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  1. @Redgrave, you really liked the ziplines, eh? I found this useless bridge with more than a million likes days ago and forgot to take an screenshot. Today I did (I also put DD a wolf in it because why not)
  2. No, I have no idea why he's saying that. Every piece of cargo helps, sometimes more or less than others (because some preppers have some kind of "story" that you have to follow in order to progress their stars, so you need to rest and read their emails). Edit: But I also did not understand why are you overcomplicating it by avoiding the standard orders?
  3. Yes there is. It's just rare (plus it only started appearing in my game after he agreed to join the UCA, at around 3 stars)
  4. I wanted to send a message to the first prepper... ...he didn't get it also... Sam Lake, I like Max Payne, but I'm not hauling your crap over and over to hear you say that It GoT a ScRaTcH and then have the nerve to ask if I kNow Of ThE CoNtaInEr RePaiR SpRaY, you dick
  5. Into the eye of the storm Nice username Killing spirits in the graveyard One of the many moments where I realised the world was against me and that this game rocked Mild vandalisation at the weather station
  6. So Many Cucumbers Deus Ex Is All About Cucumbers…
  7. Did you forget about Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon?
  8. lmfao @ this thread. I've got no idea how I did this shit back then.
  9. Some dude from GameFaqs made an in depth guide that pretty much covers everything in the game.
  10. Dude, no. If you go to the Steam community you'll find a few comparison shots between the original and the Director's Cut that shows how much they messed up the textures. Not to mention the disappearance of the gold filter. The game is definitely uglier. As for the other things, hey... opinions. Was it too much to ask for totally redone boss fights? They simply added some robots and turrets to hack, some new rooms to run and hide. Not much of a change. It was so poorly made that these new areas don't even show up on the map. And I say that the Missing Link ruins the pacing of the game because it simply doesn't belong in it. It introduces new characters and has tons of events that are never mentioned again afterwards, not to mention that it is harder than any other part of the main game. It's something that is best experienced after you beat the main story
  11. You just took the ugliest screenshot you could find, and one taken directly from a YouTube video. You even talk about the "invisible upgrade" like it is obligatory. Sorry, but you're not exactly being fair on your judgement with this game
  12. It's one of the best games that came out from the last generation. It's a modern RPG with one of the best universes I have ever seen in a work of fiction and plenty of freedom to the player. I got that game for PC last year, and I loved it so much that I ended up buying it again for PS3, and then AGAIN on PC, this time the Director's Cut. Some say the DC is an uglier and overall worse version of the game, but I haven't experienced anything that made me think so. Well, somehow it is uglier than the original, but that's something that you'll only notice if you play both versions side by side. The boss fights weren't fixed in any way, they're still confusing and feel out of place with the rest of the game. The Missing Link DLC that is integrated into the storyline kind of ruins the pacing in my opinion. My advice? Get whatever's cheaper. You'll enjoy this game no matter what version you choose