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  1. On the topic of overheating or loud PS4 Pros, never actually encountered any of that.... that is until I decided to be a genius and opened up my console all the way to the chip, replace the thermal paste and dust it off. First time booted it up, played Patapon 2 and was under the false illusion it was fine. It wasn't a demanding game anyway. After a couple hours, booted up Apex Legends and as soon as I got to the lobby, the fan kicked into overdrive (like a jet fighter taking off), console beeped once, and it auto shutdown. Tried it one more time and same thing happened. Tried another game, Ace Combat 7, and the fan was spinning noticeably louder but not as bad as when it was running Apex. But halfway through a mission, I.e. probably about 10 minutes, overworking fan kicked in and console auto shutdown. Opened it back up, and tightened a few screws holding the X shaped spring down (model CUH-7106B) and the fans run a bit quieter now. Sometimes it gets loud but I don't think I've noticed that before.
  2. I just got it. You're a proper live saver. Curious though, how did you figure out the server address, sr3.hydra.agoragames.com? Would be interesting if this method works for other games with closed servers
  3. Ocassionally, I come back and play this game for fun, but it has been a while and I don't remember the exhaust fan overworking as such. Does it happen to you guys as well?
  4. well, slight disappointment on my side. afaik, I have at least 1000 kaching from P1, but when I transfered data, a got 61 kaching transfered as well as tons (if not all) my level 1 materails. challenge accepted, I guess
  5. Looking to pick it up sooner or later, but just curious, what stuff gets transfered over from the first game? Legendary weapons and other stuff?
  6. Hey sup guys, okay so the latest here, I've tried reinstalling and trying that power cord unplug reset method. Neither of them worked. Tried to sign on at least twice a day since posting this. A bit more luck today. I got to the screen with the blue background - the one with PlayStatoin Store on the top left and next to it is the Search Bar and Cart. No items are loading though, and after about 5 to 6 minutes, it signs me out of PSN. After which, the system hangs and resets itself about 10% of the time. I think it might be a hardware issue of some sort. In anycase, this would be the first time I've had issues with PS Store on the PS3. Alternative method via website still works for me though
  7. Okay, so I tried doing this but it doesn't work. Deleted, reinstalled to version 1.28 and started it up. Came to the grey loading screen with the PS Store icon and the loading bar underneath it and it gave a notificatoin "You have been signed out of PSN, please sign in again", after which the PS3 system hung and rebooted itself. After restarting the console, same thing, unable to get on hte PS Store. An alternate way of doing it is via the desktop. You could queue your downloads and restart the console. Few seconds after restarting, a notifce would come up and say that "you have contents being donwloaded, please wait." Also access to the PS Store via ingame options, such as that in Metro: Last Light, is still possible for some reason
  8. Hmm strange and frustrating. I'll give the desktop sites a look and see if I can access my contents from there
  9. As per title, a bit late to the party, but have they taken the store offline? Everytime I try to get on, it signs me out
  10. Has anyone tried it and does it work? For trophies such as Shooting the Knee, Road Fury, etc
  11. espeically helpful if you're playing as an Elf race. When you follow the story and make it to Lappi Iron Lode in the town of Lipharufa, stay there. enemies are always aggressive so you can plant your character there and they'll come to you. You can play via Remote Play on the PS Vita or on your phone too. Only thing you need to check for is to let the mob you just beat up join your team or not.
  12. Same issue here, also got its own stand with a built in cooling fan. Everything else I do is pretty normal, and the moment I start the game, the jet engines come on
  13. After beating FFC on Adventure pack DLC, I went back to farm levels at Tainted Monster 57, Hurraura. They were already level 125 by that point, Party consisted of Evan, Batu and Leander, with control character being the latter. They should be strong enough to handle the spawns. Higgledies I used are based on summoning the HIggledy Knight, but I didn't bother activating them because they will kill the spawns too fast and interrupt the main boss from summoning more. Basically, boss will summon 4 and then I kill 3 of them and let the AI characters chase the last one around while that gives the boss time to summon more. Went from 125 to 145 in about 1 hour, feed them with Hero's Delight (massive EXP boost food) and equip your reserve with EXP boosting equipments
  14. I'm actually quite confused, with some of the weapons boosts they have here. 1. Like let say in terms of elements and element damage boost Weapon: Cool Rockabye Lance Slight chance of freezing enemies Slight increase to water damage Would this mean that it will boost up whatever weapon you have that are water imbued? Will having 2 or more weapon with "element boost" stack up? 2. Also what is considered as magic attack damage? Do wands normal attack count as that or does it take into account ranged damage? Do skills (e.g. Evan's Flurry) take into consideration physcail attack, where spells (e.g. Fireball) take into consideration magical attack?
  15. I followed whatever guide I could find, on reddit, on youtube, whatever. So I was following Abyss' guide to measuring monsters and gave it a shot, at an investigation with at least 1 gold and 1 silver reward. Was to hunt Rathian, P. Rathian and B. Diablos. Measured the Diablos but it seemed a bit small, so I moved on to the normal Rathian which I still haven't gotten a large gold crown for yet. Finished the mission solo, including killing the P. Rathian. Result screen came out; got a large gold crown for.... wait for it.... the B. Diablos, but nothing for the normal Rathian. 2 years.... 2 years too long...