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  1. O_O wats the meaning of this username ^^?

    1. UncleBobbyDied


      Well, UncleBobby was taken and I didn't want to put numbers behind the name. I went with UncleBobbyDied so that it would be a be a little humourous when I got killed in Multiplayer games. 🙂

    2. SarDarniTron


      😀 omg what a twist : ) amazing .... well Thanku for the reply ^^

  2. Trophy #4000 - Yakuza 0: ...I Did It For The Trophy

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    2. doordie19822015


      Congrats man 👌

    3. ee28max


      Congrats! :D 

    4. UncleBobbyDied


      Thanks guys! Here's to many more trophies! :D

  3. I'm about to finish Inherent Vice! I have Bleeding Edge waiting to be opened. Going down the Pynchon wormhole and I'm loving it
  4. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and AC: Unity! Should keep me busy enough till Arkham Knight
  5. Wow, great profile! Hm, multiplayer grind is never that fun but maybe go back to Crysis 2?