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  1. Is this method still working? I've tried the same, cutting every possible corner at Laguna Seca. Ironically, I still gained SR in this race. Anyway, I'm struggling to drop my DR significantly as well.
  2. I went for 10 races. In every race I skipped practice, finished on pole and got the race victory plus fastest lap. At the end of season 2 I was able to fully upgrade the R&D tree and facilities for durability.
  3. I did it with "Pop Muzik" from M (backing vocals). You can use a keyboard, hold the Singstar mic close to it and keep playing a C. This will give you around 2.8 mio points. If you don't have a physical keyboard, there are plenty of apps and websites that can get the job done. Maybe you have to try multiple times or change some settings on the keyboard, but it definitely works.