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  1. I mean, i'd rather Sony focus on giving better deals to PS4 these days.
  2. Yes, let's have people lose jobs and no longer be able to provide for their families again because some people on the internet didn't like the video game they made. That's totally reasonable.
  3. Not played the PlayStation version, but if its anything like the Vive version this platinum is super easy.
  4. Wondering if I could be added to the original post too, although since I'm on PC I don't know if I'm valid to be added ha For a update on my profile Rocksmith/Rocksmith 2014 (Steam/X1/PS4) Mostly Steam Path: Guitar/Bass/Rhythm Electric: Ibanez SA160FM Bass: Ibanez GSR180 Intermediate, not super great, but can hold my own through most songs... Quite decent on bass, tend score around 85 - 97% on most songs on sightread. Rocksmith Achievements 22/60 (worth going back and playing this? I moved on to RS2014 instantly, but I'm tempted to go back and try play through the "career" mode which I didn't do back in the day. Rocksmith 2014 Achievements 18/47
  5. You actually can't have two copies of the same game from the same region present at the same time. I tried downloading Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes while I had a physical copy and the PS4 wouldn't start the download until I had deleted the disc version from the hard drive. This of course doesn't matter cross region, I have both the Japanese and European versions installed right now.
  6. Thanks for the thread, it's been interesting reading through it, not finished reading it yet but pretty good so far. I decided to redownload Rocksmith 1 onto my PC today, It's been a real eye opener to how much the game has actually improved my skills, I remember the first time I loaded it up, it took me about five attempts to qualify on "Where Is My Mind?", Did it not only first time today, but my performance on that and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" was solid enough that by the time I went to actually play the concert mode, it was nearly all the way leveled up. Also had a double encore, both songs I had never played before, "Chimney" and The Police's "Synchronicity II", managed to nail both sightreads so I was really happy with that... I remember when getting those Encore bonus's seemed impossible! EDIT: Sneaked in another hour (Quite literally, was playing in my kitchen in order not to wake anyone up) and happy with some of my progress, started to get "Ziggy Stardust" and "The Man Who Sold The World"'s purple sections on lead. still need to work on some things though, Got my ass kicked by "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
  7. Yeah, should be a interesting thread to keep checking in on for sure, bass is my most recent focus, but I switch between them all pretty frequently
  8. Is it fine to join this topic if I don't play on Playstation? I play Rocksmith via Steam Rocksmith/Rocksmith 2014 (Steam) Path: Guitar/Bass/Rhythm Electric: Ibanez SA160FM Bass: Ibanez GSR180 Intermediate I guess, can't shred those insane solos, but can hold my own through most songs... starter on bass, learning them finger picking skills! Rocksmith Achievements 20/60 (worth going back and playing this? I moved on to RS2014 instantly, but I'm tempted to go back and try play through the "career" mode which I didn't do back in the day. Rocksmith 2014 Achievements 14/47 Not really going for achievements, just learning a song and improving my skills, I'm a drummer, not a guitarist so this should be fun.
  9. Well you're in luck considering this game is impossible to pirate since it runs under the windows 10 store which is not hacked yet You just have to sign out of your xbox live account for it to pop up apparently
  10. Unlike RB3, in this, you have to do every solo, make sure you're getting that 85% on every solo in a song, in Rock Band 3 you only needed to do one so I can see some people making this mistake.
  11. Eh. I don't have enough posts to make one, but i'd probably keep the hero and RB games separate, most fanbases tend to stick to "their" side, and both have their own differences (RB3 has "real" instrument trophies where "Hero" has the DJ games)
  12. I think some of the "hero" games are unobtainable now, but that would come if it ever got a PP thread, (I know smash hits and "Live" are for sure, although live should be patched soon), the rest may or may not be, depending on servers.
  13. May I suggest a Rock Band project platinum? All pretty rare plats and it would be nice to see more people go for them! Lists Rock Band 2 (Still plattable, although servers are screwy) Beatles Rock Band Lego Rock Band Green Day Rock Band Rock Band 3 Rock Band 4 (stackable)
  14. Can confirm that cheats disable trophies in SA, money cheat was entered and tried spending $6969 on clothes and bought a house and no trophies were awarded.
  15. Release date is the only real way to go, otherwise you're gonna be spending alot of time jumping between old and new game mechanics etc and dealing with losing some stuff, only to gain others etc in the next game which can be overwhelming to the player. Also, very minor, but there are also alot of call backs to previous games that you'll end up missing out on if you play in timeline order.