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  1. Thanks for the background information. And as I wrote in the opening post, I don't expect a server shutdown at the 16th of August, but it will be some kind of warning that it will come.
  2. On the website from EA it says Hot Pursuit will be removed from the EA Play program at the 16th of August. Even though this service update says nothing on a possible server shutdown, I assume these servers will be slashed in the next round of server shutdowns. In case you don't have access to a (valid) online pass, I can confirm you can grab all online Trophies within the 2-day trial period if you have a boosting partner. The Autolog/Dreamshot (Photo) Trophies don't have to be obtained in that period. You just need to be connected to PSN and Autolog.
  3. It doesn't hurt to try. All you need is a little initiative like below and a lot of votes!
  4. The title doesn't sound like a cosy family adventure... But free is free! 😁
  5. And afterwards they will blame the intern... What a shame.
  6. Yes, both versions. Others confirmed it.
  7. It should be fixed now. Go get your Platinum Trophy!
  8. I think it's very realistic that a glitched challenge might never happen again. We all should just get the Vita community back into this game to boost the player numbers. Because there are usually just one Diamond Cups a day and you have to be very good to get it. Start a boosting session, throw it on social media, call your neighbours and your friends with the simple message: Let's play Rayman Legends Daily & Weekly Challenges! P.S. Let's aim for 500 - 1000 players. Vita means life. Celebrate the device and its games. P.S. if on Twitter, I will definitely help promoting it.
  9. Coming back to my own question. Today I activated the trial and grabbed every Trophy with an online component in it. I did allready win an online Interceptor. Just need to do one offline as well. It does require around 8 - 10 hours on estimate. I have done the base game Trophies in around 6 hours (incl. some of the DLC Trophies along the way). Than I went to boost the Racer level up to 6 to make a Dreamshot of the Midnight Blue Ford. The DLC Trophies took a bit longer, because of a bad connection, but we managed to leave just the Most Wanted ones. A buddy of mine was able to help out.
  10. Monthly habit. 😄 I might give the tennis game a try after all. There aren't many good tennis games anyway.
  11. Do you perhaps have a alt account in EU? The online passes are there still there (and free!). They probably don't work with the US version, but it's worth a shot to try with the EU account. On second thought: even though the description doesn't say so. EA would sell you an incomplete experience if the online pass is not included. Think of buying a new and sealed game in a store. The pass is included.
  12. I had an idea of playing the game after you put your PSVita in the Spanish language (the only player with the Platinum Trophy is from Mexico). It would be weird offcourse. But as the dev now thinks it's impossible, I don't expect that as a solution anymore.
  13. Well, at least 3 more games for the backlog.
  14. The developer does try to do something about it.
  15. Also from NL. The problem still exists and I don't expect it will be solved since it's small title. Just be sure, does it only occur with the 10 eggs from the Savanna? EDIT: I can now confirm myself that it also happens in other areas. My kids will probably do another run anyway, so eventually everything will be allright.