares from those crazy long grinds from other games.
  5. As much as I loved FFXV, I really would prefer having more linear gameplay, with the occasional areas of exploration. Kind of what FFX did, it was linear for the most part, but it had a few areas where you could go around exploring a bit with the side content and such. FF13 was just linear done in a boring way.
  6. If it's overpriced to hell, I'm better off looking for Third Party controllers with Turbo Function. What I really want to know, is whenever Sony's gonna release a Pro/Super version of PS5? The PS4 Pro was released around 3 years after the initial PS4 Launch, and at this point, the only way I would get a PS5 console is to get the new version with most of the bugs worked out.
  7. I'll be glad if the auto-pop works with the DLC, I'm not looking forward to redoing Ethan Must Die or 21 DLC from RE7.
  8. If you mean deactivating my PS4 as Primary, no I did not do that. I did do it offline though, but that was because I didn't want the game to auto-update before I made a world save on 1.00.
  9. I used the same account. I didn't need to make another PSN account or anything. Just getting a disc of the old version, the one with Steve in Diamond armor on the cover was enough. The cover on the old disc case looks like this. The other Minecraft disc is newer, it comes with the more recent updates installed already.
  10. Lucky you. I had to buy an old disc copy, I was able to access the Editions button then. How I did it was to boot up the disc on 1.00, make a world, save and quit. Update to most recent and the Editions button is there to switch back to an older version. Frankly, I think it's ridiculous that Mojang forced the Bedrock Edition onto the rest of us when so many of us prefer the older version since it's you know...actually fun. Especially when it comes to redstone.
  11. I was able to buy a Japanese copy of Subnautica and I was able to get the Japanese Trophy list.
  12. My body is indeed ready for this.
  13. What a shame. I was really hoping to get that full completion for Dragon Age. Thanks for trying to help.
  14. Huh, I checked around for the Ultimate Edition. The only thing I could find was Dragon Age Inquisition, but no dice on Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition Digital.
  15. I've been interested in getting the JP Trophy stack of this game, but I am aware of the fact Witch's Hunt DLC is delisted from the store. The DLC Codes will be expired by now, so the only real way to get the DLC is to get an Ultimate Edition which would have all of the DLC on the disc. Is there an Ultimate Edition version of the Japan Region game? In my searches, I've only found Base Disc and the occasional Awakening DLC Disc. I would appreciate it if someone can confirm this.