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  1. Isn't it good to quit certain things though?
  2. Yes, watched it again recently. ' Zombieland Saga
  3. There is a monkey wearing a top hat juggling coconuts somewhere in the world.
  4. No, and never intend to, I absolutely despise the cold. Have you ever seen a crocodile up close?
  5. Am I the only one who doesn't understand that?
  6. Table Top Racing: World Tour had a patch that made the drift events harder and prevented the player from just drifting in a circle to quickly rack up the points needed for a gold medal.
  7. Nope, never even heard of it
  8. Nope Monster Hunter: World
  9. 7 Good Collectibles Any Devil May Cry (Apart from that tire fire called DmC: Devil may Cry): The Blue Orb Fragments actually serve a purpose, if you've played a Legend of Zelda game, think of them like the Heart Pieces, every 4 adding one unit to the health gauge. Saints Row IV: Again, the Data Clusters are a collectible that serves a purpose, serving as the currency to upgrade your powers, plus it's kind of hard to miss them, big, glowing balls of light can't exactly be hidden, so what if there's over 1,000. Ratchet & Clank: The Gold Bolts were never too hard to find, then again, how hard would a gigantic, golden bolt be to see? Senran Kagura: Estival Versus: Namely the Festival Towers, these weren't too hard to trigger and stood out like sore thumbs. Dead Nation: The Chests encouraged exploration, gave an excuse to kill more zombies and served a purpose, upgrading and unlocking armour pieces. ARK: Survival Evolved: The Survivor's Notes serve several purposes, upon finding one, you gain a large amount of EXP, get an EXP multiplier for a set time and in certain cases will give you information on what you need to do or how to deal with specific creatures around the ARK. They tend to stand out a bit too, so they're not that hard to find, plus it promotes exploration, in a game where that is beneficial. Final Fantasy XIV: I'll be listing this game in bad collectibles too, but the good ones being the Triple Triad Cards and Minions. Triple Triad Cards being used not only to collect, but also to play the mini-game, Triple Triad (Which I know originated in Final Fantasy VIII), and the Minions not only give you a cute little companion to follow you around, they can also used in the mini-game, Lord of Verminion, both of which can earn you MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points), which can be used to obtain a variety of items, including exclusive armours, weapons, more Minions, more Triple Triad Cards, mounts and more. 7 Bad Collectibles Saints Row 2: The CDs are only bad in my opinion because they were basically pointless, apart from unlocking new music tracks, there was no incentive to go out of your way searching for them. Saints Row: The Third: 4 sets of collectibles this time, Money Caches, Drug Stashes, Photo Ops and... Inflatable Sex Dolls... All serving absolutely no purpose to the game, apart from being required for a trophy and to earn money, but there were enough ways to make money without collecting these, they were clearly put in just to pad out the completion time. Assassin's Creed (Pick one, any of them): Again, collectibles that serve virtually no purpose, of course what the collectible is differs depending on which one you play, but I still remember the irritating as hell Flags from Assassin's Creed and the Feathers from Assassin's Creed II. For collectibles that served zero purpose, they were far too numerous and were in some of the most annoying places. Final Fantasy XIV: Now for the bad collectible from this game, Sightseeing Vistas, they serve absolutely no purpose, apart from the Minion awarded for completing each set, not to mention some are time-sensitive, some are weather-sensitive and you have to guess which emote you need to use to trigger them. Conan Exiles: The Lorestones, Notes and Ghosts serve no purpose to the game apart from meeting in game goals called Journey Steps and a few unlockables, yes some Notes will unlock new recipes and emotes, but the fact that some are bugged and won't work at all ruins this set of collectibles. The Lorestones only fill in a portion of the game's plot, but give absolutely no direction, unlike ARK's Survivor's Notes. Ghosts are a mixed bag, some unlock emotes, others lead to treasure, but some do absolutely nothing. Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match: BOCO is a total pain to find on each map, not only does EVERY stage have a time limit, you have to worry about the opposing team's tanks while searching for the 5 BOCO on each map, and finding 5 slightly large teddy bears with bandages wrapped around them isn't easy. All you get for finding them, decals and paint jobs for your tanks. Yakuza 4: Those twice damned Locker Keys are so infuriating, not only do you need to keep switching to first-person view to actually pick them up, the reward for each key is disappointing to say the least, usually a recovery item or something to sell. They are also located in some of the dumbest places and you only get a short sound effect to know you are close to one if you have a certain item.
  10. #51 Platinum Trophy Devil May Cry 3 HD (PS3) This was so frustrating to get, but so satisfying when it popped, a few bosses on DMD took far longer than I would've liked, particularly Geryon, Arkham and Vergil (Final Boss), all taking around the 30 minute mark. Not looking forward to doing this again on PS4, and I'm in no rush to do so. This is definitely one of my favourite games from the PS2 era, and definitely one I'd recommend for those who like action games, it has held up pretty well considering it's age, unlike it's predecessor, Devil May Cry 2. If I were to do them in chronological order, Devil May Cry would be next, then Devil May Cry 4, followed by Devil May Cry 2 with Devil May Cry 5 being the last one. Despite being so close DmC's platinum, I absolutely refuse to put myself through it, due to how much I hate the game, and the fact I need to start from scratch purely due to ONE trophy glitching out on me.
  11. It has both offline singleplayer and online multiplayer, but I wouldn't quite say it has a campaign, since it is a survival game. I just need to wait for my copy to arrive, I pre-ordered the collector's edition. I enjoyed this from what I did play on PC when it was in early access, but haven't been able to play it for a while since my previous laptop decided to bite the dust and my current laptop would have a heart attack trying to run it, so I can't wait to get the PS4 version next week.
  12. It's only affecting the PS3 version, the Omega Collection is safe.
  13. Seriously Eat Anchovies Existentialism
  14. bananas!
  15. Of course this will go by a different name outside of the US, as it was called the SEGA Mega Drive everywhere else, so I wonder what that title will be, they'll probably be lazy and call it SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection again.