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  1. But, I didn't wrote that I am not agree with this decision... I was disucusing about this some time ago and the topic I think is closed, so you don't have to mention about my case. You can look at topic with decision about me and you will see that the topic is closed. I was only thinking about why other people aren't flagged... only me.
  2. I am flagged, because of this game, althought I have got this trophy fairly... I was explaing how I got this, but somebody decided that I am laying... Now I am think why much people aren't flagged if they have gained this trophy later than 3 June 2009.
  3. Tkanks for all the answers. I very appreciate this And the last question. How many players do i need to start a match? 4 players??? Am I right? I haven't played it for ages, and I just don't remember, but now I want to buy all DLC to do 100% in this game. Maybe anyone of you want to help?
  4. Hey I would like to ask you how does look like playing on the servers in Battlefield 3? I heard that playing on the servers hasn't been free already. How does it look like? If I want to play Battelfield 3 DLC. Will I have to pay for renting servers? Thanks for answer in advance
  5. Michal1Marcin2 FIFA 09 I was added saves from my old console and i didn't known that after that the trophies which i have gained before, would pop. I am sorry for that, but i think that it is still fairly, because it was gained by me, but on the other account. You can see that all my trophies are gained honestly, even more harder trophies. Unfortunatelly i don't have any photos or another evidents to prove it. So, you can only trust me or not. Please consider this situation again and thanks.<br /> Your faithfully