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  1. Taking a short break from Wipeout HD. Might start XCOM: Enemy Within tonight.
  2. LA Noire. Haven't gotten around to playing it yet.
  3. Have you tried it recently? My game was hanging too, but there was an update a few days ago that appears to have fixed it. I wasn't able to find a match, but I didn't encounter the freeze. Add me on psn (same username) if you want to boost cup wins.
  4. Binary Domain SIngle player is fine, but there's 100+ hours of online boosting, and a team based horde mode that takes 2 hours per attempt. You need to beat all 3 horde mode maps to get the plat.
  5. 109 Down from 405 since the last time I posted in this thread. Should dip under 100 some time in the next few weeks.
  6. 11 Binary Domain (0.62%) FIFA Street (1.23%) Grand Theft Auto IV (1.35%) Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (1.99%) Crysis 2 (2.12%) Grid Autosport (2.72%) LittleBigPlanet Karting (3.00%) SSX (3.12%) Need For Speed: The Run (3.89%) Killzone: Mercenary (4.11%) Grid 2 (4.96%)
  7. I won? Thanks Parker! Rockin' out to Cream in celebration.
  8. There's a few questions about Motorstorm: Apocalypse, so I'll try to answer all them. I can't be bothered to multi-quote them all so hopefully those asking see this. The servers did go down at one point, but have been back up for some time and are reasonably active. I platted the game last month and had no issues finding a game, except late at night Pacific time (GMT -8). Can I self-boost in split-screen? Mostly. You can earn XP self-boosting, as well as most of the online trophies. There are a few that require you to do them legit or with a partner. Off the top of my head, the two are: Where's My Money? - Win an online bet in matchmaking Where Do You Put Them All? - Earn 50 Accolades in Multiplayer Where do you put them all? is quickest if you have a partner and can be completed in a private match. With 2 people you can knock out these out in no more than 20-30 mins combined if you fiddle with the race settings. After that it's 5 or so hours of self-boosting. Very manageable. Races have to be manually started every 2 mins or so. Had fun doing the dishes 60 seconds at a time.
  9. If you're looking for sim-lite racers, I enjoyed the licensed games Milestone puts out. MotoGP13 and WRC3 were quite a bit of fun. The trophy lists for both are relatively easy, but there's quite a bit of extra depth if you want to turn up the difficulty. MotoGP also sports a decent career mode where you start in GP3 and work your way up. The GRID games are also solid contenders in this category, with GRID 2 being the worst/most arcady of the three. Beware if you're a completionist - GRID: Autosport is a loooong haul. But if you're looking for a sim-ish circuit racer with a lot of replayability it may be worth considering. There's plenty of info on GT 5 and 6 out there, so I won't make my reply any longer. Though it certainly has its issues, I thoroughly enjoyed 5 and look forward to starting 6. On the arcade side, I'll echo those suggesting Split/Second. Great game. You may also want to give Pure and Motorstorm Apocalypse a look.
  10. I won't say you absolutely shouldn't buy I Am Alive, but I would strongly recommend against it. Just do yourself a favour and leave it alone. It was a good concept, but very poorly realized. Only get it if you're a really big fan of post-apocalyptic settings or love climbing drain pipes. Now that's out of the way, telltale games are fun. I can only speak for The Walking Dead season 1, but it was more or less a point-and-click adventure game with puzzle elements, some quicktime events and very occasional shooting. The gameplay is basic, but you're really playing for story and dialogue. You're never really watching cutscenes long enough to become a passenger though, because you're usually active in the conversation. Some of the choices or actions you take will persist with you through the remainder of the season. Telltale's engine is somewhat janky though, and can chug sometimes on PS3. If you can, play their games on PC or PS4. That said, I don't have a PS4 and couldn't say no to TWD S2 and Wolf Among Us in last week's sale. My other recommendation under $6 is Hotline Miami ($3). It's a hyper violent top-down shooter with a great soundtrack and VERY addictive gameplay. Well worth it at full price. I'm also looking at From Dust. I haven't played it, but it looks interesting.
  11. Binary Domain Platinum trophy Earn all other trophies in the game 0.63% Such a simple description for such a long and difficult trophy. So relieved to be done.
  12. Grid Autosport - Level 245/250 online after playing racenet challenges every week for 7 months. Two more weeks and I can finally delete this grindfest. Burnout Paradise - You need a webcam for one trophy and mine wasn't compatible. Need to pick up an eyetoy. The Last of Us - I guess I'm not super close, but the only trophies left are the hunter/firefly journeys in multiplayer. Smart As... - Can't seem to access the Street Smart portion of the game.
  13. FIFA Street - Had a local co-op trophy and I didn't need a second controller at the time. Now that I have 2, I'm just waiting to earn a few trophies in other games in order to make FIFA Street my 2000th trophy and 25th plat. If I can finish those trophies in time, I'll also be able to time it so the game took exactly 16 months to finish. MotoGP 13 - I need to come 1st and 2nd in the same local co-op split screen race. Unfortunately there's no way to turn off the AI drivers, so I'm waiting for a weekend to have my brother over to give me a hand. Burnout Paradise - The game requires a webcam, but doesn't recognize mine. Need to pick up an old ps2/3 eye. Grid Autosport - The grind is real. 1.5/5M XP left in online is all I have to do. Should be 10 more weeks at my current pace. If you go for this one, I definitely recommend taking a leisurely pace by beating the online time trials every week and waiting for the new ones. Might take you 8+ months, but it beats doing laps around Indianapolis for dozens of hours IMO.
  14. I have a few games I'm grinding long term and then usually 2-3 active games each on PS3 and Vita. I find it hard to walk away from an unfinished game even when I'm no longer enjoying it, so I always have other incomplete games that give me that excuse to take a needed break and play something else.
  15. I picked up Catherine and Demon's Souls. Nothing like a couple easy platinums.
  16. If I can be bothered to go pick up a cash card I'll pick up Spec Ops: The Line, Beyond Good & Evil HD, and maybe Rayman Origins. XCOM: Enemy Within is very tempting, but I'll probably just pick up the complete edition (includes Enemy Unknown and the dlc) at some point.
  17. Just thought I'd leave this here as a heads up. If you're looking for easy trophies, better get them now. The latest you can start and still 100% PS Home is ~ Feb 9/10 if you remember to log on every day.
  18. Rattled off 4 in quick succession this month: Uncharted: Golden Abyss Pixeljunk Shooter: Ultimate Batman Arkham Asylum Crysis. Fully enjoyed all of them. Pixeljunk Shooter and Crysis were nice surprises as I didn't know much about them.
  19. So... what's the future like?
  20. For those who haven't read it, Brave New World is set in a future where most people are addicted to, and self-medicate with, a hallucinogenic drug called soma. Whenever someone experiences negative emotions of any kind, they administer soma so they can forget. The result is a society where most people remain oblivious to the world around them. I chose the name as a reminder to myself that gaming, while awesome, is a distraction from the real world. Sometimes the distraction is needed, but the idea not to get so caught up in it that I forget what's really important. /soapbox The Noob part is less pretentious. I'm a longtime PC gamer who finally bought a PS3 last year, so it seemed appropriate.
  21. Sadly, no. As much as I enjoyed the league, my competitive nature got the better of me and I often found myself playing for trophies rather than fun. Plus now I get to remain undefeated against you forever.
  22. Wow, I just came back to this thread for the first time since I retired and there's 40-something new pages.
  23. Glad to see this. I'm about an hour in. Completed multiple combos over 40X with no pop. Is it 40x minimum or exactly?
  24. I'm a big fan of sports games, but I can't stand the money grab of yearly release schedules and servers that shut down after 12-18 months. Are there any good sports games out there that don't have online trophies or have servers that stay up?
  25. Played it, platted it, and uninstalled it within a week. It didn't really leave an impression on me given how much I loved the old PES games on PS2. I wanted to love it, but I couldn't get excited. It didn't help that the plat was so easy. I'm dying to play a great soccer game, but PES has regressed and FIFA is the same old cut and paste.