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  1. Well, I'm now among the happy people that defeated Delftos without being awarded the God Killer trophy. Several workarounds are suggested in a thread for the Vita version: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/55796-trophy-thoughs/ Hopefully, going through the teleporter will work.
  2. Hey pal! I have a question.


    I'm going to play Skyrim for the first time (also my first Elder Scrolls game). I wonder if I can plat it in a month. Because there are other games I want to play too but can't miss any trophies. So, do you think  that I can handle the game while completing it and at same time enjoying it? I don't wanna skip the pleasure just for going ambition of collecting trophies.


    I hope I haven't made any mistake on text. lol thanks

    1. Lothym




      Haha, well sure ;) Skyrim offers such freedom it woud be a shame not to enjoy it.

      My advice is that there are little entries that are missable, so check the guide before hand to spot them. Then make sure you keep separate saves regularly and verify if you did anything you shouldn't have. If so, load your second last save and if not just keep going.


      Best wish for your endeavour! 😎

  3. Chapter 16. For the design really, rather than the boss fight. The music and the landscape was breathtaking. Not to mention how you feel about it after all you went through to get there A perfect purgatory.
  4. Hopefully, no kill related trophy will present an issue like Full House did. 😅 There seems to be a good lot of story related and unmissable trophies (19, telling from the list) We will also have to be looking for 6 type of collectibles: Residual Memories, Files, Keys for lockers (the key part is wild guess at this point), Photographic Slides, Mysterious Objects and Coffe Makers (where are the donuts though?) No speedrun this time around, but I hope the Classic Mode proves fun! 😎
  5. They look quite determined: Call of the Tenebrae It's due for release on May 25th (2017, if you had any doubt ) Computer owners can already preorder the damn thing 🤑
  6. Quite right, this is really sudden and unexpected. Not even my fortune teller... I plead guilty on the charge of compulsive completionist. So to the core question: is there any ways to know if it will bring new trophies along before the release date?
  7. Tales => What I'm about to say about Bacchus just proves otherwise Mostly on BTs and speedrun, I believe there is a lot of room for improvement. The rest (PAs, items...) is rather about being picky on the details. Dragon => will do Guys, for Bacchus drops, I strongly suggest you do your deed on Nox Obscurus. In the Halls of Termination, take your right from the entrance (toward chest A, now that we can all agree on which one it is ). You should be able to gather 2 bots and a Dragoon about the top of the coast that links the third and fourth area (the fourth is where the chest is). The drop rate is 5%, assuming the skill is maxed out. Because you have black hole at this point and Meracle has the Ocarina, it is by far a better drop/min than the control tower. It took me 5000 enemies to kill to get all the drops. Can't recall of many bots the battle would include, so I can't give you a kill/min ratio, but I recall spending about 10h on this rather than 20... This can also combine perfectly with Faize 3000 battles, since it will be quite a few.
  8. Hello All! Publishing the chest guide allowed me to discover your epic quest. Best of luck to you all in your efforts! The journey is the reward, so you'll have more than the time to enjoy it For the record, that platinum cost me 650h... Mistakes in some guides from the net and messed up saves are to blame, so I hope none of you have to take that long. For those of you crazy enough to push your Star Ocean experience further, I had in mind making some neat guides here on the site. Differences with the XBox version, inaccuracies in old guides, improved recent methods, and making all the links of the current trophy guide insite rather than external, should be enough to motivate the work. And we also now have 70 forum pages of experience which should be put to good use Because I plated this game a while ago, and tossed all my notes afterwards (if I had a chimney I would have probably burned them ) this would only be possible with the help of some fresh players to make sure every detail is accurate. The program in my mind is more or less: - Other stuff you have to do on one walkthrough guide (item crafting, PAs and sidequests) - Not too missable stuff guide (spaceship data, weapons, monsters data) - A detailed speedrun guide - A BT guide (that's the huge big one...) - And an overall detailled roadmap guide (because having the information scattered all around, it becomes hard to handle when you first start) So if any of you wish to give guide writing a go/try, mp me and we can start the collaborations starting september. Enjoy visiting the galaxy and salute the Grigori on my behalf! Cheers