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  1. Sooo I’ve not kept up with news. I take it either some godly player hacked my account and beat every game ever, or Sony changed the PSN levels.
  2. Been completely unmotivated to trophy hunt lately. Just playing old games I’ve already platted. What’s the threshold for being forcibly retired? If I haven’t passed it already, I’ll put up a token effort for the remaining fixtures, take relegation, and get a fresh start next season.
  3. I’m just here so I don’t get fined.
  4. I think I saw there was an impending retirement in Gold or Platinum? We may all be stuck with each other again next season. Bronze crew coming up in the world.
  5. Done with the game, but I still have about 850k coins left. Enough for 3+ people to get The Invincibles. Add me one psn if you need them. I should also note that you do not need 10 accounts or whatever the guide says. You need 3 each with 2 partners or 5 total if you self-boost with a PS3. I have a match schedule if you need it. if you have trouble matching with your boosting partner, there is a setting in the matchmaking settings that needs to be changed. I forget what it’s called (something like “prioritize local matchmaking”) but it’s basically the only setting you can change. It will default to “yes”. Change it to “no”. You shouldn’t have connection issues after that. Be sure to do it with each accounts.
  6. It is achievable. Msg if you need coins for FUT draft.
  7. I could be wrong, but I think that should be 58.2 - 53, unless Omar gets an extra 100 pts for Star Ocean (not even mad if so ).
  8. The big congrats of the round goes to @Omar who just finished the behemoth that is Star Ocean - The Last Hope. Well done, but did it have to be against me? I tried to put up a fight at the end but I’m not sure how things turned out.
  9. Had a similar experience today with Mirror’s Edge. Lost my entire save file and all my time trial times. Didn’t really feel like playing anything after that.
  10. Artist’s interpretation of @ShogunCroCop announcing the fixtures every four days.
  11. Maybe just give everyone for but Manganese a bye between matches 5 and 6. Edit: I guess I mean the break will be where match 6 will be for Manganese. So play 1-5, 6 is a midseason break, and then 7-11 is the back half.
  12. To argue against myself, how many retirements/purges are typical in a season? If 2-3 people are dropping or being cut every season, you can keep the status quo and 4-5 people would still be promoted from Manganese.
  13. I third @microsamm‘s idea. It makes sense to have manganese league be larger since it has mostly new players in it anyways. With that said, maybe an extra pro/rel slot should be made available to Manganese to avoid stagnation. I can imagine 2 promotion spots out of 10 being somewhat harsh. Idea 1: 2 regular spots and 1 conditional spot - whoever scored the most points per match (3rd place in Manganese vs. 4th in Bronze). Idea 2: Same as 1, but decided by a playoff run during the same window as the CWC. Could be as simple as Manganese3 vs Bronze4, or something more elaborate.