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  1. Any crop that sucks fertilizer real quick? For some reason, those 3-in-1 machines (cultivate,seeder,fertilizer) only count as sowing for me on 2nd map (was 2 things before on my testrun save on map 1 including fertilize). Got harvest and cultivate trophies and sowing is like 5 ha. left with conventional machines + fertilizer spreaders at front. Fertilize is at 34 ha. though. Problem is fertilizer on ground get lower real slow.
  2. Turn-based strategy games (geez I really want a new Gihren no Yabou game)
  3. Dungeon crawler with loot-selling/store management ala Recettear, Torneko's dungeon.
  4. Hmm I dont know too. Maybe it's an Asian store thing like why we have Mafia II free for a few hours 😁. This time maybe they just getting considerate not letting customers buy the same stuffs again lol
  5. I already have free "Collection" from PS+ Asia. The "Remasters" that just come to Asian PS store today are indeed conflict with "Collection". Today's Infinite is marked as "purchased" so I can safely assume that they're the very same game. Though for 1 and 2 are marked as "unavailable". When I pressed further to "tell me more" it told me that I already have BioShock Collection. To put it simple (I could be really wrong though): If you own Collection, you cant get Remasters from PS store of that same region.
  6. Played Rome Total War but haven't played II yet.
  7. Red Dead Redemption
  8. June 2020 The Order 1886 Assassin's Creed Origins
  9. Dark Souls Remastered + Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 Dark Romance of the Soul Kingdom 3.14 :Remastered Gotta be a Kingdom Hearts sequel gacha on mobile. This one is remastered ver. on PS6 though.
  10. Same just bought it Saturday. It's currently on sale up to early next month so I really doubt it. Dark Souls II SotFS might be a better contender. Older and cheaper base price. Can't remember it being on sale now too.
  11. May predictions: The Order 1886 Salt & Sanctuary
  12. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Borrowed from a friend back in X360 for a few days and didnt like it much (can't really remember the reason, loading time I guess). Though if port or remaster to PS4 I might give it another chance.
  13. Physically, he's your average 6'2, in his early 30 guy. What make him special is he could summon his MS to attack like Jin from PS1 Marvel vs Capcom, though his ego might refuse to do so. But of course his ultimate attack would be summoning an asteroid drop to make the whole world a nuclear winter. That's what he wanna do.
  14. 100% Mafia III. Too lazy to drive.