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  1. LEGO The Lord of the Rings. I just don't like Lego games with actual voice acting.
  2. Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage
  3. 100% Fallout New Vegas. Played a lot on PC+360 but didn't come close to 100% or even plat yet if actually count.
  4. Magnets Engaged To All Lumps SHARK
  5. Practice Lazy Activity Yourself MAYFLY
  6. Zone of Enders HD
  7. Yellow
  8. Fantasian part 1 on my brother's MacBook. Currently my favorite 2021 game.
  9. My favorite couch co-op to play with my brother on PS4 is definitely Outward. A so-so 3rd person action-WRPG when playing solo, doubt it'll be more fun online with randoms, but it's a blast with a partner who sits next to you. Even if you play together online on separate consoles I'd recommend sitting in the same room, preparing for a trip, getting lost real quick, crawling your way together though the game. I'd say it's the best in-game journey ever with my brother.
  10. You made Welch proud twice by getting SO4 and HLD platinums, so you thought you're special well over 9000 then ERROR occurred, sky's turning clear and you revealed your Final Form, you then turned to me and asked "Don't You Have Anything Better to Do?".
  11. Deus Ex Human Revolution
  12. God of War 2018
  13. One for each link is good, just connect them dots. No reason to left any junk out of your reach right? You can get more settlers by making a radio tower as shown in Sanctuary quest. You can also send excess settlers from one place to another too if you don't want to make a radio tower at the new place.
  14. The Local Leader 1 perk still needs you to manually assign a settler as above poster mentioned to become a supply runner via workshop menu first. You could check if any settlement linked or not from Pipboy/settlement map. My guess is you didn't set up any supply line but Commonwealth settlements mostly have enough basic stuff to scrap and build on its own land so you don't see the problem much. FH settlements I remember steels and concrete are quite hard to come by.
  15. You can link supply line from Commonwealth to Far Harbor. I linked the NE top right most Commonwealth settlement (Can't remember the name now, the one with a broken house with lots of Mirelurk) to Longfellow's Cabin first. Then after you get other FH settlements, link them to the cabin.