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  1. Thank you very much for this script. It helped me a lot. Thumbs up πŸ‘
  2. GTA V, I just don't have the motivation to complete the online trophies.. Singleplayer is done..
  3. There is a 100% Walkthrough Iβ€˜m following. He also does certain misc trophies. First I played it for fun and now I started a new game, following this guide. Edit: Iβ€˜ve now completed the game and can confirm, that this guide covers everything. At the End I just had to visit every store and buy all weapons/equipment (donβ€˜t forget Canada!) and do some misc trophies. Ding, shiny plat was born
  4. I was wondering, if this has been done before, but I was thinking about a meeting with Switzerlands Trophy Hunters. I like to meet new people and I think it could be fun to hear their stories about hunting. Does someone have some experience with it? Ideas how to set something up? A way would be by contacting everyone privately but maybe there is a function on the site? Thanks for your ideas and tipps Cheers
  5. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your respect. I made a mistake and there is no excuse for this. Don't like people who are trying to hide it and bring some strange excuses.. I've done what I've done and I regret it. Have a good one ✌🏻

  6. Lord_of_Arbon FIFA 09 Yeah to be honest there is no excuse for this safegame trophy. And if possible I would like to delete this out. But except this stupidity, I'm an honest and hard working gamer. I got this tropy 7 years ago and since that I sweared to me, never doing something again, which I didn't. Can I please participate again int the leaderboards? I would really appreciate that. Edit: Okay, I read, that I can hide the game to be back on the leaderboard. I tried to figure out, how this work, but I'm not able to find the option. Can someone tell me, where I find this? Thank you
  7. My first Plat was AC II and so will be my 200th Plat 😁😁 So excited about that.
  8. - The Last of Us 2 - Gravity Rush 2 aaaand Detroid Become Human from Quantic Dream is my absolute Most Wanted. Love the interactive film games like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.
  9. It seems to be different. In the playstationtrophies forum there where also people they who had no issues. Don't know what the reason is..Its the first telltale game I have issues with.. Walking Dead, wolf among us, I had no issues with them.. And with the PS3 editions of BttF neither..
  10. I really enjoyed the game on PS3, but now i start hating it. Played the first Episode and the game crashed about 13 times!! So guys, wait until this will be patched, otherwise you'll start getting angry about this.. Btw, i own the digital copy from the store. Hope they will fix that soon.. i've to save every step i'm doing because it crashes almost on every automatic savepoint and i have to do the whole sections again.. Stupid..
  11. When i look to profiles, i usually compare the level to the amount of platinums. So i generally know how serious people play and how much energy they put in a game :-D I have just about 6600 trophies and 140 platinums and i see people in my country on the same level with 9000 trophies and 90 platinums. I feel more satisfied about my stats :-D
  12. 967, but i have a few open games. So it will going down. My more important goal is to have a competition rate over 90% (89.07%) and never be lower than that. That means not to much installations at a time :-P just one and game it, then the next one :-)
  13. 56.32% Oh dear.. I thought it will be lower -.- Have to do some uncommon trophies :-P Haha, no you haven't :-P I'm 0.12% higher..
  14. I wrote the solution in a tip in the trophy description. Follow these steps and you will get your trophy