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  1. Aggelos drops in EU PlayStation Store this Friday / July 12. It looks pretty awesome, but the Trophylist has some challenging ones for the true diehards. Not sure how tough the zero death run will be.
  2. After 4 years I decided to give Ms Germinator one more shot and I grabbed the last one to complete the 100%. Highly Contagious just kept out of my reach with the previous attempts.
  3. BigFest, that surprising PSVita exclusive. In the end the grind was easy thanks to nice VIP Tickets system which rewards you very well.
  4. Currently working on BigFest. Just need a lot of BigNotes to get the last Trophies.
  5. I don't really see why a lot of F2P and Battle Royale games don't receive a Platinum Trophy. I mean, it usually takesa lot of time and effort to achieve all Trophies. This list looks a bit boring. The only question that remains is how long it takes to get to level 40.
  6. I would like to reach 100 Platinum Trophies this year. Allready at 90 at the moment and want the last ones 10 good or great games that are in my backlog for too long or that I haven't completed yet. RAGE, Red Dead Redemption, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, God of War, Spider-Man, The Witcher and Horizon Zero Dawn come to my mind.
  7. The list is a bit boring, but I hope the experience will make up for it.
  8. Not buying this one day one. Besides my backlog, Bethesda game tend to drop in price very soon. I bought the first RAGE day one. Allthough it wasn't perfect it was very entertaining with a disappointing finale. But I could have saved 30 euro if I waited one month.
  9. I had a limited amount of bands downloaded before the shutdown, but yesterday this one popped. So it's not unobtainable.
  10. As been said allready, you will get the most out of this game when you play it with others. This is one of the few games my wife likes. We even bought the extra DLC Packs even though there were no Trophies related to it. And I surprised her with Overcooked 2 on the day of the release.
  11. Unfortunately renting games is forbidden in my country, so a sale will have to suffice.
  12. Knowing that this game is going to get a limited physical release, the list is a bit disappointing. From what is there, I think it looks doable as nothing must be done on a specific difficulty level. Than again, shmups are known to be difficult, so we'll have to find out.
  13. A good guide is always welcome. I will have to wait before I but this one. The current price is just too high imo (if it be done in less than 3 hours).
  14. It's been a while since I played this one, but it was quite enjoyable. I do remember framerate issues in one or two levels later in the game, but I can't exactly remember which levels anymore.
  15. Just wanted to let you know that a DLC pack called For Science was released earlier today. It brings new monsters, weapons, abilities and power-ups. And in case you were wondering, I didn't see any new Trophies mentioned in the patch notes. So, people are safe. The DLC pack costs 5 € / $. Source: