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  1. i want to just got the game second hand but ea made the online pass free but its still 10 fucking euros on ps3
  2. lol i dont realy care about japanese text so if my peordert japanese copy is great ill get the eu one aswell
  3. are you getting the japan godzilla or the next year us and eu godzilla release ?
  4. does anybody have the sound switching for one line to japanese i have that alot in battles
  5. on fist place i have ffxiii-2 , over 150 hours (before the savegame corupting second place is resident evil 6 about 50 hours next is duke nukem forever im still only 25 hours in but the list will shift with my next game the import godzilla on jan 18 2015 knowing me 150 hours in no time
  6. oooh forgot about mirror's edge 2 thx ,just hoping they don't release it ike they did battlefield 4
  7. my pick has to be mgs 5 and the new (for now) jp exclusif GODZILLA game for ps3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpzX1FAqjTs
  8. for me the list is pokemon blue,red pokemon silver,gold,diamond minecraft resident evil 4 ,5 ,6 aliens: colonial marines and last on my list bioshock infinite (plat today) so i dont know whats next my be maybe il try to plat aliens cm (for some reason the eastereggs in it draw me back into playing it )
  9. iff got one for ya ' bodycount' only about 8000 have the game and the plat is ultra rare + its the spirtual sucsesor to black on the ps2