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  1. just bought persona 4 golden! should arrive in the mail in a week
  2. i think it rly depends on the game. I get 6+ hours with my vita usually, i have the vita slim though.
  3. my vita came with a hard plastic case with a soft interior. I personally prefer this type of case
  4. wow pretty sick! even though it kinda looks like a sticker on a normal ps4
  5. I was looking for a headset as well, however my budget limit would be 100. Is there anything decent below $100?
  6. definitely infamous second son! Feels like the very first big exclusive other than killzone for the ps4
  7. Looking forward to thief! Played it recently at the TGS2014 in taipei, the demo was a bit disappointing, not sure if it was the PS4 that I played on that was a bit buggy or the demo version, but the game had considerable frame rate drops and screen freezes. Other than that, it was very interesting!
  8. Hi my PS4 arrived last week! Feel free to add me. Currently playing 2K14, CoD Ghosts & Killzone. IGN: JW_0210 P.S Leave a msg that you're from PSNProfiles No blank friend requests!!
  9. i haven't encountered any battery problems with the DS4 so far. Mainly only been playing 2k14 and CoD. Is it bad to leave the controller charging throughout the night? Does it damage the controllers battery by 'overcharging'?
  10. i don't mind having ps3 games 'remastered' for the ps4, only due to the fact that i did not own a ps3 and didn't get to play many of the great playstation exclusives (except for last of us, which i completed at a mate's house). I do feel like sony should not continue to over-produce ps3 remasters and try to focus on getting developers to create new IPs for this gen. Remasters do not fully utilise the next gen hardware imo
  11. i had a feeling a next gen of tomb raider would be made so i didn't buy it when it first came out ├╝ber excited to play it on ps4 once its out. Tbh i think 60 is a bit much for something that already has been out for current gen for a year.
  12. If i know ill be using it within the next 12 hours ill standby it. Otherwise ill turn it off.
  13. Ty for the suggestions guys! Think I'm gonna go with AC4
  14. Searched for this topic but culdnt find it. So my ps4 should hopefully be coming in 2-3 days. Uber excited and its coming bundled with 2k14! However I'm thinking of picking up a second game; either AC4, Battlefield 4 or CoD Ghosts. I enjoy the single player experiences of AC but FPS multiplayer is also highly addictive. I've always been a fan of the AC series & played CoD 4 and MW3. I don't mind CoD, its okish imo. Never played a battlefield game much (played BF2 once or twice) heard a lot of good things about BF4 however heard multiplayer was a bit dodgy atm or something (server problems or something?). Anyways would love to hear some opinions! Maybe some first-hand experiences with these games thanks!!
  15. can't wait loved gravity rush, its the vita game I've enjoyed the most so far!