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  1. Oluso, sometimes she just goes off and murders an entire FMD camp for you haha
  2. Did you guys ever find a fix for this? I'm in the same boat where I can't select the meditation but I've replayed the level and sat on it EDIT: I managed to get it! I was missing a different statue and the image for some reason looked like the one in the temple in stage 3. I was missing the 3rd statue in stage 2 under the vortex. Hope this helps people out!
  3. Wait till you go for the fishing trophy, that broke me in Reaper's march
  4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The Mantis Join the crew
  5. I noticed the comment about the servers being shutdown, I wonder if there is anyway this will be playable offline once that period ends?
  6. So been living under a rock and just found out the servers for this game are gone, does that mean the plat is unobtainable now? If so WOW! The amount of money invested in this game ... but seriously Sony should find a way to adjust the trophies for this game for the people that can't get the online ones anymore (eg. Plat for just the singles)
  7. From what I have played: 1. Resident Evil 2 2. Resident Evil 1 3. Resident Evil 3 4. Resident Evil 5 5. Resident Evil 6
  8. Imperials, if they lose the war to the Stormcloaks it's just another win for the Thalmor. Ultimately the Thalmor are horrible and letting them get closer to ruling Tamriel would be bad. The Stormcloaks are fighting for what they think is right and I respect that, but, I dont think they could hold off a Thalmor invasion when they are struggling to beat a tiny part of a crippled imperial army. I did notice that the Imperials seem to favour horrible people as Jarls (Maven Black Briar and Siddgeir) and I do get a feeling that the higher ups don't give an F about Skyrim. This is disregarding race too, I don't know how my Breton would fit into a Stormcloak win (look at the Forsworn).
  9. Breton Nightblade - Breton's are a cool race being half elven, the magic resist is excellent and being an Illusion Assassin is super fun. Also as a Breton, I can RP that my character is a decedent of Hjati-Early Beard (Talos), who some people believe wasn't Nord but Breton
  10. I think the Imperial Legion is the way to go. Ulfric only cares about being High King of Skyrim. By opposing the banning of Talos and attacking the legion the storm cloaks are actually helping the Thalmor more than they think. The Legion is already weak and this would essentially cripple them leading to the Thalmor gaining more power. Then if the Thalmor attack Skyrim could the Storm Cloaks hold them off? Doubtful. I think Imperial Legion is a choice for the greater good
  11. I use the firewatch theme, the music is calming and I like the way it changes depending on the time of day
  12. Are there any other games like this on / coming to PS4? Would love to see Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 (EE), Pillars of Eternity or Shadowrun
  13. Sundays, 10pm
  14. Mine was ejecting the disks randomly, like in the middle of the night and then started getting worse. I shut it down and then turned the power off at the wall, left it powered off for a half hour and then powered it up and its been 3 months with no problem. See if that helps, just make sure you completely power it off at the wall.
  15. The Last of Us, excellent game. But the 2 mulitplayer trophies are ridiculously grindy to get