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  1. One thing that I'm sure is different dungeon color means different event. I did easier one like Mad Temple on three different colors and that count as three events in the end. Glad I didn't need to clear any vision of madness no HUD one.
  2. Gotta be the most badass one, Jedi Outcast.
  3. LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga
  4. Mahjong Carnival
  5. Final Fantasy Chronicles (the one with FFIV and Chrono Trigger) (PS1) Digimon World (PS1) Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1) Parasite Eve (PS1) Radiata Stories (PS2) Honorable mention: Digimon World 2 but been played it again few years ago on emu the game's suuuuper slow, really need fast forward option at least
  6. That 100% Fallout New Vegas. To think that a remaster for PS won't happen easily gives me heartaches by the number.
  7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Death Road to Canada are the first ones come to mind. I'd say just because they're funny from start to finish is why I 100% them.
  8. 100% GTA IV
  9. Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin. Really hope for English sub for this one.
  10. Debriefing: Finally got it. The most demanding silver trophy I've ever got. Ultimate Battler ...and that means I platted it! Edge from 15k to 30k kills unexpectedly took less than Arumat's about half an hour (22 hours). Definitely felt longer though. Here's the time: blind Galaxy run - 57:35 Earth Arumat - 260:48 split for Faize and Edge kill - 64:15 Universe - 13:28 Chaos - 21:21 total - 416:47++ with unaccounted hours like 4 endings, 3x failed attempts for 10mins EQ, BTs done without hard saves it's more like 440 hours total. A turbo part for controller is definitely godsend or else I don't think I could've done it. Well salutes to you then. I think I'm done for good. Was a good 300 hours yes but the later 120+ hours for the last 25% BTs isn't what I'll be going for again.
  11. The exploit I used was the money exploit that mentioned in the guide here. The most useful mod to me is a silo that spouts out various stuffs like wheat or grass (can't remember the name, been too long now). Very useful especially for livestocks.
  12. If you don't mind and use all useful ingame mods/exploits then it's less than 20 hours. I platted in 14-15 hours myself. Those in leaderboard I believe they carefully prepped everything just before the trophies requirements, then ran everything around the 10 hours mark. I don't believe the first in leaderboard's really played JUST an hour and a half, it's more like 11 hours, which isn't too far fetched.
  13. Only 4 left! Only 15k/30k kills, 255 -ology, and 99999 hits for Edge. Arumat's 30k kills was quicker than expected at ONLY 22.5 hours from 15k kills (was expected around 35 hours). Expect Edge to take far longer though. Oh and for Bacchus exact damage kill on Earth difficulty is pretty straightforward I'd like to share my method here: Bacchus lv255, maxed BEAT B Target damage: 1728 on Honeybee of Roak Scumbag Slayer no armor Ashlay Bernbeldt Jewel Attack Bracelet synth with 2x Blueberry for 2x ATK+1 = 891 ATK long range normal attack
  14. Man that's really quick. I thought I could race you but that's too far now. Here's my update what I've left: Edge 4 (15k/30k kills, ology, 99999 hits) Bacchus 1 (exact damage kill) Meracle 4 (ology, 3x hits-related trophies) Arumat 2 (15k/30k kills) Current plan: Meracle -ology drop then her hit-related ones in arena. After that it's two long roads time. Anyone done Bacchus exact damage kill on Earth difficulty? Can't find answer online and too lazy to adjust damage myself lol (other exact damage ones could be done on Earth difficulty with formulas for Galaxy though, as enemies have same DEF as Galaxy. I could guarantee that).
  15. Guess I have to make a log here to keep my laziness at bay. In the last 10% zone now but it seems so close yet so far. Most BTs left are -ology drops and kills. Here's what's left: Edge 4 Reimi 3 Faize done Lymle 5 Bacchus 4 Meracle 11 Sarah 6 Myuria 3 Arumat 4 Playtime throughout all saves ~335 hrs++ (with unaccounted time like endings and do BTs without hard save to keep stuffs it's more like 350 hrs) Current plan: Sarah kills Sabertooth tigers with tornadoes until airborne kill count reached. Then Lymle/Myuria for undead/demon respectively. Any -ology left will pick in WD.