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  1. Uncharted 4 platinum and 100%!!!! Easily one of the best PS4 games I've ever played and a great example of a AAA game should be, compared to other AAA games that nickel and dime you for every cent that you have with their egregious microtransactions and bullshit lootboxes whilst delivering subpar quality games and insignificant amount of content that has tragically become the new standards for those kinds of developers and publishers.

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    2. axlredgrave


      @madbuk Although I agree that Uncharted 4’s MP has lootboxes, they have daily missions which gives you considerable amounts of points for you to save up and purchase them depending on what they consist of and how much they give which are random.


      Granted the chances that some players might get OP’d weapons by sheer dumb luck might make it feel like a P2W game, but the fact that the game guarantees NO DUPLICATES EVER tells me that this is in no way predatory or “scummy” at the least compared to other titles out there because you can eventually get everything you want if you put the time in to this game’s MP.


      A couple of my friends who are fans of Uncharted 4’s MP NEVER spent a single cent on the game’s store and got almost 75% of the stuff the mode had to offer. Better yet, they even managed to get to Master rank and all their respective rewards that the seasons had to offer and that is with when they had almost little to no store bought weapons of any kind during their early days from seasons 1-6.


      Long story short, I despise loot boxes with a passion regardless, even if it’s “just cosmetics.” But I hope we can agree that Uncharted 4’s lootboxes are the lesser of the evils and mostly optional (I give it 85~90%) to say the least, compared to the others that are only 5~10% optional whereas the rest of those games’ percentages are intentionally made to milk your wallets dry.

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      Nicely done!

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