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  1. Final Fantasy IX no doubt
  2. Tales of Symphonia just pass 5 years last month for me. Came back and finish 1st and 2nd run earlier this year. On the 3rd run now but kinda bored doing mid-game puzzles over again so I cant keep the same pace. What left are to finish this 3rd run, do a full 4th run, then another half run should do it but doubt I could do them by this year. Atleast most of harder stuff like Gung Ho or I Hate Gels are done, except one thing: RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT.
  3. CoD: World at War 100%
  4. Uncharted 3 100%. Just in time too. Congrats!
  5. 10k battles and tame 1k monsters? I played since Asian server open and I got like 1700 battles and 150 monsters (admittedly I only login to do a few stuff each day, was active like the first two months). That's pure insanity. Yeah. They're different stacks.
  6. Gotta be PS3 CoD Modern Warfare 3 100%.
  7. No
  8. Nina Caliente (The Sims 2)
  9. Dragon Age: Origins
  10. MonHun World
  11. Voted no after weighted them out. While 100% ribbons are needed, ultra rares and sub 1% are cool, but I really dislike the ribbons of effort, as much as it outweigh the others. I know it's bad analogy though it's like you put them trophies in a classroom. Consider more than 50% as grade F. You try to kick grade F kids and then pander to D kids (uncommon) to be as equal as says B (very rare). Then you brag to another teacher of a class next to you "Ha! What a loser. Your class has 35 F kids more than mine!" while your own class has like 2 C kids and the rest are Ds. No, trophies shouldn't work that way to begin with. You're just a jerk of a teacher. Trophy isn't like secondhand shoes where they'll degrade with more people wear them. You guys can branded those stacked-EZPZ-heavies profiles without the need of these ribbons before, why need it now? If the 4th ribbon slot's really needed, I suggest switch ribbon of effort to customizable ribbon of choice (or some customizable milestones as above mentioned). Could be from genre, game series, or game company. Like "ribbon of JRPG", "ribbon of Assassin's Creed", "ribbon of Bandai Namco", or like "FIFA Grand Slam" as I saw from other topic. Otherwise I don't really see benefit of this ribbon of effort outside of ability to detect "EZPZ scum" at first glance.
  12. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires in 3 weeks 4 days (now 1.79%). Kinda surprised as it's >130+ hours plat for me and felt burnout toward the end too. While fun playing in stages with DW8 combat, the core "Empires" stuffs are somewhat lacked. DW7 Empires is better to me.
  13. 9 games: Warframe (5) ESO (2) Grand Kingdom (16) Dynasty Warriors 8 XL (6) Nobunaga's Ambition: SoI (8) Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (4) Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (6) XCOM2 (3) Dead Rising 2 (1) Thought it's flooded with Koei Tecmo's but Grand Kingdom took a fair chunk outta it.
  14. Street Fighter X Tekken. Not really like the artstyle.
  15. Tales of Berseria. Been working on Tales of Symphonia lately aiming to be my first Tales of plat. Man it really takes lots of determination for 4+runs. Guess other Tales of are like this too right?