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  1. Healing
  2. Ninja Gaiden Σ2 without a doubt. Anyone who cleared Master Ninja is a whole different level.
  3. Megaman X4 is one of my favorite games ever so Megaman X Legacy Collection. EDIT: uh ninja'd. For @Whitelightnin683 would be Tales of Zestiria then.
  4. December predictions: another The Order 1886 for one last time Assassin's Creed Origins
  5. Monstrous Architecture - Zero Escapes BITTER
  6. Bubblegum Zeus or Jupiter?
  7. Trials of Mana
  8. 3D Dot Game Heroes
  9. No though I admit I'm pretty tempted with its half priced right now. Heavy Rain?
  10. CoD Ghost 100%
  11. Dragon's Crown Pro. Same screen, though only player one can get the trophies.
  12. PS3 The Last of Us 100%. Too late for me now.
  13. Warriors Of Restored Dictionaries GOOSE
  14. I had this problem early on too. It always stuck on 3rd day of first month, even on a new character slot. Although it never occured to me again after I reach 4th day in one sit. So the solution should be sit through to the 4th day I guess. Maybe something in 3rd day making the save error.
  15. November predictions: The Order 1886 Nier Automata
  16. October predictions: MediEvil The Order 1886
  17. Sioux
  18. Dragon Quest Heroes? I think it's from the first one.
  19. PsychoBreak (just know that it's what The Evil Within called in Japan)
  20. Ted (Dead Rising 2)
  21. No Bully?
  22. Dinner plan gone wrong so I settled with a leftover KFC drumstick and a single slice of bread.
  23. Elephant