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  1. Figures. Was hoping perhaps it was a segway into conversation though. What tips and strategies did you use?
  2. Srsly, like why all the hate? It's good game man. Yeah, you heard me. It's one of the two games I've had the most fun platinuming. And yeah, I'm a fan of the series, what's up with the hate? I've heard so many silly complaints, like about Dante's hair or both brothers' personalities. Well it's a reboot, it's suppose to be different.And Dante's hair and personality fix themselves by the end of the game anyways, ofc there's going to be some character growth through his journey. this is an origin story. And Virgil becomes more like what he was in the originals during the events of his downfall, where he overcomes his inner demons and becomes this power-hungry monster that he is. One thing that I do agree with however is that people don't like the fact that he's no longer part-human. Even though he has Kat to ground him I do agree that heritage is a stronger connection, when his mother is a human. But hey, at least we get some coo weapons from it. Do I think this game should have had a couple name-changes and be called something else? Absolutely. Do I think it should be hated simply for baring the name of its predecessors? Fuck no, man. This game brings a lot of interesting stuff tot he table, including the subliminal messages and demon overlords inspired from the awesome movie "They Live" and the idea of the city of Limbo, the very city you fight in, is trying to kill you kind of like white blood cells attacking an intruder. I found this idea of the living enviroment being as much of an enemy as the demons themselves a very cool aspect of the game's lore. So go on, what do you think?
  3. No offense but git gud. Play the game a couple more times to get familiar with the combat system, buy all the upgrades and conquer the higher difficulties, all the way up to DMD before you even remotely try this. The only mission you should be having trouble with is mission 17. Gotta admit the window for that was is a little tight.
  4. As a fan of the series I can say I love this game. I originally played the demo for it and remember thinking it was the coolest thing in the universe. I then purchased Devil May Cry 4 and beat it before the reboot's release date. I was fucking awful at it and didn't know what I was doing half the time I did like it though. After spending months with the reboot I went back to 4 and got quite good at the game, found out it was much fairer and more fun that I remember it to be. My senpai was playing the HD collection at the time and was telling me how good 3 was so I decided to buy it too (there was a discount on it at the time, got all 3 games for 10 bucks). I absolutely loved 3, thinking the combos and the difficulty was perfect, and didn't find beating the game on DMD and getting all the S ranks as hard as it was just pure fun! After that I went back to 4, just because it's so awesome Last week, however I had the urge to revisit DMC1 (had tried it before 3 but found it too hard and...unfun) and was pleasantly surprised. After beating the game a couple times I got quite good at it and was able to beat normal mode again in only just a couple of hours, without breaking a sweat or even dying once. DMD was a pain in the ass though, beat the final level today as a matter of fact! Still haven't touched 2, and just because of the broken combo system I don't think I ever will, to be honest, I've heard that game's horseshit in general too. Due to my experiences with the games I don't really think there is a "best one", all of them have a good "fun factor" (if you exclude 1's DMD mode and the entirety of 2) and it really depends on what you're looking for. I say give them all a try (Again, excluding 2 and 1's DMD) if I had to recommend something. It doesn't have to do with nostalgia, it has to do with when the game came out and what it established. Additionally it had a certain horror element which added to the game in a different way and brought different things to the table than 3. Even though I'd easilly play 3 or 4 over it I've heard valid argument as to why some people prefer 1.
  5. I know this is probably too late but don't touch 2, and beware of 1's difficulty. Just finished beating the original game's hardest setting and whooooo was I in for a ride, man.
  6. I definitely recommend it. This is the most fun I've had platinuming a game, this and Burnout Paradise that is. I'm not sure if someone who hated the old games will like it but you could try out the demo. It is very different fro the old games though, hence the hate "fans" give it. Overall it's just a fun and enjoyable game to play, in my opinion. The combat system is fucking great, and the story wouldn't actually be that bad were it not for the fact that everyone and their mother knows what'll happen in the end because of the existence of the previous games.
  7. I It's a reboot A lot of people think words like "may" should be either written with small, not capital hen abreviatinig For design choice Is this really that important?
  8. AD Barbarian, 2-handed mighty weapon, +strength gems. I do need some more farming before I have amazing gear, but I wanna finish the farming asap. I've played this game about 6 times from beginning to end now and it's starting to get a bit stale anyways Love the game, but this many playthroughs can be a bit tiring.
  9. With the gear and build I have I struggle at Master 2 a little even with my 150K dps. you think your method is faster than the one mentioned in this post? Just redo act 3 a bunch of times?
  10. Inferno Master 1 Acts 3 & 4 then? In case I get bored with the method described here, which I'm guessing is the fastest?
  11. What method did you use? I only have the gold and goblins grinding trophies left.
  12. 1) Why don't you find out yourself? 2) I did notice some difference of about 200.000g between my challenge count and my menu profile count but it's not nearly enough to say it's because of the money I spent.
  13. Ugh this is such a mess...why didn't they do it like normal people, where the expansion comes out and they patch the extra trophies in, and share the trophy list with PS4? This mess is the reason I'm not buying RoS for PS4, otherwise I'd happily get the game...I'm pretty sad I won't ;w;
  14. thank you for offering ^^ But I actually already have it now, I just forgot to edit the post.
  15. Stay on the bottom left ro right when he throws his boomerangs at you and then stay in the bottom middle, directly below one of his "eyes", they're a hint as to where the death stripes aren't going to fall.