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  1. If the censorship for the console version takes too much from the atmosphere of the game, then maybe it's better to play the PC version.
  2. GoW tends to have problems with jumping, sometimes it's due to camera angles, others due to not knowing if some jumps require a glide/boost ability. As for the Titan difficulty, I'm not ashamed to admit that I used the NG+ exploit to have the Cestus for the Judges Skip, so there's a good reason to do the first playthrough on normal to unlock everything and leave Titan for last.
  3. Nice to know what trophies pop. I was kinda hoping to be able to do a normal new game and be able to use the Inquisitor costume, but it's also nice to know that some problematic trophies would pop.
  4. I hope that Gearbox learned their mistakes from BL3 and make Wonderland closer to BL2 in terms of builds, but keep the crazy gun variety of BL3. Personally, I felt that the only thing BL3 was missing was a good storyline and a moddable weapon set up, they teased us with the Gun skins and accessories but it would have been nice to be able to mod the guns or at least use a base gun and re-roll the stats like we can for the Annoitments. The greatest Sin of BL3 was they killed off Maya and sidelined Lillith. It would have been far more interesting to have a more Siren vs Siren aspect to it, but nope. If they could capture the zany magic of Dragon Keep DLC and remember what made BL2 such a huge hit amongst the player base. Wonderland could be the game to bring Gearbox back into the Fan's good graces, provided they keep the greasy hands of Pitchford out of it.
  5. It would nice if Rockstar ported the story part of the Main + DLC's to the PS5 without the excessive online trophies.
  6. It's a conspiracy I tell you! It always seems to happen when I buy a game or the DLC at full price. Ironically enough, the only times I ever buy the DLC at full price nowadays is the PS3 and they stopped doing sales after they stopped adding PS3 content to the PS Plus Monthly free games.
  7. Funny you mentioned Resistance and Killzone, I wouldn't mind if they bothered to re-release an HD Definition of Resistance and Killzone if they aren't going to make a new entry in the franchises. As I recall, R3 tied up the ending and KZ Shadowfall is sort of a spinoff. I'm still waiting on a Resistance prequel on the Russian front and finally some answers on the Cloven. On the thread's topic. I'm not surprised that Bioshock would go the exclusive route with the higher selling console. I would have preferred it if they kept it open across all consoles as it would cut down on the whole Console Vs Consoles cuz exclusive arguments.
  8. As I recall, the Factory isn't really fully expanded until later when you find the NPC's to unlock blueprints. I've used this guide https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps2/929240-rogue-galaxy/faqs/47159 back from the PS2 days, it should be applicable here. Also, I found a well-written in-depth guide for Rogue Galaxy on PS4. There's an item list, item drop, and factory layout in the section for the Factory. I recommend taking a look if you're stuck. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps2/929240-rogue-galaxy/faqs/78359/introduction
  9. True enough. Everyone's got their preferences for Final Fantasy and how it all connects. Still better than the Legend of Zelda timeline, that one is more tangled than an Alabamian family tree.
  10. That's why we wait for the sales, my friend.
  11. As I recall, you unlock the Bonus Costumes after completing the Challenge of the Gods.
  12. I've used the video. Back on the PS2 days, I typically use the Roll + Achilles Flip method. Since there is no timer, you can take your time and slowly take them out one by one. Also, if you can manage, knock them off the ledges instead.
  13. Perhaps, I did not have the chance to play that one. But I meant a sequel set in that world. I am quite interested in the Lore of the Occuria and how they were constantly meddling in the affairs of the mortals. Considering that in the events of FFXII, the main party finally freed Ivalice from the manipulations of the Occuria, but the Occuria themselves are still around apparently. I wouldn't mind a game set decades or centuries after FFXII to show how much Ivalice had changed without the influence of the Occuria.
  14. Here I am sitting here waiting for a sequel to FFXII, or at the very least, a game in that particular FF world. Oh well.
  15. Nah. I'm waiting for the greatest crossover of all time. Hentai vs Mayo.