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  1. Is there a quest that needs to be done to progress beyond Rank 35? On the Adventure Exp bar, its showing 9175/7475, so I'm curious why its not leveling up to Rank 36 A glitch of some sort?
  2. Such a sloppy update, guess whoever is in charge will be hit with a company warning letter tomorrow
  3. Do they generate randomly across the map everyday, and can you open the same chest again? Also do Ley Line Outcrops contribute to the trophy for opening chests?
  4. You know, the one when you up to press L1 and up. Forgot how some of the game mechanics work and would like to review it again, but I can't seem to find it anywhere
  5. as per title, idk if 2000+ units of them are considered much, but where do I use them?
  6. Noelle, Beidou and Ningguang on the first pull. Not gonna spend anymore on a free game, so this is quite satisfactory for me
  7. As per title, is it possible? If it is, how do you do it?
  8. I should've read the forums and played Co-op from the get go. A great change of pace from MP. Fun too, considering you can shoot AIs without dying as easily. Makes you feel like the power is in your hands... one could almost say... Unlimited.....Powaaaah
  9. Strange... I played on Wednesday and saw the 3XP notification at the start of the game, but after playing a around of Supremacy in which I scored about 17k points, my exp bar increased by 35k points. Also at the end of the round screen, it only shows Double XP
  10. As title. Been trying to stagger the bugger by filling my army with those tree guys and using a shield hero, but once the boss transforms into cyclops mode, he starts picking off my guys one by one and thats extremely annoying. Can't seem to retreat in time using the retreat song either.
  11. On the topic of overheating or loud PS4 Pros, never actually encountered any of that.... that is until I decided to be a genius and opened up my console all the way to the chip, replace the thermal paste and dust it off. First time booted it up, played Patapon 2 and was under the false illusion it was fine. It wasn't a demanding game anyway. After a couple hours, booted up Apex Legends and as soon as I got to the lobby, the fan kicked into overdrive (like a jet fighter taking off), console beeped once, and it auto shutdown. Tried it one more time and same thing happened. Tried another game, Ace Combat 7, and the fan was spinning noticeably louder but not as bad as when it was running Apex. But halfway through a mission, I.e. probably about 10 minutes, overworking fan kicked in and console auto shutdown. Opened it back up, and tightened a few screws holding the X shaped spring down (model CUH-7106B) and the fans run a bit quieter now. Sometimes it gets loud but I don't think I've noticed that before.
  12. I just got it. You're a proper live saver. Curious though, how did you figure out the server address, Would be interesting if this method works for other games with closed servers
  13. Ocassionally, I come back and play this game for fun, but it has been a while and I don't remember the exhaust fan overworking as such. Does it happen to you guys as well?
  14. well, slight disappointment on my side. afaik, I have at least 1000 kaching from P1, but when I transfered data, a got 61 kaching transfered as well as tons (if not all) my level 1 materails. challenge accepted, I guess
  15. Looking to pick it up sooner or later, but just curious, what stuff gets transfered over from the first game? Legendary weapons and other stuff?