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  1. Great guide as always. Also, I would like to point out that it's possible to get some trophies early as apparently reloading and recollecting the same collectibles counts towards most if not all of the collectible trophies.
  2. Sure would be nice if they had a Flash sale again this year. Hopefully, the next sale will be better.
  3. If they're are going to go ahead with a new Mass Effect, a change in the game engine is a must. Unreal would be better for RPG than Frostbite. I still have no idea what they were thinking of using Frostbite for DA:I and ME: A. I wouldn't say no to a return to the Shepard Saga, maybe with another character from another perspective? I know I would be interested in playing as Garrus or Wrex during the 2 years between ME1 and ME2.
  4. A handy guide to have. Thanks for posting it here.
  5. Looks like it's one of those games nobody's going to be sure about until they try it out themselves. Ah well, I can always wait for a sale.
  6. It was inevitable.
  7. Some you could start without an enemy. But a few won't activate without an enemy to use it on. At least that it seemed like for me. Stormrise has a glitch where the ability activates but animations for it doesn't trigger. That's why it gets confusing if some abilities need an enemy to use it on or not.
  8. Echelon:Enforcers- Grenades (alt attack)- Riot Shield (passive)Infiltrators- Thermal Vision (passive)- Demo Bomb (alt attack)Prowlers- Search the Skies AA Mode (AntiAir attack only/passive)Arc Hammers- Transform to Artillery (AntiAir attack only/passive)Hunters- Rocket Barrage (alt attack)- Low Hover (passive)Sentinels- Dig In (passive)Seekers- Targeting Feed (passive)The Eclipse- The Polaris Rift (alt attack)- Anti Ground Mode (ground attack only)Stalkers- SAM Missiles (Anti-Air attack only)- Laser (alt attack)SaiRangers- Sai Anti Air Rockets (Anti-Air attack only)- Commando Rush (passive)Spectres- Mind Control (alt attack)- Cloak (passive)- Rapid Slice (alt attack)Scorpions- Sting (alt attack)The Rage- Unstoppable Charge (alt attack)- Rage Smash (alt attack)Locusts- Fly High (passive)Warriors- Electric Tentacle (alt attack)Matriarchs- Acid Rain (alt attack)- Spawn Broodlings (passive, spawn Broodlings)Rift Worms- Stormbringer Siren- Vortex (alt attack)- Mobile Shield (passive)- Blink (passive) I don't honestly know if you can do them all alone or with a boosting partner. I would say play it safe and have your boosting partner make air type enemies for some abilities, as some are anti-air only. Chances are you'll be boosting some abilities anyways for ability specific trophies.
  9. Seriously though man, what kind of bull are they trying to pull on us....again?
  10. This video is a great help. Thanks for posting it!
  11. Sure would be nice to finally play Mafia 1. While Mafia 2 hasn't aged well, it was still enjoyable. Admittedly, the DLC for it was just...no.
  12. Hope this means they would focus more on the SP aspects. I loved TLOU, but I had to boost the MP trophies and I felt that an MP feature in a heavily story-based game was unneccessary.
  13. Very nice. The question remains, will the PC version go through the terrible port phase like Arkham Knight?
  14. Honestly, FFX's Chocobo trainer, while difficult, only took me a handful of tries to get it down. Probably have to do with the fact I had plenty of practice on the PS2 version. However, it took me a long time to get the lightning strikes down, it got so bad that I barely blinked and had to pause several times so I could blink.
  15. This guide on steam was helpful when I wanted to go for a Lucas win. I usually don't bother, but I wanted to see if it was doable. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=686718017