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  1. I just saw someone bought a PS5 on ebay for £8000, what an idiot. it should be illegal to resell unless you physically have the item in posession.
  2. I finally did the bullring after 3 days of trying. Realised for getting up on nail da rail after the 2nd gap (cant remember what its called) grind the next rail as you go round but make sure to do a jump and grind that rail again which gives you more speed to get up for the nail da rail gap. then you should have enough speed to get the final gap. I am on venice now and im struggling with lining up the final manual. I just want this done with but each gap is taking me so long to master. I think this is the last truly hard one left I got.
  3. same just in time at 9:10. My first ever console pre order
  4. I started trying Bullring last night and this is exactly whats happening to me, it seems so inconsistent how sometimes you can make the transfer and others you overshoot. The furthest I got is the nail the rail one where you have to wallplant off but I keep missing it. Ive not come close to the finish yet. I have done quite a few hard ones and I keep saying this is the hardest each time but now I'm sure this is the hardest. School 2 wasnt as hard I didnt think. I think I had more trouble with Mall as that took me 3 hours of constant retrying but Bullring has already taken me 3 hours of retrying and Im not even close. I dont want these really hard ones I have done like School 2 or Mall to go to waste by not doing this one and its frustrating me
  5. well then I can see why not many people have this yet with the game already been out nearly 2 weeks
  6. Oh I wish they never added these vehicles to levels they are so annoying. I didnt have much trouble with officer dick on school 2. but the taxis on downtown nearly made me throw my controller.
  7. How many challenges have people done? If you do all of them does it not get you to level 100? I think doing challenges would be a more fun way to get to level 100 than grinding the same thing over and over and not make you go insane
  8. I just did School 2 last night after many attempts but Ive found with all these you naturally get better without thinking about it. Like when I first started I didnt think I could even get to the last rail but gradually got closer. I thought that was the hardest up to now and now I'm worried about starting Bullring.
  9. Looks like a fun list and may be time consuming to get level 100. I like it and makes me want to play it more. But I don't see how people can say it looks easy when we don't know exactly what these challenges are going to have us doing. Also I'm not sure how easy a score of 10 million in a level will be.
  10. I really enjoyed the original and I’ll probably get this although I’m not excited as I was for it when it was announced. graphically it looks amazing but I am not keen on the new voice acting of characters. My main issue is with Paulie who looks like he has had a complete personality overhaul
  11. I played the demo for this and controls were really tricky. It was very immersive though so might pick this up. i’ll see what reviews think.
  12. I’d rather they share the same like FIFA 21 I’ll get for PS4 then will be updated to PS5 it can just go down as multi platform on here and any trophies I get on PS4 carry over to PS5 as I don’t want too many duplicates unless it’s a remaster
  13. I have just noticed that on my trophy list for Hitman 2 where it says Additional Expansions just says Expansion on PSN now. not sure when that changed but it looks neater
  14. Am I the only who actually liked Abbys section with the story being told from a different perspective finding out what Abby was up to while Ellie was looking for her. At first ofcourse I hated Abby for killing Joel in such a brutal way but finding out why how it connects to part 1 I did start to feel a little empathy for Abby. I think this game is underserving of the such low scores just because it’s not the story you wanted ignoring the rest of the game. 2s and 3s out of 10 is ridiculous. If this is a 2 then what would be a 9 or 10 in your mind? I admit that the story did have some flaws but I enjoyed it and would still give it an 8/10. I think the ending left it open for a part 3
  15. Just finished it after around 28 hours. It is amazing and makes me think to never take other people seriously. 2s and 3s are just plain stupid. If this game is a 2 then what would you give a 10? The story kept me gripped throughout and I liked the direction. Would love to see more of this series in future.