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  1. i lost a 4 win streak on tip toe ... I quit when the round was running about 5 seconds... I got kudos for that and lost the streak. Another 4 win Streak was at the Final on Royal Fumble... I had the Tail and just three seconds to go... bye bye Tail and Streak 😩
  2. Featured Racer is obtainable now. πŸ‘
  3. I am at ~80. 2-3 Min ago I was 3 fu..ing seconds away from the infallible. Lost the tail, insta leave... kudos.. fml
  4. Sry but this is BS. What is with the Players who had an 2/3/4 Win Streak and the shitty Servers kicked them out of a game pre-patch? Whats with the Players who had a 2/3/4er, grabbed the Crown in Fall Mountain and nothing happened except another player wins and the Streak ended? And there gives a lot more situations like this. And this Glitch Is not forbidden, so nobody is a cheater who earned it two weeks ago or yesterday or tomorrow(I don’t have this trophy yet).
  5. i miss two crowns... I have won the last two rounds but I don’t get a crown. Not cool...
  6. I have 2 wins in ~ 40 episodes. No Chance to win 5 in a row(maybe in a Team?) but i have a lot of fun πŸ™‚
  7. Online Trophys... you never know: is the Server still up for the next month or can i be sure, that every Ingame function works fine (not like F1 2019 for Now)?
  8. 1. Super Meat Boy - 0,20% 2. I Am Bread - 0,30% 3. Friday the 13th - 0,73% 4. FIFA 13 - 0,77% 5. Friday the 13th - 0,86%
  9. i can only Play against Japanese Players as Mastermind... wtf... i Live in Germany...
  10. Hello, how can I steal money from someone?
  11. Super Meat Boy! 0,19%
  12. I would Never delete a trophy from my Account, because every single trophy is a Part of my Accounthistory. But this is my personal opinion πŸ™‚
  13. Silent Hill 2 HD - 2 weeks + 4 Days 3,60%
  14. Tokio 1 Again: the First swarm comes and at the same time 2 Bulls 2 gasguys, 1 New Zombie and a lurker, completely ridiculous
  15. Tokio 1: ... on the Short way to the bus 4 lurkers, 4 Bulls and 2 gasguys... the way to the First swarm 4 Bulls, one of the New Zombie, a lot of gasguys and Lurkers...and this is the 7th run and every time a lot more Enemies... sry but this is definitly Harder.