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  1. I asked a few developers directly on Twitter. It's made impossible to put PS3 / PSVita titles on sale. Some recent articles / testimonies confirmed it. Only crossbuy titles can get a discount since somewhere in 2019. I asked if titles can be made crossbuy to put the games on sale again. Some say it's possible, but I also read that it's been made impossible. So, fingers crossed for more permanent pricedrops, I guess.
  2. I tried a few in EU. Still working PSN games: - Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Power Battle Cars - Marvel vs Capcom Origins - Street Fighter: Third Strike (from 1.02 to 1.03 in my case)
  3. Magic Orbz + 2 DLC Packs. It's from the same developer and publisher as Germinator and Labyrinth Legends (Creat Studios / Tik Games). Thanks for the initiative.
  4. Too bad the rumour was true. Some people fear that online functionality will also change with the stores closing. I wondered if there is a list of Vita games or a forumtopic that have one or more online Trophies. Otherwise we might need one before August.
  5. It should be around €12.99 the dev confirmed to me.
  6. The good news is that it's out next week. On the PSVita as well (Yes, VITA!). Hopefully two Trophylists for this game than. The first game was quite challenging, but the list looks pretty straight forward. The looks of something easy are probably deceiving.
  7. It's totally random, but they come more often than before. After the release of the game some of the players had to wait till one certain day in August 2020 to grab the Platinum Trophy. Make sure you have enough crowns to spend.
  8. I can help. I think we still have each other in the friendlist. Grabbed the Trophy yesterday myself. You need a boosting partner for sure.
  9. It looks like an interesting 2D puzzle platformer. It jumped from mobile to the consoles. it's a low price, so it might be worth a shot. Trophies look pretty straight forward and nothing looks really difficult.
  10. I know what you mean and I am interested as well in this game, but I'm still in doubt due to the price. At 10-15 euros I would not hesitate. Maybe development costs for new games are higher which explains the higher price. You are welcome. And yeah, we don't know how much the developer has invested and tries to earn back. So he has to set the right price. I can't judge if it's worth it yet.
  11. Exactly. The answer and confirmation was below the tweet I earlier shared here. And will be most likely €29.99 in EU. I think it's pretty expensive for a digital game. You can buy boxed games at that price...
  12. The developer confirmed it on Twitter. February 24th.
  13. There is a Legendary Pattern in the ingame store today in case you still need the Head Turner Trophy.
  14. Never mind, I just bought a legendary pattern in the ingame store today:
  15. Thanks for the reply. I understand that it's available in the store sometimes. My question was about the items you can grab by completing the crown ranks. I have received an epic pattern, so I am hoping for a legendary pattern as well. Anyone ever won such a pattern through the crown ranks?