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  1. Huh, I can see one or two games on there that I wouldn't mind getting. I'll wait a bit and see if anything else pops up.
  2. I rather to just ask my friends and do some actual research like watching one or two of my favorite lets plays on youtube. If I find it interesting enough, I might end up buying it, but if not then I might pick it up later on a sale. But I have not made a pre-order in a long time and, frankly, I don't think anyone should make a pre-order unless they absolutely must have the game. Like you've said yourself, take reviews with a grain of salt, there have been cases of reviewers overhyping or underselling games due to outside factors.
  3. Are you sure it isn't spelled Ragrets? I'm pretty sure its spelled Ragrets,
  4. It's ok. We all had our derp moments. I remember once in Batman Arkham Asylum I couldn't get to a ledge to progress in the story. I must have spent an hour or two trying to jump/glide to the ledge. Then I realized I could have used the grapple zipline. Yeah, I couldn't look at myself for a while after that.
  5. No issues. I got platinum on both PS3 and PS4 versions this way. I would have gotten the VR version platted but I'm busy working on my backlog.
  6. I would recommend finishing most of the main game before going for the DLC's. That's what I did since I was able to stock up on potions, good gear and unlock some useful shouts on nearly all of my playthroughs. Usually, I go Main - Dawnguard - Hearthfire - Dragonborn.
  7. Huh. Ok. Guess that's one I won't be adding to the backlog.
  8. Can confirm this method still works as of May 14th 2019. Thank you for your help @cian2009.
  9. I prefer Ass-Blasting but nobody would get it and probably assume its a term from pr0n. If you do, Burt Gummer thanks you.
  10. Another Sale. Another Pass. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. This looks interesting, I might get back here if I get around to buying Minecraft on PS4. But I'm still enjoying the PC version too much.
  12. I would recommend changing up the guns and equips and checking any new loots before selling them. Also, it might be a good idea to farm some bosses or area because as I recall some areas had some good drops or chests. I remember this one time I got a gun with a fire effect, it quickly became my new go-to gun at least until I found something better. It's actually why some people have called Borderlands a mix between FPS and RPG. tl;dr Use More Gun
  13. This tends to be a trend for co-op games. I can suggest to either leave and find another match or try to find a dedicated group.
  14. That's all I have to say, folks.
  15. Dark times are ahead of us.