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  1. Here I was hoping for a new Armored Core game (so long as it's nothing like V or Verdict Day, and more like 4 or For Answer in terms of gameplay), but this has me intrigued, and a little confused.
  2. Although I have no interest in the game (FPS aren't exactly my cup of tea, as my abysmal completion rate on Overwatch proves it's due to lack of skill), I don't think the trophy should be changed, it's meant to be a challenge, so if you can't get it, get over it, it isn't the end of the world, it's just a virtual reward. This is as bad as when developers change trophy names due to complaints, dumbest one being from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, changing the trophy Like A Thunder God to Stormbringer, or the aforementioned trophy from God of War, once a trophy/achievment list is submitted, I think all original trophies should be set in stone, unable to have the name or requirement changed,
  3. This game wasn't given much of a chance, it was hardly out of beta when they pulled the plug on it, this game had potential, what I played of it was fun, sad to see this happen, and it shall forever remain a 1% on my profile. Sad to see something with promise shut down before it had enough of a chance to improve, now we can only guess how this game might've turned out if it was given the chance it deserved.
  4. Granted, but the dragon in question is a Bearded Dragon I wish these frequent headaches would stop.
  5. I am personally against this in a PvP setting, you're cheapening the experience for everyone involved, you're basically forcing your team to play a man down and are giving the opposition an easy target they can kill over and over again to cheese out a cheap win. In a PvE setting I think it's fine, for things like step-related trophies (I still hate you for that trophy, SoulCalibur V ) or excessively high time-related trophies (You can get every trophy in Saints Row IV well before the 40 hour mark if you know what you're doing). And that reward system is incredibly poor, why such a small difference between the winner and loser? You're basically encouraging this behaviour or treating it as standard practice, not to mention disincentivising actual effort, since it's basically a participation reward with a token prize for the winner . A more balanced approach would be how say, FF XIV handles PvP rewards, the losing team only receives 50% of the EXP and Wolf Marks (special currency for the vendors in the PvP hub area) that the winners get, with the winning side getting 1000 marks. So to get a level 60 weapon would take 4 wins, but would take 8 losses, that seems much more balanced, and rewards skill over simple participation.
  6. Good thing this is a weekend long sale, I won't have any spare money until Saturday, I'd of course need to see what kind of offers they are as well. EDIT: Apart from the 25% off 12 months of PS+, nothing of interest for me either, guess I'll just be putting a deposit on a pre-order for the Yakuza 6 After Hours Premium Edition.
  7. The servers, and maybe the net code for this game are atrocious, frequent disconnects, server errors and a few other issues, so it will be pretty hard to tell if it is indeed down. Poor server quality, the unholy grind required for the MP trophies and just how watered down this game felt are the reasons why I abandoned this game.
  8. Qurare Magic Library is indeed shut down, the "unstable network" thing is a result of it trying to connect to a server that just isn't there anymore.
  9. That's the PAL release date, NA gets it on the 14th last time I saw.
  10. I got it with D.Va on Volskaya Industries, when she was nerfed, but pre-rocket, I think my final kill streak was around 24.
  11. It's already on the PlayStation Store, at least it is here in Australia, a complete edition for I believe it was $69.95.
  12. The one in bold most likely won't happen, for PAL anyway, since Australia didn't get it due to our inconsistent and draconian ratings board.
  13. Bioware is probably next, after the poor reception Mass Effect: Andromeda received, although they still have Dragon Age and Dragon Age: Inquisition rated fairly well.
  14. It's already been free on PS+, so I don't think it will be in the IGC again, I think it was early last year or late 2015. As for my prediction... I really don't care, I've added the last 3 month's worth of IGC games to my library and haven't touched any of them.
  15. Read my post again, I also had an issue with the plot if you read my entire post, or was stopping partway through disc 2 and never touching it again not enough of a hint there? FF IX's plot felt very generic and bland to me, it was just the stereotypical JRPG plot line, at least VII and VIII were a bit more unique with both plot and setting. The only issue I had with XIII's art style was the summons, who came up with the not-so-brilliant idea of turning the summons basically into Transformers? I can understand not mentioning XI or XIV there in your post since they're MMOs, despite being main entries, but not mentioning X and it's art style?