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  1. Nice. I'll have to check in later when the store updates on my end. All I see is the Playstation Retro sale up now.
  2. Yes. I can confirm that plat is obtainable using Admin Panel. I suggest finding someone to help with Tower of the Elephant, as it is the only trophy that requires a second player.
  3. God of War
  4. Finally, they're releasing a remaster on PlayStation. From the looks of it, they'll have boosters as they did in FF7 and FF9.
  5. Kratos and Asura. The sheer chaos those two can come up with...
  6. Ah. I'll make sure to get a good elemental gun when I get to Arena. Thanks for figuring out a workaround.
  7. Here's some things I did to help on the Hard playthrough. 1. Do research, when you get the Camera. Use it ASAP. Most important is the bonus from Spider Splicer since you can get first aid kit drops. Maxing out research on Spider Splicers also gives Fountain of Youth tonic. It lets you regenerate health and EVE when in contact with water. So it will be VERY useful. 2. Use the environment to your advantage. Use shock in water to take out groups, set up traps, etc. 3. Do good choices when you can, it gives out better benefits. I remember using these tonics in my playthrough.Armored shell -Better defense against melee. This will help as Splicers likes to sneak up on you.Freezing drill - This is a godsend, it can freeze up the enemy and let you do big damage. Very useful against Brutes, BIg Sister and Big Daddy.Handyman - This will be helpful, especially when getting swarmed. Having a turret up will be a good distraction.Cure all - Lets health station refill EVE too.Fountain of youth: As mentioned above
  8. I honestly thought it was Tales of Arse, then realized I was misreading it. Regardless, it is great they're coming up with a new Tales game on PS4. I really loved the old Tales series on PS2 and is in the process of playing Tales of Xillia 2.
  9. I hope so. I've been looking to get started on this and BL2/Pre-Sequel in anticipation for BL3. The developers do have a point, fixing a bug depends on finding the real cause and fixing it without screwing everything else up. I remember some games got patches to fix bugs but only end up making other bugs.
  10. I would love for the chance to replay it again on PS4. Hopefully, this means a potential sequel if the remaster sells well.
  11. Don't forget to make a gaming session for boosting. Use the link I've provided. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions You might be not aware, but boosting threads are not allowed here. Usually, they get locked.
  12. I hope they add Drippy as an active party member. I remember seeing the DS version had that, and I was disappointed. Regardless, I'll love the chance to play it again.
  13. I hope the pricing on some of the games extends to the season pass. I've been looking for one for Spiderman for a while.
  14. I'm just glad that I got the online trophies done a long time ago. Especially for TLOU. And for those of you who's looking for UC2/UC3 dlc trophies, best get started now. And....