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  1. They should re release AC 1 on current Gen with a trophy list...
  2. Hey guys just a heads up that 'Gun Nut' can glitch out as well as seemingly a few other trophies. As you can see below i have obtained 100% upgrade kits however when I am in game i still have a gun to upgrade one last time I have heard, however, that you can farm the upgrades by collecting them in the enigma missions and leaving before killing the Ubercommander. Rinse and repeat as you will collect it but it will respawn again. I havnt tested this myself yet so i cannot confirm its validity.
  3. There should be a couple of people you can get side quests from - A few are the hackers who come along about halfway through the game. I believe 1 is outside the room with the mission desk in, one is above that desk in the room and the other is above Set's lab. Venus mission is the one above Set's Lab, pretty sure the other one is either outside or above the main room with mission board
  4. Iv seen a lot of arguing over this, and I gave my thoughts last night on the topic. However has anyone considered the fact that previous games have had cheat codes/enigmas to activate such as 999 mode? I know the enigmas are are used differently this time round but I notice at the main menu there is some sort of vault greyed out with a timer for 10 days before it unlocks? Could this be some one sort of troll from Bethesda and they give the ability to make this trophy a lot easier in 10 days? It it seems unlike them to make such a mistake as to giving this difficult a task such a menial reward as a bronze trophy???
  5. Any follow up on this? I haven’t touched the game since I last posted but have seen 3/4 updates ??
  6. Takes more than 5 hours unless you have a full group who really know what they’re doing. It isn’t THAT bad however, I did this in two sittings over 1 weekend. Good luck
  7. Iv Completed the game and have put a fair few hours in over the top collecting collectibles etc and finding routes to take using the constrictor. Im excited for the challenge ahead although I know it will be extremely challenging. The one one thing I’m confused about is why everyone is crying over it being one sitting because of crashes and bugs. Iv not even had a frame drop/ freeze up/glitch or crash in the 15 odd hours of playtime!? Maybe iv I’ve just been lucky but!? Who knows haha good of luck to all attempting this
  8. I have had one of the side missiosns glitch out On two playthroughs now, since then there has been 2 patches with no information on the glitchy side missions ... I will be attempting a third run this week and will update you after
  9. Downloading as we speak - I can only hope that it fixes the side mission bugs that have stopped me achieving my final trophy twice now ... If i find anything solid i will post it here for you
  10. Iv completed all side missions but had no trophy for completing all Dam side missions. Iv also flown my drone into mines a tonne but no trophy popped for that either... any thoughts?
  11. Secret ending seriously threw me off especiallly as i was just running through the game as fast as i could for the platinum lol
  12. Buying No Man's Sky obviously
  13. I'll have to check that out... I feel like if it IS intended then it is a bit of a cheap way to beat the game on the harder difficulties
  14. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but if you split your materials in side the recycling machines you can yield multiples of the same material earning you thousands. You can then fabricate limitless bullets/neuromods etc to your hearts content
  15. Also had this glitch, speed ran the game a second time until i got to Capital Cashino, expanded the world and completed it in one sitting so it didnt glitch out. rest of the worlds tallied up around 6 hours total. now just to complete Capital B when i get off Overwatch ... haha