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  1. It would be cool to add Sushi Break Master to the list. If it's a copypaste from BRIKS, I presume it won't be difficult to grab all the Trophies.
  2. Wow, such an unbelievable giveaway. I voted The Last of Us II.
  3. DIRT Rally 2.0 - That's Dedication Complete 3 Weekly Events. Surprised to see it pop directly and not when the timer ran out, but who cares. it didn't glitch like in the past. Another online Trophy achieved.
  4. Trailertime: A game for everyone with a retro itch. I saw IndieGamerChick play and review this game on another system. Always nice to see it also arrives on the PS4. Price is €9.99 / $ 9.99 according to the website. And there is at least one stack (NA / EU region?) Some gameplay (Also on the website above): As for the Trophies: the gold ones look tough (3 stats, zero death, zero continue), but apparently you can beat it under one hour (there is a Trophy for it). What do you think?
  5. It was all too vague and every website just copypasted it without any research.
  6. After the challenge ends. If you are on Tier 1 at that moment, you will receive the Trophy.
  7. But only if you didn't claim the 3.6 million on server before, right? The server identified you and than can only get it once, right?
  8. It should work. I had no problem unlocking the Trophy. When you sell you will get money for the cars, but it's less than you paid for it. Check if none of the cars sells for € 0.00, because than it doesn't count as being bought (Season Pass has several cars included). So, first check the value of the cars before you sell anything. Offcourse, make sure the cars are the right ones. For gaining money I recommend the daily and weekly challenges.
  9. I don't think so. Maybe tomorrow if you are lucky. It's worth a shot. You received the 3.5 million and 100k daily bonus today. I think it works like this: The server gives each player the daily 100k before identifying the player. By disconnecting at the right moment the server can't identify you, so each time you connect again you can receive an extra 100k over and over again. Once you enter the server, it has identified you and knows you collected the daily bonus. The 100k trick ends May 30th 10:00 (in the morning). So there is still time tomorrow, in case of doesn't work today. But I don't know if timezone / server location are relevant for this.
  10. I played it for the first time yesterday. I think that was the last day for the big bonus. I grabbed the 8,6 million while going onto the server, but couldn't get the 100k bonus after that. Today is a brand new day and the 100k trick works. I suppose you will have to try and find out. I hope this somehow helps. 🤔
  11. There is a new Group B Daily Challenge to get the Trophy. A short track called Camino a Coneta in Argentina (Daytime - Sunny Weather). Fastest time atm is 2.29. I'm in Tier 2 for the moment. There isn't much room for error because you have to stay within 20 seconds of the fastest time or so. Unless you have lots of PSN friends who can set slow times for you. Good luck with the hairpins in the first section.
  12. I saw that video earlier this week, but it's not my type of game. The Trophylist doesn't convince me either. I feel that the beat year 10 and the kill 100 beeson in one run will be the toughest with Extra Fries as an outsider.
  13. I think so too. I got 8,6 million now, but can't get the 100k bonus trick after that. I will try it once more later today. Otherwise I will try it tomorrow.
  14. I can't stop thinking that the game is now officially a blockbuster and therefore it will be on sale next week (just a guess) during Days of Play digital sale. They could have sold more copies if they kept this promotion running one more week.
  15. This website has a translation of the original Japanese source and says it ends 28-5-2020 23:59, but I don't know which timezone or of it depends on the location of the server, but it will end tomorrow...