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  1. Doing For Honor daily missions right now so that. Hell, it could be any game (outside of about half of PS+ and some few quick plats that I want some taste of them). I'm not rich enough to buy games that I know I won't enjoy.
  2. 100% Driveclub too. Huge trophy list
  3. It's not Sephiroth. It's Sephirothicc 😆 Seems even easier than other Kemcos.
  4. At first I thought it's SW4 + 4-II. Seems not like it from the trophy list. If anything I wanna add to SW4 would be more cutscenes mid-stage. SW4 story stages were pretty dry, just rush from dot to dot compare to DW8 or Orochi 4.
  5. Really love Dead Space 2 hardcore run, even put it above all your ultra rare plats.
  6. 100% GTA IV
  7. Just realized that I already got 16+1. Lemme list them: # - 36 Fragments of Midnight A B - Burly Men At Sea C D - Dragon Quest Builders E F - Final Fantasy VII G - Grand Kingdom H I - InkSplosion J - Just Cause 2 K L - LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Year 1-4 M - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker N - Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence O - One Tap Hero P - Portal Knights Q R - Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII S - Samurai Warriors 4 Empires T - The Walking Dead U V W - Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate X Y Z Japanese Lover - ガンダムブレイカー (Gundam Breaker)
  8. PS3 Dark Souls. Plan to grab one on PS4 though.
  9. 100% Destiny
  10. I rarely go for high reflex trophies (and don't really mind if not getting them) but the one almost impossible trophy I really want is Hail to the King from FFIX (1000x jump rope). I know it's somewhat easy to many (and even easier with remote play macro) but my best was early 300. Could be my lifetime trophy if I eventually get it. I won't stoop that low to macro-ing or ask somebody to do it for me for a title that I've been trying for 17+ years from one of my favorite games of all time.
  11. Should be The Division since it was January's free game for Asia. Nioh was my pick since that October fad so that. Before it looks too same to TC's picks so I'll pick Divinity: Original Sin and Salt & Sanctuary.
  12. One thing that I could add is the serving counts are counted since the beginning. I got Steak recipe from Poncho just the next day after I finished the story as I've been working the cafe quite regularly. In hindsight, maybe if staying in specific chapter to rack up the serving count of some characters (e.g. Miere) could be a plan? Not so time efficient. Sure. But it's more controllable as the plot character for that chapter will always come down to eat (everyday?). As for favorite dish, I believe they only like the flavor, not the specific dish or their personal dishes. In late game Poncho almost only ordered well-salted Zippy soup, where Dr. Zeff rarely ordered one (he mostly went for Boiled Seven Grass). I only make dish at minimum requirement though; no secret ingredient.
  13. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International PS3 Played quite a lot back in 360 but knew that I won't plat it, let alone PS3 ver. I'd like to get one on PS4 though.
  14. I'd go with PS3 Bulletstorm.
  15. Rise of the Tomb Raider 100% 125 trophies!