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  1. Seems that you can't get the option to bribe them the second time around if the Drakin is with you. But yeah the imps only appear two times for sure.
  2. That happened to me for easy difficulty. Did a 1cc run, Without Death poped and not To Alter Reality. Did a <50k damage run, Good Job popped but To Alter Reality still not. I deleted and reinstalled the game, replayed the prologue after setting the difficulty on easy just in case. To Alter Reality popped after completing the game again on easy.
  3. If a level reveals to be un100%able, you can just restart it. Unless you used the save machine, in which case you have to start the campaign again. Finishing a level with less than 100% also calls for a complete campaign restart, because of the autosave in the strange place. Well yeah, the number of tries totally depends on the RNG of event generations. It may take a 100 tries if you're unlucky... There is no other solutions than to keep at it with plenty of patience. That happened recurrently on 2 levels: professor prologue and chapter 3 of the witch. It also happened punctually in the detective and ghoul campaigns, so although not systematic, assume no level is immune to bugged events... Can't really say, but I think I spent nearly 120 or 150h total in that game, looking for solutions and all. As far as difficulty goes, event though I had buffed items and went around all levels several times, I still took a serious beating on various levels. The devs rebalanced the game with patches posterior to 1.03, which we will never have... If Reptilesoul had not told me to restart until it worked, I would have not done it. At some point I was convinced the bugged events would always spawn and did not depend on RNG. I just had to try 50 more times. Sigh...
  4. Finally nailed it! Here's how it goes: the objective is to get 100% of events on every level. The progression for your current level can be tracked in the pause menu, and that counter is what the trophy is based on. Be aware of the following: The collectibles are bugged Some events in some levels will not increase the counter. If that happens, even if you find all events in such a level, the counter will not indicate 100%, negating you the condition for the trophy. There is a workaround for such cases: you need to restart the level until that event doesn't appear. There are more events possible on a level then what spawns (i.e. the level will have 15 events out of a possible 18 for example), so a favorable configuration eventually generates. This is entirely RNG dependent. The progression save is bugged Well, kind of. Each level can be played individually and the autosave will trigger after completing a level, but that won't suffice. The game probably resets level progressions when chapter selecting. So each character campaign has to be played from start to finish without switching, until you get the prompt in the strange place that gives you the choice to do so. Characters can be played in any order though. The 75% trophy is bugged Definitely. It will pop along with the 100% trophy, as you complete the last level with the last character. So that's it. Good luck to all.
  5. @Blood_Inquisitor Latest version of the game remains 1.03. @CsabelitoHUN Reptilesoul was kind enough to provide me with a hint: you can restart levels until the buggy events do not spawn. That way I was able to get 100% on the levels I never could before. But still no trophies... So there has to be something else on top to make them pop. The next step I can think of is replaying all campaigns from start to finish while making sure to get 100% on every level. Either I missed it on any level, or because I've been replaying levels individually for a while, the saves for each character are messed up. Also, since there are more events possible then what spawns on a level, I tried replaying levels over and over until no new events were encountered. No results either.
  6. Nihaaaa! Finally tackled Resident Evil 4 (PS4). I dare say I didn't have the patience to complete professional mode back in the days when it came out. That is now corrected!
  7. Very impressive work on your behalf! I can finally stop compiling all this information manually and let go of the excel files I use to compile it. Not much to suggest that has not been already mentioned. Maybe one thing: in addition to "at least" or "no more than" the difficulty and plat time filters could use an option of "between - and -" Cheers and congrats!
  8. Then you probably won't like it either. In Amnesia you are as much as defenseless, there is a mind/fear gauge on top of that and some puzzles/fetch and catch to make progress.
  9. Not that buggy imo, the inputs are fine, no dialogue skipped around and everything triggers. Rather It still crashes too often for anyone's taste. Luckily there are auto-saves more than needed, so you can always restart close to where you were. Still infuriating most of the times, overall if you were just about to complete a long dialogue sequence. Because of the multiple possible orders of the scenes in the first part of the game, the chapter select does not always work as desired for clues collecting or dialogue choices. Not a real issue if you're aware, since you can use continue without problem though. I would definitely recommend the game (if on patch 1.05!)
  10. Most of the deductions that can be made are mandatory. There are a few optional ones that depends on some optional clues and dialogues. Most of those are located in the gym, Yale's apartment and O'leary's office. The hardest one to get is the conclusion that O'Leary rigs the games for Yale. Long story short, explore the game as much as possible and exhaust all dialogues to gather clues. Whenever you can put clues together (mandatory or not) the game will warn you you can do it. And be warned, because of the multiple possible orders in which you can explore the first scenes and the way deductions and clues are saved, it's better to go from start to finish using only the continue feature (do not go through with chapter select). I had to do a complete extra playthrough just because of that.
  11. I can now add Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (PS4) to my completed list!
  12. Managing to get an A rank with Claire on the EU version is the equivalent of making an almost perfect speedrun. Being half a second off in each room to the times given by Jalxander is the equivalent of failure... On the light side, there is a good trick to make the Chris boss fight easier. During the second phase, there is a ledge on the wall to the back left. If you manage to get Alexia stuck in there, you can walk close to her and just hold aim up and every shot will hit since she can't move anywhere else. I haven't been able to find out how to consistently achieve this, but have been able to pull it off a couple of times on purpose. And the success on the three other runs depends on the rng giving you the right prize in the king maker machine. I just hate went victory comes from randomness, mostly because sometimes you can go for more than 5 runs within getting what you need to at least try...
  13. Hi! Have two more games done now, for a total of 15: - Detroit: Become Human - Life is Strange 2 Still a quicker man, but with all the LiS franchise complete, I am now eligible for the 'Out of Time' Bonus emblem The hunt goes on!!! Cheers all.
  14. Hey everyone! Xeno Crisis plat is currently at 4.9%. That makes me eligible for Epsilon Master, right? With 5 plats out of 102 players, it might not hold long and I'm still on the hunt for a more definitive X UR title. But I'm glad to have the title, even if for just a week Cheers to all! There is also Ys Origin. The only bad part about going for plat is having to grind XP on the hardest difficulty to make it through, but I hold good memories about this game. If you're into top view action JRPG that is.
  15. Bad news. And this still. So I doubt Blini Games will ever push for this issue to be resolved on consoles by publishing the patch that exists on PC. Badland Publishing will doubtfully go through any trouble for a minor update either. So here we stand. Such a shame.