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  1. The problem is the game is too short to complete the gun mastery trophies and the enemy armor system sucks. They should have kept the same enemy system as thier previous games... but Oh Well! I'm almost done grinding - best place by far is to go to riverside ~ 50 enemies - 15 loot crates that can be farmed (use PS4 system clock) - Plenty of ammo for all wepaons especially kraftwerks - Rinse and repeat about 5-8 mins each time
  2. Doesn't hold up against the previous few games in my honest opinion. - Story is alright and the dialogue between the sisters is okay at times, but not having BJ as the playable protagonist for the game is a little upsetting. - Not a fan of the new enemy armor system in place and I feel you're forced into loud open gunfights a lot more than the other games where stealth was a genuine option. - Not sure if it's just me but the gunplay seems a little clunkier than the other games as well - and I recently revisited Wolfenstien II - Game difficulty is fine and seems to line up in a similar way to the others but unfortunately without the cool difficulty names as the franchise is known for. - Playing singleplayer is fine but the AI for your sister can be frustrating and often gets in your way. I Imagine playing Co-Op could be more fun if that is your sort of thing... Other than that I'm enjoying the game and continue to love the franchise! Will be playing Cyberpilot also when I'm done haha
  3. RNG Nightmare indeed but I have accumulated over 50hrs on Steam and now over 10hrs on PS4 and havent lost the enjoyment in the game My advice is to just play and enjoy the game until you have in depth understanding of the 3 characters and card sets to best deal with the trophies!
  4. You can't defeat the heart - That is the end of the run. I have the game on Steam as well
  5. There are 6 specific letters you need to collect that are linked to the missing woman from the start - I got them without realising but someone had made a note of the letters and the locations if I recall correctly- check other forum topics for this game I think it’s there if not maybe the linked powerpyx guide lists them
  6. Decided against the guide shortly after finishing the game 100% as it was so heavily bugged
  7. Is there a way to downvote this for even mentioning No Mans Sky? Of course, I’m kidding, you’re allowed to like whichever games you want and they added a lot to NMS but still cmon... REALLY?
  8. Oh cool, good to know. Ill still I’ll be doing mine as I’ll be posting it here on psnprofiles.
  9. I'm starting to write one up, however it will most likely take the best part of a week to get a full in depth one written up. Mainly due to the game's mechanics an collectables
  10. Planning to revive my trophy guide videos on Youtube ...

  11. I was just wondering if anyone was planning on creating a guide for We Happy Few. I'v noticed the likes of Ps4Trophies / Powerpyx / Harry94 have skipped past it and was thinking of doing it myself. I used to run a channel doing guides and was thinking of strating up again for games just like this! Also, if anyone is interesting in contributing towards the guide then please message me, I will start work towards it today, having completed my first (pacifist) run through. Many thanks CC135
  12. Getting captured is part of the main story progression. As for the dissappearence of the plane, can you get another from the shop ?
  13. The wingsuit, so much fun lol
  14. Fair enough, I can understand your point of view and how others may percieve the settings and thier names. I do however, disagree with the article regardless of some of the points it brings up. In a game such as Wolfenstien which already has a good fan base and following from a long time ago, there is'nt really a need to change the way they go about thier menu settings and difficulty names. To be honest, if someone is upset to play on the lowest difficulty because of its image or description they need to have a long look at thierselves in the mirror. At the end of the day no matter how seriously you take video games, that is all it is. A Game. And your experience is your own. The fact that the writer in the post felt what he described as "peer pressure" when selecting a difficulty is utterly ridiculous, I'd advise that he grows up. This would also apply to anyone else playing the 18 rated game, as I can understand a child finding this hard to deal with but they should'nt be on the game in the first place. As for his wish for the game having other ways to play such as Gritfish or the new game style ACO has adopted, a linear shooter such as wolfenstien can't really do this as there isnt the same freedom to explore such as in an Assassin's creed game. Apart from guns blazing and some options of stealth (which in my opinion was pretty poor in this game), the game is driven by the story and the collectables giving more background and depth to the characters and events. At the end of the day this is only my opinion as an avid gamer since the age of 5, and from my experiences I was never deterred from games because of the way they went about welcoming "newcomers / noobs /new gamers" etc. You're very welcome to your opinion as well as everyone else and please don't take my responses as trying to opress your right to speak about the topics in hand. I just enjoy having conversations/debates about topics such as this because i have such a passion for the gaming industry
  15. Iv stayed well away from this topic thread because there’s been so much laughable content, but when I saw this I just had to weigh in. You are complaining about the difficulty select menu, calling it childish and asking for a more mature approach... on a game about killing, mutilating and blowing up Nazi forces after they win WWII and overthrow the world. I mean, I could kind of understand if the actual game offended you or someone in some way shape or form, but complaining about a difficulty select menu, which by the way is the most hilarious menu to date on any game, is just pathetic.