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  1. Dragon Quest XI S. Was a nice game in vanilla but the 2D mode in S really made it into a classic in my heart. This also means I have all globally-released DQ plats too.
  2. Taiko no Tatsujin
  3. I just try to make a random phrase/sentence outta those trophy names.
  4. Should've read this, happened to me today. Have to fight black Cerberus and final boss twice. Same position as OP, end of NG+ during last cutscene.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 100%. Way too many actual social interactions required 😄
  6. Gravity Rush
  7. PUBG
  8. 5 scenarios should take somewhere around 20 hours. More than half trophies could get while going through each scenario's objectives. Do wrap up after getting 5 gold medals from each scenario saves should net you most (or maybe all) trophies. With midnight rent exploit (mentioned in other topics), the game becomes easier and A LOT quicker (though using exploit after having lots of rooms becomes too much of a hassle, and it's not effective in hotel scenario). I'd say 4/10 difficulty w/o exploit and with exploit it's 3/10 (exploit affects playtime more IMO)
  9. Those whole lotta 125 Dead By Daylight trophies.
  10. Roughly the same list eh? 2D mode, here I come!
  11. A little late for me to see this method 😅 But after some thoughts, on one hand it's nice to see that the camp finding part can be skipped. On the other hand, the whole Capon's questline from bathhouse quest up to Robber Baron are needed to be done for the DLC to be available early before "Payback". If I have to play hardcore + merciful run (without care of other trophies) again, I'd rather do DLC during "Epilogue" same as what I did. The camp in the wood was just a right turn to the north, after the bridge next to the crime scene tent. Just make sure you're facing the North. Sneak in from back tunnel, grab stuff then leave. Craft musk potion from recipe online and you're set. 2 hours at most from the start of "Game of Throws".
  12. Healing
  13. Ninja Gaiden Σ2 without a doubt. Anyone who cleared Master Ninja is a whole different level.
  14. Megaman X4 is one of my favorite games ever so Megaman X Legacy Collection. EDIT: uh ninja'd. For @Whitelightnin683 would be Tales of Zestiria then.
  15. December predictions: another The Order 1886 for one last time Assassin's Creed Origins