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  1. Facebook Pill I'm addicted to Uber, what about you?
  2. canis canem edit
  3. I guess he doesn't like golf Sony please don't DMCA me I heard Fallon Fox gave this game a 10/10
  4. how disappointed would you be if it was skate 3 mobile instead of skate 4
  5. ps4 or ps5? lol hope its not that skate 3 mobile game
  6. gg boys we did it
  7. new single player content? maybe we will get that zombie dlc
  8. I wish they did gta 4 remaster
  9. Benevolent Leader sucks thumbs up if u agree
  10. easy platinum not difficult
  11. According to a clickbait youtuber that I watched, the full game was remastered but they cut the multiplayer because they don't want to tear the community. All mw2 mp maps are being remastered to mw 2019, apparently. Also let us know if it includes the no russian mission. If it does, it's probably going to be banned in my country.
  12. Is wastelanders replacing the main game? If so, it would be unfair if they didn't include trophies.
  13. SO BASICALLY I was looking at my trophies, just like what everyone does on a friday night, and I saw that someone got the platinum for this game 3 YEARS before it was released. Can someone please explain this to me? Is he a Dev or something?