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  1. thanks @iGGTheEnd & @Feral for the heads up!
  2. I was wondering if you hit the max honor level while still playing chapter 2? Also would love to hear your best ways to quickly gain honor?
  3. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of the bug that causes Abigail, Jack & Sadie to disappear that is triggered by the uncle mission in chapter 2. Just wondering if anyone knows if it's still possible to earn the platinum and if anyone knows a solution to this bug. Thanks
  4. Anyone who has a end portal I quickly hop in for the platinum, will be lovely los angeles 1am - 4am Uk time Add me - Ohh_Kill_Em98 Anyone it, will be lovely
  5. With the Road to Rio De Janeiro Mode, i was playing the game, and I saw you can buy win and draw for the mode in the EASFC catalogue. Can you buy your way to city 12? Just Wondering
  6. PLATINUM COUNT: 10 ( ArseneSignMe: 6 Ohh_Kill_Em98: 4)