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  1. Gotta be Onrush.
  2. @DieHardDavidN so how'd you get those trophies in the end? Save wipe and start all over? I've beat the game in Hardened and both trophies won't pop (Arcade mode didn't unlock too but I can select all mission).
  3. Mine's no problem. Can't really remember if manually deployed or not too (but I set banner beforehand). From a full bot dominion match.
  4. Only LEGO Harry Potter Year 1-4 and Life is Strange.
  5. Dragon Age Origins 100%. Played a lot on PC and 360 but nowhere near the plat. Havent played Awakening too.
  6. Gotta be PS3 Far Cry 3.
  7. Gotta be MGS2. Extremely Solid
  8. I'm that one guy. Bought Conan 65% off (with another 15% coupon off) from Asia store. About $12 I guess. At least PS+ Asia won't give Conan this month as we will get The Surge and What Remains of Edith Finch.
  9. Doing For Honor daily missions right now so that. Hell, it could be any game (outside of about half of PS+ and some few quick plats that I want some taste of them). I'm not rich enough to buy games that I know I won't enjoy.
  10. 100% Driveclub too. Huge trophy list
  11. It's not Sephiroth. It's Sephirothicc 😆 Seems even easier than other Kemcos.
  12. At first I thought it's SW4 + 4-II. Seems not like it from the trophy list. If anything I wanna add to SW4 would be more cutscenes mid-stage. SW4 story stages were pretty dry, just rush from dot to dot compare to DW8 or Orochi 4.
  13. Really love Dead Space 2 hardcore run, even put it above all your ultra rare plats.
  14. 100% GTA IV
  15. Just realized that I already got 16+1. Lemme list them: # - 36 Fragments of Midnight A B - Burly Men At Sea C D - Dragon Quest Builders E F - Final Fantasy VII G - Grand Kingdom H I - InkSplosion J - Just Cause 2 K L - LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Year 1-4 M - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker N - Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence O - One Tap Hero P - Portal Knights Q R - Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII S - Samurai Warriors 4 Empires T - The Walking Dead U V W - Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate X Y Z Japanese Lover - ガンダムブレイカー (Gundam Breaker)