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  1. The one in bold most likely won't happen, for PAL anyway, since Australia didn't get it due to our inconsistent and draconian ratings board.
  2. Bioware is probably next, after the poor reception Mass Effect: Andromeda received, although they still have Dragon Age and Dragon Age: Inquisition rated fairly well.
  3. It's already been free on PS+, so I don't think it will be in the IGC again, I think it was early last year or late 2015. As for my prediction... I really don't care, I've added the last 3 month's worth of IGC games to my library and haven't touched any of them.
  4. Read my post again, I also had an issue with the plot if you read my entire post, or was stopping partway through disc 2 and never touching it again not enough of a hint there? FF IX's plot felt very generic and bland to me, it was just the stereotypical JRPG plot line, at least VII and VIII were a bit more unique with both plot and setting. The only issue I had with XIII's art style was the summons, who came up with the not-so-brilliant idea of turning the summons basically into Transformers? I can understand not mentioning XI or XIV there in your post since they're MMOs, despite being main entries, but not mentioning X and it's art style?
  5. I guess I'm in the minority, FF IX was my least favourite of the PS1 era Final Fantasy games, partly due to it's overall character designs, which look extremely goofy when compared to VII and VIII, and thankfully they haven't used that design style since then, it looks atrocious to me. The plot was another thing I didn't like about it, I found it dull enough to the point where I stopped part way through disc 2 and haven't touched it since.
  6. Nice to see someone kept a Miqo'te here since my character has gone back to her original race, Hyur
  7. I'd say there's about as much of a chance of Phantasy Star Online 2 getting a western release as there is of Dragon's Dogma Online getting a western release, and considering how long both games have been out in Japan already, I'd agree with you and say those chances are zero. I doubt that it will ever happen despite the developers of both games (Sega and Capcom respectively) claiming those games will get western releases, so I guess the only big Japanese MMO that's available to the west (for now) will be Final Fantasy XIV. The only cancelled game I can think of that I'd want brought back is Bloody Roar 5, granted it was never officially cancelled, just put on "development hiatus", but it was announced in 2011, a whole 6 years of no details should pretty much mean cancelled.
  8. I love how people always come up with that "if they hack one game, they'll hack more games" rhetoric, keep in mind a list can look legitimate and not be legitimate, so if a white-list ever is implemented, these hackers can simply make the white-listed games have blatantly obvious illegitimate time stamps and every other game seem legitimate to stay on the leaderboards, making a white list a rather exploitable loop hole for hackers. I did read their post as well, it's not my fault they either misread, misinterpreted or missed points in my post. I already knew of the RDR RP method, which I personally think shouldn't be promoted on this site, why a site would willingly promote a method that is against site rules is beyond me. I don't know why you mention the Souls series, as most people I've heard utilised either the item duplication glitches (Last time I checked, all but Demon's Souls had the item duplication glitches patched out.) or joining the games of people who already had the items needed for the trophies, both of which are acceptable methods and can be done without save editing, so the Souls series is a difficult (but not impossible) example to use. Since most people seem so in favour of a white list (even though I see it as highly flawed and easily exploitable), maybe not have it as a blanket white list, treat these games on a case-by-case basis, not all users with the games in question get the same treatment, makes exploitation less likely. This final part is in no way directed toward the two I quoted earlier in my post, another issue with the current dispute system is not the lack of a white-list, it's the very small group of individuals who seem to post in almost every single dispute thread, even if they have no knowledge of the game, as I see it, you shouldn't post in a dispute thread unless you have played the game as well, and progressed far enough in said game to know how the disputed trophies are earned, for example, I wouldn't post in dispute threads for the games that are proposed for this white list, as I have played 2 of them, but have no knowledge of the trophies in question.
  9. Read my post more carefully before going into a big rant next time, not once did I ever mention the violation of Sony's ToS, I ONLY mentioned this site's rules, you also never touch on the fact that I said someone can simply say that they entered a hacked lobby, when they were in fact the one doing the hacking.
  10. I'm personally against the idea of white-listing any game, purely due to the fact that people can simply claim they unwittingly entered a hacked lobby and provide no evidence to support their claim, simply taking someone's word without evidence is foolishness in any situation. Whether or not the individual intended to get trophies through a hacked lobby is a moot point, regardless of their intent, the trophies were obtained illegitimately in accordance to the rules of this site, so in my view, they should still get a strike, since they broke the rules. I am also aware that the absence of proof of innocence is not proof of guilt, but it should be still be enough to make anyone have their doubts. The dispute system as it is works for the most part, even if some people are overly zealous in condemning people hastily.
  11. This is part of the reason why I couldn't care less about Steam achievements, they're effectively meaningless, especially with some larger games having no achievements and small games having insane amounts. I'll list five of the bigger games in my Steam library that have no achievements. Saints Row 2 X-Blades The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Kerbal Space Program Conan Exiles (This is still early access, so that could be why) The Steam game I have with the most achievements is Train Simulator, which was gifted to me by a friend, it has 979 achievements total, there's no way I would have the patience to try get that many achievements for one game.
  12. You can have a single character use all classes, since the stats for all classes are separate, you won't need a character specifically for the melee classes and one for magic. I mean my only character has every class, and the HP varies wildly due to the Vitality stat changing for each class, for example, my level 66 Black Mage has just over 22,000 HP, yet my Dark Knight has almost 40,000 HP and is level 68.
  13. Have fun with that FFXIV plat, @MidnightCJ, the 1000 FATEs and 1000 levequests trophies are extremely tedious unless you space them out, and there are 2 particular FATEs I know of that are mind-numbingly hard unless a very large amount of players are involved, and by large amount, I mean not even a Full Party is remotely sufficient to clear them, they are called "Steel Reign", which will appear anywhere within the Black Shroud (Central Shroud, North Shroud, East Shroud and South Shroud) and "It's Not Lupus" in Eastern La Noscea (Costa del Sol side). This could be an interesting competition to keep an eye on, I won't back anyone just yet, since it still has a lot of time left to run, best of luck to all involved.
  14. You need to post why you were flagged, and I just had a quick look through your LittleBigPlanet 2 list, how exactly did you get Long Term Publisher (Have a published level be up for 7 days) before Community Spirit (Publish your first level)? Or better yet, how you got 10 Minutes of Create (Spend 10 minutes in Create Mode) just under 4 hours before 1440 Minutes of Create (Spend 24 hours in Create Mode)?
  15. Wish granted, but it is faulty, and never starts up, no matter how much change is fed into it. I wish I had a better laptop (Not some old relic running Vista)