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  1. Just in time for Halloween (October 21st) indie developer Monochrome Paris and publisher Hatinh Interactive will release Tandem A Tale of Shadows onto the PS4. It's a puzzle platformer where you will have to switch between the 'normal' world and shadow world to solve the puzzles. The trailers that reveal the story and gameplay look pretty neat. Just wondering if the game will feature a Platinum Trophy or not. Price isn't announced yet, but on GoG it says $24.99, so I expect something similar. Gameplay: Releasedate:
  2. Publisher Sometimes You made their whole PSVita / PS4 library crossbuy, but they needed to remove the old non crossbuy games. If you bought just the PS4 or the PSVita, you won't get the other one for free. Allthough the publisher first hoped that would happen.
  3. Also, will the ad hoc boost work if you have an EU and a JP copy?
  4. Okay. I will try to think about that. Or the topicstarter might change the subject of this topic to not tie it to a date. This topic has a few followers. Last glitched challenge most people were too late. That's why I created a Discord channel so we can warn each other sooner. Also we help each other out on how to pass a certain point in a level.
  5. It's worth to try and offcourse it takes time. Join sessions plus Discord / Discord GTA PS3 servers for this game and find people that search for the same goal (Discord links expire after 7 days).
  6. Is today's Daily Challenge glitched? With 8 hours to go, there are 2 players at 5.444,79 meters. That distance is still no joke to reach anyway. EDIT: No, false alarm.
  7. I'm confused by what you wrote. In one sentence you write that you had a bounty on you before the Deathmatch and the other two you say you got it during. It makes a huge difference.
  8. Good. Glad that we figured it out.
  9. Thanks. I also checked it myself.
  10. Something did change. They switched the usual Survival maps (Boneyard is not available on the map for example). I did bookmark Boneyard and I can start that map through bookmarked jobs. Your level is high enough. The only thing I could think off, is somehow you didn't do missions for Ron yet. Otherwise play with someone else that can invite you to play Survival.
  11. Maybe you can try and bookmark one: I found Boneyard through the social club. Good luck!
  12. Yesterday (14 hours ago) I could still see 9 or 10 of those on the map. Offcourse that doesn't rule out Rockstar changed it
  13. They can't. Last achievers were on April 1st in 2020. Probably due to timezones vs the actual server closure.
  14. Either way, you somehow fullfilled the requirement to unlock the Trophy. If you have only played the Deathmatch, that doesn't leave any room for other options. When you visit Lester and do a job for him, you can ask all the known favors afterwards. By visiting it triggers the option to set a bounty. Even though it's locked by Rockstar. I hope you can figure it out.
  15. After your answer I went back to the PS App and saw Pumpkin Jack on my wishlist again and it seemed available to buy. But when I searched for it, I couldn't find the game.