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  1. I wasn't talking about external HDD's. I was talking about USB flash drives, considering a lot of people prefer to make manual backups of their saves over using Cloud.
  2. Nice to see a new update on the PS5 front. I still don't see an update on using external USB drives or something similar to the PS Communities or Activities.
  3. The game itself holds up pretty well. I was disappointed that the game never got a sequel and that Pandemic Studios closed almost right after. From what I heard, Pandemic was working on a Mercs 3 game along with a Batman Dark Knight movie-game tie-in. It's a shame since Pandemic Studios was the one that made the good Battlefront II.
  4. Well, I hope this time, the discounts are for games I actually haven't bought. From the list, I can see one or two games I might be interested in.
  5. Lies. We all know the Servers itself is a paid actor.
  6. It's safe to assume they removed the MP. I noticed most games that have HD Remasters tend to have their MP portions removed. It makes sense as it would cut down the budget needed for the MP.
  7. Some people read books, play sports, watch movies in their free time. And yet video games are something to be ashamed of? I'm sure in the context of a deadbeat with no job, it would be bad. But I know plenty of people that play video games in their free time, and they have a full-time job plus children, in some cases grandchildren. Frankly, what people do in their free time isn't anyone's business. I live by a simple rule, you do you, I do me, and we don't bother each other.
  8. Can't wait for it to finally come out. Probably around the time PS5 Pro gets released, haha.
  9. At first, I was excited then I saw the OP's post timestamp.
  10. I always thought Sound Shapes was the precursor of easy stacks, tbh.
  11. From what I looked up, Evil Within shouldn't have too many issues with PS5. Try reinstalling and checking for possible updates. Also, look through the settings, from what I've heard some PS4 games have problems with Boost/Upscale features.
  12. Alan Wake is in one of the Control DLC, I think. If I'm not mistaken, Alan Wake and Control are in the same universe.
  13. Your post reminded me of this. You got a point, it seems that the companies bounce back and forth on quality and services while Nintendo is more than happy to mind its own business with its own customer base. It seems that Sony had forgotten why people chose the PS3/PS4 over their Microsoft counterparts.
  14. I'll admit that I use my USB to make backup saves since PS Cloud tends to either overwrite saves, end up full, or even corrupt saves. Having backup saves saved my bacon more than once when my saves end up corrupting and I had to reload an older save. I see no real reason to not have a USB backup functionality, yeah sure there's the save tampering issue but PC's had that issue for decades and you don't see anyone complaining about it outside of the World Records.