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  1. To argue against myself, how many retirements/purges are typical in a season? If 2-3 people are dropping or being cut every season, you can keep the status quo and 4-5 people would still be promoted from Manganese.
  2. I third @microsamm‘s idea. It makes sense to have manganese league be larger since it has mostly new players in it anyways. With that said, maybe an extra pro/rel slot should be made available to Manganese to avoid stagnation. I can imagine 2 promotion spots out of 10 being somewhat harsh. Idea 1: 2 regular spots and 1 conditional spot - whoever scored the most points per match (3rd place in Manganese vs. 4th in Bronze). Idea 2: Same as 1, but decided by a playoff run during the same window as the CWC. Could be as simple as Manganese3 vs Bronze4, or something more elaborate.
  3. Yeah M My first thought was what a dogfight Silver is going to be. Should be fun.
  4. In order to ensure maximum carnage, I’ll save you the trouble of waiting. You’re all through to the next round. Have fun.
  5. Yes! I achieved my only goal, which was not coming last. This also crushes my top score in a CWC appearance - 0 in CWC 4.
  6. Do CWC scores carry over between rounds, or do they reset to 0 each time someone is eliminated?
  7. Nah, no delusions of grandeur on my part. I’m just there to make up the numbers in CWC. If I’m saving points at all, its for next season in Silver.
  8. Reading comprehension 0. Somehow I read that post and thought I had a bye in round 9. Didn’t even sync the trophies I earned during that time. Sorry to anyone affected in the promotion hunt.
  9. I’m just gonna kick back and watch the scramble for the second promotion spot in Bronze. We’re all just trying to avoid the Manganese tsunami.
  10. You got the last laugh though, because you’re playing TLOU II .
  11. I really should have checked the Until Dawn leaderboard before popping two platinums to defeat @Sptj7.
  12. Bronze needs a redo. Freddie and i already played twice. I believe my only remaining opponents are boooda and demonicruble, tho i may be wrong on those. Freddie and i definitely played twice tho.
  13. Fair enough. Certainly there are many non-plat games with dlc that end up having nearly as many trophies as a plat game. I was just thinking more of the 315 point games that typically require less playtime to 100%. I totally understand the desire to keep things simple though.
  14. Has there been any consideration of lowering the time requirement for non-plat games? I seem to remember there being a split early on, but i guess it was scrapped (understandably) to make the scorerers’ lives easier?
  15. Wish i could say it was strategy. I turned off syncing on my ps3 because it takes forevvver and I don’t have ps+ to do it for me.
  16. I owe most of my score to a deep desire to finish MX vs ATV Alive and delete it from my console (and memory) forever.
  17. This needs another look. Freddie and i already matched up in matches 3 and 6.
  18. I didn’t know I was so close to 5000 trophies. Ended up with the Hotline Miami 2 plat as #4,999. Too bad, as it’s definitely a milestone worthy game.
  19. I might have missed it somewhere, but what time of day do fixtures roll over? Midnight GMT?
  20. I’m not sure if this overly complicates matters, but maybe instead of giving an advantage to some newbies vs others, you could have two bronze leagues run in parallel for a season. League winner in each league promotes to silver, 2/3 stay in bronze (along with the two demotions), 4/5/6 form Manganese moving forward. I’m not complaining tho, since I stand to benefit if things stay as they are.
  21. I’m excited to be back. After digging through the old standings, it turns out I’ve been gone since the halcyon days of season 5.
  22. # - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (UR) A - Alice: Madness Returns B - Binary Domain (UR) C - Crysis 2 (UR) D - Dead Space E - Energy Balance F - FIFA Street (UR) G - Grand Theft Auto IV (UR) H - Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (UR) I - ICO J - K - Killzone : Mercenary (UR) L - Lone Survivor (UR) M - Mass Effect N - Need For Speed: The Run (UR) O - Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (UR) P - Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (UR) Q - R - Remember Me S - SSX (UR) T - Tomb Raider U - Unit 13 V - Velocity Ultra W - WRC 3 X - XCOM: Enemy Unknown (UR) Y - Z - 23/27 13 UR
  23. Hey, been a long time since I was involved in this league, but I would love to re-join next season if there’s a spot. Edit: Holy cow, just checked my comment history and it’s been 5 years since I last played. Time flies.
  24. Taking a short break from Wipeout HD. Might start XCOM: Enemy Within tonight.