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  1. Thank you guys! I'll give it another go today.
  2. Alright, so I'm down to needing 3 more story trophies. I'm stuck on the legendary ships. I defeated one early in the story and attempted another and put it aside until I could fully upgrade the Jackdaw. I've now fully upgraded my Jackdaw but I still can barely put a dent in the legendary ships. I found a glitch on Youtube where you can release the wheel about 560m from the ship and it will start the battle, then you go to the tip or your ship and jump on their ship when they're about to ram you and take them out one by one. This is how I eliminated my first legendary ship. I've tried it on a couple others and when they got close I either: I dove in the water, or the ship swerved last second. Any advice will help. I've tried anything I can think of. Thanks.
  3. I got Saw and Terminator Salvation
  4. I am not sure if were supposed to post here but I got Assassin's Creed Revelations Plat 1/7/2016 so I have a total of 3 plats
  5. Sign me up!
  6. Sign me up as well! I got Assassin's Creed 2,3 platinum for now....
  7. Sims Pets my little sister got it a went on my profile and forever it will stay
  8. Hardest:SRIII It was easy but time consuming Easiest:DONT LAUGH...Toy Story
  9. List your best and worst games you have ever played..Either because of the Trophies,Story Mode,Online mode The Worst:Little Big Planet I just hate it...I don't know why honestly its stupid The Best:Batman Arkham City I love the graphics and the story line and its kinda easy to get plat... If you want add me on PSN. bobertwasabi88 I have a mic I play Minecraft,Call Of Duty Ghost once I get my disc repaired,SRIII,Madden 13,AC:Brotherhood