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  1. Alright, im sure many people still have problems with this trophy and even though there are many guides telling you how to do it, im going to explain it. All what you have to do is delete your save files (excluding replays, career saves) and then when you open the game, you turn hospitality settings to OFF! After that, you just play 25 kick-off matches, semi-pro level, can be even 4 minutes. You have to play with teams that are "match day updated" (MLS league teams for example) I also noticed, that it is better to play with a computer becouse sometimes when you play with 2 players, for whatever reason, match doesn't count so have that in mind. After every game go to main menu, go to MY FIFA 13, then FIFA 13 PROFILES, and in the upper right corner there is a counter of your kick-offs. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR PROFILE MANUALLY BEFORE QUITING THE GAME, OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN! I had many problems with this trophy too, but now it seems to be pretty easy PS. No, you can either win or lose and even draw