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  1. i can only Play against Japanese Players as Mastermind... wtf... i Live in Germany...
  2. Hello, how can I steal money from someone?
  3. Super Meat Boy! 0,19%
  4. I would Never delete a trophy from my Account, because every single trophy is a Part of my Accounthistory. But this is my personal opinion 🙂
  5. Silent Hill 2 HD - 2 weeks + 4 Days 3,60%
  6. Tokio 1 Again: the First swarm comes and at the same time 2 Bulls 2 gasguys, 1 New Zombie and a lurker, completely ridiculous
  7. Tokio 1: ... on the Short way to the bus 4 lurkers, 4 Bulls and 2 gasguys... the way to the First swarm 4 Bulls, one of the New Zombie, a lot of gasguys and Lurkers...and this is the 7th run and every time a lot more Enemies... sry but this is definitly Harder.
  8. Online/Offline works. I made 3 Offline and 8 Online and i got the Trophy.
  9. I was in the same Game 🙂 The Information is really helpful.👍
  10. It was lvl 3 pistol (First line)
  11. Im sure, no help for teammates, no turrets, grenades, no friendly Fire, medikit. Nothing but the pistol. Edit: Now i have the trophy... 4x times the same run, except another pistol. I dont know why, but the 4th pistol was the trophypistol 😅
  12. I Started the ps4, Start the Game and the First Run was Perfect. Exactly what he recommended. There was no failrun before. I try it again later
  13. For me its Not Working. I did everything as recommended, But i still miss the Trophy ☚ī¸