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  1. I'm not very good at this game. I was stuck on an Ignition track for an hour and still didn't get 3 stars. Gonna cut my losses and just finish the plat I think.
  2. Soo...looks like Machinegames made the platinum even longer now with the new update. I just got the last base character upgrade and no trophy pop. I guess I need all the new ones too now.
  3. I have 50+ steelbooks. Maybe I'll throw up some pictures later. Some steelbooks that I have been always looking out for but can never find without being stupid expensive... Alien Isolation (G2 Version) Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Far Cry 4 Bioshock: The Collection Steelbooks are also a reason i will NEVER buy digital. I love me some steelbooks.
  4. I did this. I ran around and got the keys without killing the robot. I went back later and killed it and the trophy didn’t unlock. Hopefully I can replay the full mission and it will unlock and will not do that for brother 3.
  5. Thanks so much! I didn’t realize I was toggling back and forth from easy and standard stars. I feel dumb now haha
  6. I recently got back into this game. Has anyone else have stars that disappear from events? I got all three stars in the first event in the Apex dlc and I reopened it later and now it’s at 0/3. I don’t understand. It did this to me earlier for the same event. I had 2/3 stars then it went to 0/3. A couple of days later I booted up the game again and I had 2/3 stars again. Maybe I’m not triggering the autosave somehow or it’s a glitch and it’ll show up again later??? I honestly don’t know.
  7. Call of Duty Ghosts - 2.61% (My rarest platinum) I can only think of one trophy that is somewhat difficult and that is the completionist trophy in extinction mode. Don’t understand why it’s an UR.
  8. Only on a trophy/achievement forum will you find people complaining about new free dlc for a game. Haha
  9. It’s at the top of the fast travel options. You just travel to it.
  10. Looking for some help on terramorphous and possibly tiny Tina raid. I got a lvl 50 Mechromancer. PSN: Hourisathand EDIT: Got the trophies I needed
  11. Does this mean I can request a new parasite eve 1000 times? Haha
  12. I remember buying call of duty ghosts with the steelbook and season pass for like $15 TWO years ago. This “sale” is terrible.
  13. Wow. People actually complaining about a FREE game.
  14. Borderlands 3 (don’t believe Randy that it’s not gonna be there) New Bioshock!! (Hopefully) Dead Space sequel (one can dream) The Last of Us II
  15. lol wut? To each their own I guess. Infinite Warfare was my favorite cod campaign by far.