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  1. Looks like all three games are going to take an lot longer than the classic ones which I like that they haven’t just used the same makes it a different experience. I hope there is a replay mission though for the mission specific ones as I dont like having to plan too much to get trophies when I want to just enjoy the game. I’d rather just clean them up at the end
  2. That’s annoying I did a bicycle kick by chance but haven’t unlocked stadium 3 objectives yet
  3. Had the rarity always showed a percentage of players earned as well as just common, rare? I hadn’t noticed it before. Maybe because it wasn’t easy to view before.
  4. I agree with this. I dont mind trophy lists being easy but I wish they atleast had you explore everything the game has to offer to make it an achievement. As this game is is so good its one of the few times these days where I will do challenge mode even though its not required.
  5. I’m thinking about playing this game after platinum in challenge mode even though it’s not required which would double playtime to 20 hours. You don’t have to stop with the game because of trophies although I do wish games would make you do more for platinum these days.
  6. Platinum #76 - Mafia: Definitive Edition Earned 01/05/2021 With this game I didn’t think I would get platinum due to classic difficulty and the race but the race only took me a couple hours and I seemed to have found all the combat scenes easier than on normal. You just have to keep popping in and out of cover and not rush.
  7. that would be cool having a trophy tab next to media and I agree the only thing different to what you can already see is a level bar which should have just been added to the top.
  8. Looks like they havent changed trophy layout yet but im hopeful they will eventually if they listen to feedback and they do seem to still care about trophies as they have update some of it like you can go to a trophy list by clicking the activity card now. most annoying thing about no vertical list is it already exists under compare trophies so they have thought about it and just need to convert it to main list
  9. I hope they add the option to show list vertical like compare screen. I’m finding it really hard to look at and read how it is now
  10. I really hope they change the standard way to how it is when comparing trophies as it looks so much better
  11. I dont like carrying over trophies but man i dont want to have to do them get theres again
  12. Just one cable is a dream. I can’t bring myself to set up vr on my ps5 because of all the cables and with ps5 taking up more space having to fit in that processor unit. if it was wireless it would be more expensive and I’m sure they want to keep it an affordable option plus there are advantages to a cable as has been mentioned about lag.
  13. Typical I’ve literally only just started this game this week. I guess I’ll just focus on finishing it on PS4 now and not bother with extra stuff and do that on ps5. game seems fun enough to replay but I have no intention to auto pop if I can help it feels like cheating
  14. You can just import levels but not carry over progress to auto pop which I’ve done as the game is so replayeable I don’t mind doing it again. Trophies are a reason to do it again and don’t see the point in getting all the trophies for free i think I will start from the beginning of the story and work my way through in order
  15. I just tried comparing trophies which shows it the old way and it looks soooo much better I really hope they change it to that on the normal list or atleast provide option. It has all the info you need on one screen on that list and can see everything without needing to click