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  1. I'll try to play #DRIVECLUB tonight to see what happens (in 5 hours from now)
  2. Seeing this topic among the recent other topics I'm starting to think that there perhaps is something up with the server related to accounts and licenses. You might want to ask Sony PlayStation about it or perhaps just try again on Monday. I allready got the Trophy. It came naturally when I played a lot of Club / individual online events a few years ago.
  3. Apparently the price of this game is going to be $/€ 39.99, which is steep (especially compared to games alike). Maybe it's due to the license. The game is allready available as a preorder on other consoles: f.e. Info by publisher (18 levels, local co-op, screenshots, etc):
  4. You might need to do another race, but maybe you are in luck and it pops instantly. 5 minutes work, I think.
  5. Digital release is the 24th of September in US and 25th in EU. The game is made by Lillymo Games who also made Perils of Baking. Ratalaika Games isn't involved as far as I'm aware. There is also a physical version on sale on the 19th, thanks to eastasiasoft.
  6. Some Trophy names are well made up. Also the requirements might take a few tries. Like 88 minutes of single horde mode and burn yourself and six zombies. Looks like achieving the Platinum Trophy will be entertaining. Offline 4-player Trophy might be done with just one controller. We will have to find out. The first Zombieland was a nice movie. It was on television yesterday in my country, so I watched it again. I was surprised that there is a sequel coming. I hope it will be another surprise hit, so fingers crossed.
  7. Clear. Thanks for the reply.
  8. So, it doesn't matter or doI have to play versus other opponents to get as many flags as possible.
  9. Is it possible to self-boost the flags?
  10. Apparently it's a aquarium management game: The website even offers a walkthrough of you get stuck. None of the Trophies look difficult. 1000 visitors might be a grind.
  11. Nothing really special or unexpected, but one name (Look mom, I can fly) put a smile upon my face. 😀
  12. The game plus all DLC is delisted. Not sure why the announcement trailer stayed, but it did. Anyway, I checked my own previous buys and apparently I bought the All-in Pack which contains all DLC. Perhaps it helps if you want to find out if you ever bought the DLC for this game. Content of All-in Pack (including Spa and Classic): There isn't a complete edition available as far as I am aware.
  13. Who's your daddy? - Creepy Road Thank you for organising this giveaway.
  14. Pretty decent month, allthough I have a physical version of WipeOut allready.
  15. The list is a bit dull. Multiple playthroughs and fingers crossed for zero continues and a quick finish. Disappointing. I do want to play the game, because I like the kind of game.