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  1. October predictions: MediEvil The Order 1886
  2. Sioux
  3. Dragon Quest Heroes? I think it's from the first one.
  4. PsychoBreak (just know that it's what The Evil Within called in Japan)
  5. Ted (Dead Rising 2)
  6. No Bully?
  7. Dinner plan gone wrong so I settled with a leftover KFC drumstick and a single slice of bread.
  8. Elephant
  9. Fall Guys
  10. LEGO LotR. I don't really like Lego games with full voice acting much.
  11. My red arm's hot but my blue arm's cold. Where should I put my hands into?
  12. No Any "Empires" type of Musou/Warriors franchise?
  13. Yeah only a few hours though