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  1. I don't know what kind of RNGesus you're dealing with, hope you find peace in the end 😁 Anyway, 76 more from my previous guess. It's 182.
  2. My Thanksgiving update. 3 games done (with FFVIII on Thanksgiving, my 15+ years quest finally done 😁). Thanksgiving: Final Fantasy VIII ⭐ Black Friday: Romance of the Three Kingdom XIII 100% Saint Lucia's Day: Little Dragons Cafe Las Posadas: Death Stranding Winter Solstice: Skyrim Hanukkah: Dragon Quest Builders 2 Christmas: Bloodborne Kwanzaa: Mafia III Boxing Day: Bully New Years Day: Would like to add The Bard's Tale for New Years Day. Kinda split between this or Battle Chasers Nightwar but if it cant be changed after 1 Dec I better stick with this.
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider 100%. That's whole lotta 100 trophies πŸ˜†
  4. Very similar list to previous one (Genesis). Though this one is really pricey (~$70 for standard, with both season pass and Premium G Sound could rack up around $110) at least in Asian store. Might grab when it's like 40% off.
  5. PS4 Uncharted 3 100%. Bought the collection, played the 1st one but the game keep crashing on 2nd cutscene. 2 & 3 are out of the question then.
  6. Wanna join too. First time joining events here so I'll start with most of my already started backlog 😁. Thanksgiving: Final Fantasy VIII Back on PS1 I went so far that only a final boss left (those 8 bosses beaten) then didn't play more for some reason. A Megaman-esque situation where you re-beat 8 bosses but don't go fight Sigma. I'd be thankful if I can finally beat the game this time. Black Friday: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII 100% Already platted this but there are 3 more trophies to 100% which are all complete scenarios. Should take at least 15 hours each. Playing as a merchant is quite quick to beat a scenario which involves buying stuff a lot (then selling them for a lot more πŸ˜†). Saint Lucia's Day: Little Dragons Cafe Two selectable PCs are girl and boy. One trophy left but no visible goalpost. Could be done in a few hours or 50+ I dunno (I know that I already put more effort postgame than pre-ending) Las Posadas: Death Stranding Travelling to the core. Can't find any game fitter than this. Kinda doubt I could done in January tho. Winter Solstice: The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Another 'quitted for some reason'. Maybe I simply wanted to walk around without major quests last time. This event could motivate me I guess. Hanukkah: Dragon Quest Builders 2 My 2019 GotY right here. Aimed to be my 60th plat. No need to go another way around from my original plan. Christmas: Bloodborne Haven't played for so long but a trip to the church was quite enlightening. Kwanzaa: Mafia III Most fitting I got since I've already platted GTA San Andreas. Kinda reluctant to play as I've only played Mafia II up to second-half for the whole series. Now should be a good time. Boxing Day: Bully Most freeroams with fistfights on street rarely even have boxing minigames, but Jimmy Hopkins beats those preppies in their own game of boxing πŸ˜€ New Years Day: whatever I grab during Black Friday
  7. Baran Doban (Super Robot Wars Alpha 3)
  8. Fallout New Vegas
  9. Giant Mallet from Dragon Quest Builders. A few poke to the wall to remodel my house at will. Also can gather material like both ore and wood without having to switch to axe or pickaxe like Minecraft. A universal tool indeed.
  10. That Vanquish plat's real nice.
  11. December prediction: 1. The Order 1886 2. Darkest Dungeon
  12. PS4 Dead Island 100%. Finished once with my brother on PC and that's enough for me.
  13. Been hoping for Nioh since late last year during those "leaks". Back then I really doubted it, seeing a discount store Geralt looking guy on the cover quite turned me off. Gave it a chance from sale around June. Somehow I'm sold since watching the cheesy Koei-style opening movie. Platted it late July. Struggled for a few months until I 100% a few weeks ago. No regret at all it will become free for PS+. I rarely go for 100% after plat so my doubt's been cleared. It became one of my favorite games of current generation. You will have my money, Nioh 2 (along with season pass and whatev).
  14. 76 more so 106 total
  15. I'll take those whole lotta Driveclub trophies.
  16. PS3 Borderlands 100%
  17. Nioh
  18. Nah LittleBigPlanet Karting?
  19. Somewhat expect that Graveyard Keeper would be put on Halloween Sale but no. Next stop is Black Friday then.
  20. Muramasa Rebirth 100% is really nice to have.
  21. Treno??? This isn't Tetra Master, man. This is Triple Triad 😁 Anyway, you should be fine if you're still on Disc 3 (CC quest available on disc 2-3, the quest will be locked on disc 4). Starts with CC Jack near the Directory first like above poster's list.
  22. IIRC your 15 wins in Balamb Garden do not count the wins in Cafeteria (and might be other area like library too but I doubt it).
  23. RE2MAKE
  24. Gotta be 100% BioShock Infinite.