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  1. 1. The Last of Us 2. Silent Hill 2 Dead Space 1 Deadly Premonition Saw
  2. 1. Gunborg - Dark Matters (Ps5) 2 Crazy Chicken Xtreme (Ps5) 3. Earth Defense Force 4.1 (Ps4) 4. Resident Evil O. Raccoon City (ps3) 5. Resident Evil Code Veronica X (ps4) 6. Resident Evil Village (ps4) 7. Dying Light 2 (Ps5) 8. Evil Dead (Ps5) 9. Oxide Room 104 (Ps5) 10. The Last of Us Part 1 (Ps5) 11. Fall Guys (EU-Ps4) 12. Fall Guys (Ps5) 13. Deadpool (Ps4) 14. My Life/Pet Vet (Ps5)
  3. I don’t Need Auto Pop for this Game… i Just want my legit earned trophys…. it wouldnt suprise me when they Fix it in Season 2 … and we have to pay for it.
  4. Its wrong what ive written. Checked it with a Second acc and i got no Victory Trophy for my First win( i was just 3rd in this skyfall round) 😵‍💫
  5. And the bugged trophies are still bugged too. Checked one round
  6. 1.0002.000? My Version is 1.004.000. too Late 😅
  7. 50% trophies are bugged for me. Hope they Fix it soon.
  8. Sry that its Hard for you. I can Tell you how i play (i win 8-9/10). Maybe its a way for you. I Play with the necromancer, first i farm energy and set traps as fast as i can Till i have Level 2. then i begin to summon skeletons(one point in control, one in Portal Standard) . In that Time i try to find the survivors. When i locate them, i start attacking them. Its absolut ok when they beat your skeletons like nothing(they can have uniq weapons in 1-5 min. Your minions are way too low) its Just to annoy them. See on map which way they Go and Try to set traps When they activate the Last Page and or the dagger, set your flautist in a house upstairs or behind a rock. Then summon as many as you can and control one of them over and over again. Summon Evil ash and call More skeletons and attack the survivors but don’t kill them when you are in front of a solid team. Let them use the Cola. The More Cola they use the easier it will be at the End. Note the Place where the dagger or the Last Page was (whatever they activate Last) and Go back to the survivors. Try to hurt them. Definitly annoy them when they Farm in houses. At the end: use only the skeletons around the area from the Dark ones. Don’t summon any of your minions. When the book appears, set a flautist in an house upstairs, in a house behind a wall or behind a rock and summon all of your skeletons and use Evil ash to summon more skeletons. Then go with evil ash to the book and hit it as often as you can. The survivors(~7-8/10 Teams) have no time to handle you and all your fully upgraded minions in the Same seconds. Sometimes they shot you down but this is not a problem, just wait again for energy and skeletons, summon all in the same time and Control one Elite to hit more damage on the book with R2. do this as Long as you can. that is enough for 8-9/10 wins. but when you play against a very good Team it will be pretty hard. A very good Team will win most of the time. i Lost a lot rounds where I got 55-65k points with more then 50-60 portals, ~60k damage on survivors and so on. And you will have messages from a lot of players how bad you play, how lucky you was (of course you will win all of these rounds😅). Only from this Forum three Members was mad enough to write me (maybe more, just checked the really angry guys) 😅 hope this is readable and understandable (english is not my first language) and it helps GL to you. PS. If you have again a situation where a survivor goes through the window: set traps inside and attack him outside. When he do it again, set two traps outside and attack from inside(your flautist is summoned of course)… or scare him, control him and walk away from the daggerzone. hope it helps 👍
  9. Good question. The Last two weeks, i played every day for around two Hours Diablo 2… Just to find a fu… Ring. Yesterday was the Day where i checked all my rings which i found. After that i thought:“ Wtf are u doing here? This is not fun anymore and this is not the way how you want to play…“ moments like this let me think about to quit Trophyhunting.
  10. Big Bobby Car - (PS4) Mortal Kombat X - (PS4) Generation Zero -(Ps4) Little Nightmares II (Ps4) 36 Fragments of Midnight (Ps4) Mortal Kombat 11 (Ps4) F1 2020 (Ps4) Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor(ps4) Alien Destroyer (Ps4) Wanted - Weapons of Fate (Ps3) Tin & Kuna (Ps4) SkyHill (Ps4) Monster Energy Supercross 3 (Ps4) South Park - The Stock of Truth (Ps3) Astros Playroom (Ps5) Maid of Sker (Ps4) 88 Heroes (Ps Vita) Uncharted 4 (Ps4) Silver Chains (Ps4) Mortal Kombat 11 (Ps5) Evil Inside (Ps5) Kaze and the Wild Masks (Ps4) A Plaque Tale - Innocence (Ps5) Apsulov - End of Gods (Ps5) Ratchet and Clank (Ps4) The Medium (Ps5) Iron Man 2 (Ps3) Yet another Zombie Defense (Ps4) Dead Space 3 (Ps3) Zombie Army 4 (Ps4) Among Us (Ps4) Among Us (Ps5)
  11. It will certainly come a little later.
  12. Thx to you both. Started with a New Player and then it worked. I don’t know what was the problem.
  13. Yes, I read the Guide and i played a lot of Games an made hundreds of Points under 5 Shots with Flare or drop Shot I cant unlock Challenge 3 ☹️ Any Ideas? Did I miss something? i tested ist on easy, normal and hard in career…
  14. Did anyone else have a Bug with the hard times Trophy? played it two times to the end but nothing…
  15. Hey everyone! I know that just a handful play this game but I would share a problem what happened to me ( for everyone else who play this game in the future) Fact: In every World you can earn trophy’s for: Beat all stages (except the boss) without taking damage, collect all energy crystals in every Stage and beat the best time in all stages. Also you get a trophy when you unlock a new World. They all glitched on me. I played world 2, one stage before the boss, when I checked the trophy list. no trophy for unlocking world 2. then I saw, I got no trophy’s for world 1 (beat best time in all stages, all energy crystals and no damage in all stages). They all popped at the same second when I beat the first stage again. For unlocking world 2 it was necessary to play a second time world 1. For all who wants to play it in the future. It makes a lot of fun but have an eye on the trophylist.