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  1. Of course its fictional! But I just love it! It's so interesting!
  2. Thanks guys! It worked, and now I am able to play the game! It's so fun, than you everyone!
  3. I want to read more of the HISTORY of the Mojave Desert, but Fallout universe history. I want to buy a book, I'm not sure if the Fallout: NV guide is this kind of book. Is it?
  4. I absolutely loved this one, but not as much as past games. My favorite will always be LEGO Indiana Jones!
  5. Yes, I also had the delay, so I flew around for a few minutes then flew straight to the door and as I was flying it opened...
  6. I guess I'll try that. I'm an idiot, new to PS3, used to have a PS2 but yeah...thanks!
  7. Lego Marvel Superheroes for PS3 is a great game, but mine is bugged! It ALWAYS crashes during "Times Square Off"! I deleted all saves, started a new one, and just replayed many times! It freezes and crashes. I have sent two support emails to WB Games, one on the 30th of December, and one on the 7th of January. Since WB will obviously never respond, can anyone help? I want to replace the disk, since it is buggy!
  8. Both!
  9. I'm currently ABOUT to play Batman: Arkham Origins!