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  1. I keep getting 1 control point after a fight. Is this normal? Im still confused on what's the best way to level up
  2. Platinum #200 Assassins Creed Unity. To be honest, this Assassins Creed entry has to be one of the most beautiful and thrilling games there is and id love to play it again once i complete the rest of the franchise 9/10  

  3. Plats #169 and #170 Need for Speed Most Wanted (PS3/PSVita).


    Loved this game and was my first NFS played on next gen after the PSP. A lot of nostalgia was received

  4. I've searched all over on PSNP and couldn't find anything about videogame collections so thas why I made this topic. I've been collecting retro consoles now for a few years and I'm curious if anyone else has a nice collection they've been hoarding for years or if anyone is just starting. To be honest, my collection is pretty small, taking into account that I wasn't a gamer when I was little due to always moving country, so a videogame console wasn't really practical. The only console I had at the time was a PSP and a DS which was my brother's. Once we settled into my current and final country (Spain), I started gaming properly and started my collection (finally). This is what I have so far: - 20th anniversary PS4 controller - Classic mini PS1 - Classic mini SNES (European version) - Classic mini NES with extra controller - PS1 - PS one (unboxed/without cables and controller) - NES Four Score (Brand new) - NES Cleaning Kit (Brand new) - Nintendo 3DS LL Super Famicon Edition - Nintendo DS - NES with Zapper and Duck hunt - White PSP GO - PS2 (Black) - Original Gameboy with Tetris (Personal Fav) - Grey N64 (Unboxed from the original box but now has a new home in a special edition N64 protector box) I don't consider the consoles below as part of my 'Non-played' collection due to having played with these growing up, I only consider consoles that I bought specifically for the collection, part of my special collection. - Original PS4 - PS4 Slim - Xbox 360 - Xbox One (Day One Edition) - Black PSP - Dark Blue PSP - 3DS - 2x 3DS XL - PS3 Slim - 2x PSVita - 2x Wii U - Nintendo Wii - DS Lite - PS VR I then have a few Nintendo Watch & Game handheld consoles but have no idea where they are, a few special N64 controllers that I also don't know where they are, and then finally I have a handheld console that I have no idea which one it is due to having no markings.
  5. What are the options you choose to sign the form? I'm saying so that we all have the same problem in the same topic
  6. Plat #168, FIFA 16 (PS4)


    Finally got this trophy out of the way. There was only one trophy I needed for the plat which I gave up on a few years ago. I was then checking the games in my backlog as we have to stay inside due to the current situation and I started to get stressed that I wasn't going to be able to platinum this game because of my fear of the servers shutting down. Id messaged literally over 200 people asking if they had coins they weren't using anymore and id finally reached the amount I needed to boost this god forgiven trophy. 




  7. What should my 200th platinum be? It'd be awesome if it could be a Spain related game such as Toro (my 100th plat)

    1. MidnightDragon


      Why not do that?

    2. saki


      Do you like indie games? Then I would recommend GRIS. It's not really Spain-related, but made by spanish developers. 

    3. Scidillydocious


      @MidnightDragon I'm not doing that game because I've already platted it as my 100th plat. But thanks anyways ☺️

      @saki That would be awesome, but if id choose developers I could just do Ratalaika games haha, I believe they are Spanish developers

  8. Okay, so, I've seen on various "Your Show Sucks" trophy guide videos that the trophy doesn't unlock by destroying all TVs broadcasting Al-Asad's speech on the 'Charlie Don't Surf' level. This happened to me on my first try so I thought that I must've missed one. I tried again following another video that's, not on the PSNP trophy guide and still nothing. I then thought that I may have destroyed a TV but then died so the TV reset position. So I went for another round and still nothing. I then saw comments on guides for this trophy stating that you have to play the 'Blackout' level (the previous level to 'Charlie Don't Surf'). As soon as you start the level ('Blackout') you will need to kill 2 soldiers outside a shed and then 2 more on the inside (left side). In this shed, there is a TV broadcasting Al-Asad's speech which you will need to destroy but then you will need to complete the whole 'Blackout' level and then complete 'Charlie Don't Surf', destroying all TVs once again. I did this and it worked on my main account. I then tried it on an alt account and the same thing happened to me. By just collecting the 'Charlie Don't surf' TVs, it didn't give me the trophy. I then did it with the previous level trick and it worked like a charm. I made this post so that if this ever happens to you, you know an alternative which works pretty much 100%
  9. Thanks for the info man, I'm located in Spain so its good to hear that Spain has some of the cheapest games although brazil seems far cheaper. It may be easier for people to stick to their region or if it's much better economically, to change. For me personally i think I'm gonna stick to my region as its easier and quicker for me.
  10. Where do I have to go to report someones account for illegitimate trophies?

    1. Elvick_


      If you can't find it then odds are they've already been reported.


      But it's on the game page, in the box where the time frame of the trophies [First Trophy, Latest Trophy Gap] are. Below the social media sharing icons. If it's not been reported already it will be under the gap and say "report these trophies as illegitimate"

    2. Scidillydocious


      Ahhhh, thanks a million man!

  11. how many easy (ratalaika type) games are there now anyways, lost count 

    1. Mike13858


      According to a topic someone made on this site, there are 72

    2. Scidillydocious


      oh snap, times 8 versions for each games...

  12. super meat boy
  13. MOTO GP 13 (PS3) servers down?

  14. How the hell do you aim your :square: bombs in FORMA 8?

  15. For the FIFA 18 Pros out there. Is the trophy STAR PUPIL unobtainable now due to the servers or is it still achievable?

    1. Bliss


      Not a Fifa pro at all (don't like soccer), but yeah the Star Pupil and Objective Complete trophies aren't obtainable anymore.

    2. Scidillydocious


      i supposed so, so annoying as the game is only 2 years old. the servers of older fifas are still open but not this one no

    3. Bliss


      Fifa 18 must be some kind of exception then, but definitely unobtainable according to threads on this forum and over on the other site.