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  1. Not a problem. I always preferred text guides over video guides. Only a few times I would look at videos, usually for something too vague or complicated for text. Excellent work by the way.
  2. God, I hope the rumor isn't true. I use the PS App all the time to check up on the wishlist for potential discounts. Frankly, I have not used the PS3 Store App on the PS3 in a long time, it's always been such a pain to find and start downloading something I got. Having it auto-download from a purchase on the App is a big pro. If they wanted to separate the PS3/Vita from the PS4/PS5 then make a PS Store Legacy for the PS3/Vita content, hell, put everything on a discount to encourage everyone to buy whatever's there. Instead, they want to go and make it all even more difficult to get PS3/Vita content. Don't Sony want our money?
  3. You must be new here. But seriously, try making a separate save and reload. When the save gets to big, it tends to cause issues with the game itself.
  4. Huh, fair enough. The guide here on PSN did not mention that trophy was an online trophy.
  5. I always thought it was due to the disjointed storyline and overabundance of action pieces. If they had just focused on the Leon and Chris storyline and had them meet up and temporarily partnering up for one or two chapters. It would have been great, however, they introduced Jake the Superhuman and Sherry the Plot Armor, and it didn't feel like it was taking itself seriously. The Leon/Claire storyline worked in RE2 due to being both a complete storyline, rather than chopped up pieces that rely on other character storylines to make full sense.
  6. Well, I'm not sure if it would actually affect the trophies. As I recall, the guide did not mention any online trophies.
  7. Honestly, I haven't preordered any games since Duke Nukem Forever. So I learned my lesson a long time ago when a game release to wait 3 months to see if the hype dies down or if it's still being praised. If people are still talking about the game with good opinion on it, then I might think about buying it when it goes on sale. I haven't bought any games priced over $30 for years.
  8. Nice. I hope that means Borderlands 3 would be another stackable platinum, also would be nice if they also included the save transfer as they did for Handsome Collection and BL1. Sure would be nice to transfer my endgame BL3 character to the PS5 version once I get around to playing the PS4 version.
  9. That was my first thought. If they had released it on PS3 10 years ago it would have looked stunning. Now, this is just sad.
  10. That reminds me, I better get around to playing the Complete Edition. From what I understood, the PS5 version is free if you already own the PS4 version, correct?
  11. Huh, I must have missed that. Thanks for letting me know!
  12. I was recently finishing up the Remastered versions of MW1 and MW2 and started thinking about if they would remaster MW3 since it wasn't considered as good as MW2. So, I wanted to hear from everyone and see what you think Infinity Ward should do for their next Call of Duty.
  13. Honestly, if you had suggested making a separate category for games that were Remastered or Remade, it would be something I support. Having that category would make it easier to keep track of some games since some trophy lists are separated to PS3, Vita, or PS4 without a real indication if they were an HD remaster or not. But if that's the name on the game when you buy it, leave it.
  14. I got it the other day, it was still easier than MWR 1's Best of the Best trophy. But it's debatable if this or Mile High Club is harder. How I did it: Use USP and M9. Use the USP first so you can use the faster knife melee. I usually melee the targets in the doorway and stairs. Sometimes I melee one of the other targets if I missed a line-up shot. Memorie the locations of targets, especially where the civilians are. Sometimes you might hit a civilian due to it being right behind an enemy target. Repeat the course multiple times, more you repeat the entire course. The more you get used to sprinting and navigating, especially getting through the doorway and switching from USP to M9. Aim for headshots. The bullet tends to hit lower than where you aim. I've ended up shooting the barricades too many times until I started aiming for headshots. This will make lining up targets easier. Practice sprinting and strafing. especially when aiming and shooting targets while strafing. When you finally get a time below 19.7, pause and wait. The game likes to lag the trophy pop, pausing helps it catch up. Remember, if a scrub like me with pisspoor FPS skills can get through this, you can too.
  15. I honestly wouldn't mind it so much if we could set up private matches or Bot support and do it there. It seems Fall Guys matches are 30+ people which makes it difficult to do some of the trophies legit, add the glitchy, and bugged nature of the game to that. It's not surprising that some people would complain about some achievements, especially when a bug prevents somebody from getting the 5 wins in a row. If they ever add a Singleplayer mode, I hope they would make it so trophies can be done in there too.