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  1. You should probably take Hart out now!
  2. Nah. I just play whatever comes up on my list and won't really move on until it's completed. Even if the games new or not.
  3. Just started season 2 of Boku no Hero Academia. Brilliant so far, great action scenes, great sound track, likable characters. Every time I hear All Might talk it just reminds me of Zoro (obviously the same voice actors) but I mean when he's not pumped up by his quirk. Similar attitude.
  4. In your case the only problem was allowing a "friend" onto your account. Your flags will never get lifted.
  5. It won't matter if you hide them if you're over 2, that's the limit. You'll have to make a new account. Anyone can say, someone else did it on my account which isn't a valid excuse to get yourself unflagged. The trophies are still linked to your account and earned falsely. Literally the only thing you can do is make a new account.
  6. That's up to you. It would be the same on any other leaderboard though on any other site to be honest. You can still use all the sites features like normal, you just won't have a country or world ranking. At the minute the only option you really have if you care about the leaderboards that much as unfortunate as it is, is creating a new account.
  7. A lot of good games there. Shame I'm on a no buy mission at the minute. I think I'll rent whatever takes my fancy from this list.
  8. Will most likely go down later today. If it's still up in a couple of days, I'll add it to the guide.
  9. Some good prices for games in there. I really probably should invest in making a US account at some point. Oh and great effort on the topic! Very detailed, bet that took a while! thanks
  10. Welcome to the site! An impressive amount of platinums in such a short time and some very good ones at that. Like Parker said above, you'll fit right in here. Enjoy!
  11. To think you're taking it literally is pretty stupid..
  12. They can be stacked. You're better off just doing your initial playthrough however you want then you can just go back and complete the rest of the tasks. Some will take multiple attempts anyway.
  13. I think it's because there were so many people joining the league but never mentioning they had joined on this topic. So it was locked but you've mentioned it so they should be able to unlock, add you in and then lock again.
  14. I'm not sure, You should be able to make a team and @XShadowYakuzaX should be able to add you in. I think there have been a couple of late entries.
  15. Just to give a heads up to everyone. Mane has been ruled out for about 6 weeks. If you've got him in your team now is the time to change him. I didn't have any free transfers left so had to use 4 points instead. 😭 One of our best players is now out for a while. I'm crying on the inside.