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  1. NERD 😅 Find all clues using ARI (Crime scene + Mad Jack + Fish tank) and find the Origami Killer Heavy Rain
  2. keep walking (walking, not Running). Had the same glitch but i got the trophy on ~340km. (thx @Crush_nv btw.) Story Mission worked fine for me and a friend. I think it’s not glitched anymore.
  3. Thanks, i tried but nothing happend, still no trophy (i am at 125km without L3)
  4. Gustafs loppet is glitched for me. Walked two times more then 150km... no fking Trophy. side missions are also glitched. Cleared 27 side Missions... no trophy. So annoying...
  5. Worms W.M.D A lot of pretty easy URs. (80 kills with a Tank, 80 kills with a Mech eg.)
  6. 1. Terminator Résistance 2. Uncharted - Drakes Fortune (Ps4) 3. Birthday of Midnight 4. Vegas Party 5. Worms W.M.D 6. I Am Bread 7. Walking Dead - The Final Season 8. Friday 13th (NA) 9. Until Dawn 10. Friday 13th (EU) 11. GOAT Simulator 12. The Lord of the Rings - War in the North 13. Resident Evil 3 14. Dead Island (Ps4) 15. Resident Evil Resistance 16. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 17. Dead Space 18. Predator Hunting Grounds 19. Atari Flashback Classics 1 20. Atari Flashback Classics 2 21. G. I. Joe 22. God of War Ascension 23. Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps & Beans 24. Uncharted 2 (Ps4) 25. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 26. God of War II (Vita) 27. F1 2014 28. F1 2015 29. F1 2016 30. F1 2018 31. F1 2019 32. Monster Energy Supercross 2 33. Deadlight Directors Cut
  7. No particular order in this list. - Last of Us Remastered (ok, my fav game of all time) - Last of us 2 - God of War - A Plaque Tale: Innocence - Dying Light - 88 Heroes - World War Z - Days Gone - the Evil Within - Fallout 4
  8. i lost a 4 win streak on tip toe ... I quit when the round was running about 5 seconds... I got kudos for that and lost the streak. Another 4 win Streak was at the Final on Royal Fumble... I had the Tail and just three seconds to go... bye bye Tail and Streak 😩
  9. Featured Racer is obtainable now. 👍
  10. I am at ~80. 2-3 Min ago I was 3 fu..ing seconds away from the infallible. Lost the tail, insta leave... kudos.. fml
  11. Sry but this is BS. What is with the Players who had an 2/3/4 Win Streak and the shitty Servers kicked them out of a game pre-patch? Whats with the Players who had a 2/3/4er, grabbed the Crown in Fall Mountain and nothing happened except another player wins and the Streak ended? And there gives a lot more situations like this. And this Glitch Is not forbidden, so nobody is a cheater who earned it two weeks ago or yesterday or tomorrow(I don’t have this trophy yet).
  12. i miss two crowns... I have won the last two rounds but I don’t get a crown. Not cool...
  13. I have 2 wins in ~ 40 episodes. No Chance to win 5 in a row(maybe in a Team?) but i have a lot of fun 🙂
  14. Online Trophys... you never know: is the Server still up for the next month or can i be sure, that every Ingame function works fine (not like F1 2019 for Now)?
  15. 1. Super Meat Boy - 0,20% 2. I Am Bread - 0,30% 3. Friday the 13th - 0,73% 4. FIFA 13 - 0,77% 5. Friday the 13th - 0,86%