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  1. That Vanquish plat's real nice.
  2. December prediction: 1. The Order 1886 2. Darkest Dungeon
  3. PS4 Dead Island 100%. Finished once with my brother on PC and that's enough for me.
  4. Been hoping for Nioh since late last year during those "leaks". Back then I really doubted it, seeing a discount store Geralt looking guy on the cover quite turned me off. Gave it a chance from sale around June. Somehow I'm sold since watching the cheesy Koei-style opening movie. Platted it late July. Struggled for a few months until I 100% a few weeks ago. No regret at all it will become free for PS+. I rarely go for 100% after plat so my doubt's been cleared. It became one of my favorite games of current generation. You will have my money, Nioh 2 (along with season pass and whatev).
  5. 76 more so 106 total
  6. I'll take those whole lotta Driveclub trophies.
  7. PS3 Borderlands 100%
  8. Nioh
  9. Nah LittleBigPlanet Karting?
  10. Somewhat expect that Graveyard Keeper would be put on Halloween Sale but no. Next stop is Black Friday then.
  11. Muramasa Rebirth 100% is really nice to have.
  12. Treno??? This isn't Tetra Master, man. This is Triple Triad 😁 Anyway, you should be fine if you're still on Disc 3 (CC quest available on disc 2-3, the quest will be locked on disc 4). Starts with CC Jack near the Directory first like above poster's list.
  13. IIRC your 15 wins in Balamb Garden do not count the wins in Cafeteria (and might be other area like library too but I doubt it).
  14. RE2MAKE