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  1. This is part of the reason why I couldn't care less about Steam achievements, they're effectively meaningless, especially with some larger games having no achievements and small games having insane amounts. I'll list five of the bigger games in my Steam library that have no achievements. Saints Row 2 X-Blades The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Kerbal Space Program Conan Exiles (This is still early access, so that could be why) The Steam game I have with the most achievements is Train Simulator, which was gifted to me by a friend, it has 979 achievements total, there's no way I would have the patience to try get that many achievements for one game.
  2. You can have a single character use all classes, since the stats for all classes are separate, you won't need a character specifically for the melee classes and one for magic. I mean my only character has every class, and the HP varies wildly due to the Vitality stat changing for each class, for example, my level 66 Black Mage has just over 22,000 HP, yet my Dark Knight has almost 40,000 HP and is level 68.
  3. Have fun with that FFXIV plat, @MidnightCJ, the 1000 FATEs and 1000 levequests trophies are extremely tedious unless you space them out, and there are 2 particular FATEs I know of that are mind-numbingly hard unless a very large amount of players are involved, and by large amount, I mean not even a Full Party is remotely sufficient to clear them, they are called "Steel Reign", which will appear anywhere within the Black Shroud (Central Shroud, North Shroud, East Shroud and South Shroud) and "It's Not Lupus" in Eastern La Noscea (Costa del Sol side). This could be an interesting competition to keep an eye on, I won't back anyone just yet, since it still has a lot of time left to run, best of luck to all involved.
  4. You need to post why you were flagged, and I just had a quick look through your LittleBigPlanet 2 list, how exactly did you get Long Term Publisher (Have a published level be up for 7 days) before Community Spirit (Publish your first level)? Or better yet, how you got 10 Minutes of Create (Spend 10 minutes in Create Mode) just under 4 hours before 1440 Minutes of Create (Spend 24 hours in Create Mode)?
  5. Wish granted, but it is faulty, and never starts up, no matter how much change is fed into it. I wish I had a better laptop (Not some old relic running Vista)
  6. Never even heard of this game, but how could the developers have screwed up so badly? I feel for anyone who has bought this game though, this is one of those examples why I am in favour of Sony putting a refund system in place for digital purchases.
  7. There's no such thing as being late on this thread, sure I started it due to Stormblood's release, but I have no intention of closing the thread any time soon. Still surprised to see that there's not a single Roegadyn yet, and that I'm the only Miqo'te so far.
  8. You do not need Heavensward or Stormblood to 100% this game in terms of trophies, as they do not add new trophies. As for how long, even with rushing through the main story quests, I'd say 100 hours is most likely being very generous, as you need to use every gathering class (Botanist, Miner and Fisher) to gather 1000 items each, every crafting class (Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist and Culinarian) to craft 1000 items each as well as a few other long grinds, such as 1000 FATEs, 100 dungeons/trials/raids, and reaching 50 (done without the shortcut you have to spend real money for) isn't quick either. There's also a trophy clearing the first 5 parts to an end-game (A Realm Reborn) raid, the long part to this is actually getting in, the first 5 parts are pretty fast to clear.
  9. I'd say it's definitely not too late, just be wary of what world (server) you choose to be on, some are highly populated and are subject to daily simultaneous logouts to deal with the congestion (even though it's not helping at all), with the worst affected data centre being Chaos, the only EU data centre, 7 of it's 10 worlds are affected by the simultaneous logout measures. The 3 unaffected worlds are Zodiark, Lich and Louisoix, even those 3 worlds are lightly populated, all parties formed for dungeons are done across the entire data centre, so say you're on Zodiark, you might get all people from Zodiark for one dungeon, but for the next one you might get someone from Moogle, another from Omega and one from Cerberus, I'd say avoid going to Cerberus or Odin if you choose the Chaos data centre, these 2 are the worlds with the highest populations, with Omega slowly catching up.
  10. I'd suggest reading all of my post, not just some of it, if you read it all, you would've noticed I said having it as a thread will draw more attention to it, the mention of a status update was purely in relation to the size of their post. The OP should also post this on the thread relating to server closure, the more relevant threads it's posted in, the better.
  11. This could've easily been just a status update, but having it as a thread does draw more attention to it. I remember seeing this when it was first released and I avoided it not knowing if I'd like it or not, good thing I did avoid it now, but it sucks for those those who do like it, at least November 16th is a few months away, so people have time to grind for the trophies.
  12. As for which one to start from, you can pretty much start from any of them, none of them are directly linked, but I would suggest avoiding Final Fantasy XI, since it will be unplayable soon, and only try Final Fantasy XIV if you are willing to pay a subscription (PS+ subscription not needed), as it's a subscription-based MMO. Now for the franchises I can't seem to get into (Some won't be on PS systems, obviously); Mortal Kombat: Too slow and clunky for my liking, I prefer faster fighting games like Dead or Alive, SoulCalibur or Tekken. Street Fighter: More or less the same game each instalment just different/improved visuals, with minor gameplay changes, it's gotten beyond stale by now. Call of Duty: See my reasoning for Street Fighter, plus FPS aren't really my thing The Elder Scrolls: Tried Oblivion, got bored pretty quickly, gave it a second try with Skyrim, got bored again. Fallout: Just doesn't look like something I'd like. ANY sports franchise: Dull, boring and extremely repetitive. With possibly the sole exception to this being Everybody's Golf/Hot Shots Golf. Anything by Ninja Theory: Dull, boring, unoriginal and incredibly monotonous games with very unlikeable protagonists. World of Warcraft: As much as I like Final Fantasy XIV, WoW doesn't appeal to me in the slightest, looks boring in comparison. Sly Cooper: I liked Ratchet and Clank, but Sly just felt bland to me, and the less said about the voice acting the better. Jak and Daxter: I never understand the hype behind this series, I tried the first game and bored extremely fast, and to think I like Crash Bandicoot, same developer. Grand Theft Auto: Very boring, annoying controls, very unlikeable cast, and very tedious, drawn out plots. Guitar Hero/Rock Band: I fail to see the point in buying a game where to play every aspect of them, you're required to pay for accessories that cost more than the game itself. Also gets very repetitive very fast. Civilization: Like every RTS out there, feels way too slow and boring to my liking. Diablo: Feels too slow to my liking, and not varied enough. Hitman: Granted I have only tried Absolution, but I felt the stealth mechanics weren't quite tight enough. The Witcher: I just don't get the hype, it just looks like generic western RPG fare to me, which I can never seem to get into. Dragon Age: Same as The Witcher, but I have given this franchise a try with each instalment, not giving it anymore chances though. The Sims: I really don't get the hype for this one, it felt really dull, not to mention the 'language' (using that term very loosely) the Sims use gets annoying very fast. I better stop there, there are others, but that's more than enough.
  13. Like others have said, calling them your "furry friend" and "console peasant" isn't helping you in any way, especially with this site catering to PlayStation users, you also come off as very elitist and arrogant in the OP, yet another thing that isn't helping your argument. It's also rather hypocritical to call them out for not wanting to buy a gaming PC and then you go off and say you're not willing to pay for PS+. I also think there is no need to "convert" them, if they prefer console gaming, let them. I don't think anyone takes that "console peasant" and "PC master race" stuff seriously these days anyway, which again hurts your argument. I know not all PC gamers are like this as well, I play Final Fantasy XIV on PS4, and quite a few (almost all, actually) of the members of my Free Company (basically a guild) play on PC, and not once have they ever tried to get me to play it on PC instead, well, except for one former member, but she had an extremely elitist personality and was eventually kicked from the Company for her behaviour.
  14. Well, another month of very little interest for me, pretty much only Darkstalkers and Tokyo Jungle interest me, and even then Darkstalkers doesn't interest me much and I already own Tokyo Jungle. Telltale's game are pretty dull to me (Hence why I haven't bothered with 400 Days for TWD Season 1 yet, and probably never will), Until Dawn doesn't interest me at all, so this month gets a skip, gives me time to work on Stormblood.
  15. So far from the posts, it would seem female is the most preferred gender among PSNP's Final Fantasy XIV players, just barely, with a ratio of 4-3, with Hyur being the most preferred race with 3, with only Roegadyn being a total no-show so far and every other race appearing once.