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  1. The multiplayer trophys suck. I have no problem with coop part. Help someone kill a boss but i dont like pvp or invasion part in the souls games. And nerver touched it so far
  2. Thats psn and the reason only friends can massage me. When u play games like Battlefield and CoD u get alot of massages of ppl who are pissed of.
  3. Right. They dont care whats in the game only what happens in psn. Maybe your friend had some rude massages with the guy who gets kicked? Thats a reason for getting banned
  4. And why u made no password on it? No need to kick randoms than
  5. The point is i can still enjoy my games. I'm not a completist and im not a Throphy Hunter. I'm a Gamer. I play games where i know i never get platin and have good times with them and on the other side i still play games i already have platin (like Dark Souls). Enjoy you game and you automatically spend more time in it. When i see how ppl glich, exploid, rush and do only what is necessary to get trophy make me laugh. And in my eyes this is playing for the wrong reasons and has nothing to do with gaming
  6. Well i know alot they do only what is necessary to get the trophys and jump to the next game while I explore areas they never saw. So i would not say you spend more time in a game or save money when you go for trophys.
  7. Has this game online trophys or just Singelplayer? I dont like online or coop stuff in such games
  8. No. You start from Zero
  9. Ki Enemys are not Fierteam members. You must kill human Enemys. It say any claim cuz you can do quick and full claims both count
  10. Looking for a Crew for lvl 50 Trophy. I can help build it up if its not 50 already. Psn: Crowlike
  11. ,Donno maybe try unlock a lower wapon if u can or bluecoin wapon and hope it works. If not maybe lvl wapon again on new save after you did all other trophys donno. All i know is i got my Trophy after unlocking last lv 5 Wapon with patch 1.17 and i have no bluecoin wapon and no prestige wapon. I also have not all of the lower lv wapons with 2 trees
  12. Maybe thats the problem u have already all level 5 wapons and nothing to unlock and trigger it.
  13. I can confirm Trophy works after 1.17 Patch. But u can make a Backup. Befor buying last lv 5 Wapon save on usb stick. If its not pop u can load back. I got my Trophy with the new Patch and i have all lv 5 Wapon u can get with credits and no blue coin wapons.
  14. I voted 50/50. Its ok even with PC Player when there are anti cheating support. If not and its like Warzone where ppl cheat and hack like in Modern Warfare 2 then no thank. In Warzone i turned off the Crossplay.
  15. I have problems with this trophy or game bug i dont know. I get always 100% Evolution. As soon match starts leaving ring and count out 100%. 2 with low charisma in diffrent locations 100%. Slowly i think my game is broken. Has someone another idea? LoL even when i do Mission Mode and Mission No. 3 "Earn a match rating of 50%" and do nothing or letting me count out i have 100% Evolution -.-