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  1. There is a Legendary Pattern in the ingame store today in case you still need the Head Turner Trophy.
  2. Never mind, I just bought a legendary pattern in the ingame store today:
  3. Thanks for the reply. I understand that it's available in the store sometimes. My question was about the items you can grab by completing the crown ranks. I have received an epic pattern, so I am hoping for a legendary pattern as well. Anyone ever won such a pattern through the crown ranks?
  4. Quick question: Season 3 brought Crown Ranks to the game. I would like to know if you can earn a Legendary Pattern through these Ranks in order to receive the Head Turner Trophy?
  5. At least people know what happens if you are in team Yellow. 😉
  6. I like pinball games a lot. Thanks for the tip. This game was released a bit too early. The base game is free. There will be multiple pinball packs as DLC available.
  7. Too bad that single Trophy seems luck based, but let's just wait and are what happens. Just play and have fun!
  8. Could be. Somehow I'm hoping for a viral Trophy that the developer needs to spread.
  9. Soon it will be a common Platinum. Don't ruin your profile with it. 😜 But seriously, I think a lot of people that played this game before have bought it again to play it with Trophies. Some allready confirmed it in this topic. The game has been out for 3 years, so plenty of time to practice. Once more people buy it or upload their profile, I think the rarity will go below 5% again.
  10. It must have been the deep sale. I also like to add that if you now buy the Far Cry 5 + Far Cry New Dawn Complete Edition / Gold Edition for €30,- you will also receive Far Cry 3, because it's included in the Far Cry 5 Season Pass. It's weird to see an even better deal right after the reasonable Deal of the Week, which was Dat Cry 5 plus Season Pass for around €20. For a price comparison / history you can check it on
  11. Even though there is a reasonable chance of a physical edition. I don't think I can wait for it. 😂 I wanted to play this game for quite some time now, so I think I might just double dip later on.
  12. I thought Cuphead on PS4 was going to be an illusion and a dream that would never happen. Calling this a surprise is a huge understatement. I'm going to buy this and have a good time even though this game will probably kick my ass more than a few times.
  13. I was allready looking forward to Fall Guys, but this is even better. It needs a large playerbase.
  14. Several websites in my country have a physical edition available for preorder:
  15. Maybe we should invite @Radamantis_17 in here. He has the Platinum Trophy for both the EU and NA version of the game. And each one is grabbed under 30 minutes.