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  1. Worked for me in boss rush. Used a secondary account. The secondary account gained trophies as described.
  2. The host needs to be te one selecting the challenge and picking all artifacts, you dont need 5 medium and 5 large, just a total of 5 (for me was 3 medium and 2 large).
  3. Me and a friend just got the trophy today after 2 glitched atempts, this time i was the host, and selected the challenge. I picked all the artifcts (3 medium and 2 large, 0 small) and just to make sure i called the chopper and was first to enter extract circle. My friend was near me when i picked the artifacts. We both got the trophy. On our previous failed atempts i was host but he selected the challenge and picked the artifacts and sometimes i was far away, we also picked small ones, so i am not sure what was causing the glitch. Hope this helps.
  4. Nice work! You found glitches? Patches corrected all?
  5. Congratulations! Do you think Black Ops III is the hardest platinum to achieve in COD series?
  6. You should consider playing Infamous First Light too, also good and fun!
  7. I agree that this game is a masterpiece, it was my 200th platinum. Decided to finally go for 100%, only need Clash in the Clouds DLC.
  8. Nice platinum collection, keep up the good work! Hope we continue to get some co op trophies together.
  9. Thank you, that solution worked, all is correct now.
  10. This bug affected 24 of my games and a week ago all of them had a correct timeline.
  11. Hello, something wrong happened to my profile. Some of my completed games sudennly got the message "completed with missing timestamps". All the trophies in those games have correct timestamp and before this issue they all had a correct timeline. Why did this happened? Can it be fixed? I checked in other websites like "PSN trophy leaders" and all is still correct there.
  12. Hello, a few days ago something wrong happened with my profile. Some of my completed games sudennly got the message "completed with missing timestamps". All the trophies in that games have timestamp and before this issue they had a correct timeline. It is the same problem that happened to the user shatarys in this topic. Can a Admin ran a whole profile update on me, maybe it fixed? Thanks.