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  1. HEY LOOK! another generic PS3 Trophy forums thread, what a surprise ........... anyways, name says it all mostly, but to re-iterate: post your most recent platinum when you earn it, for bragging right and such... me first: Master Blaster
  2. ok, another generic forum game, but with so few still, figure at least it gets forum activity up. rules are same as always, rate the entire collection of platinums the above poster has, rate it 0-10, and feel free to critique. ....and away we go.....
  3. well, with all these dam FPS games and CoD flooding the Consoles, I feel like going back to my other favorite genre, RPGs. I've heard of this game, and I do like Gundam and I find Dynasty Warriors fun, but I haven't played DW in a basically, I'm wondering if this is worth buying (no way to rent it ) base your opinion on everything: trophies, characters, graphics, gameplay, music, whatever, i just want some player opinions. And I do not mind if it is like a 100+ hour platinum, at least its not an online boost, right? *I'm looking at you, FEAR 2*
  4. * Watch and Read it.
  5. Spaceship Collection Data - Submitted by PiggiePie LINKS: STILL KINDA SETTING THIS yea If anyone has any tips though, message them and ill add them...or suggestions on what to add or what it should include/exclude _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Okay, so i started a nice little guide for the treasures, weapons, harvesting locations, and starship data....but i dont have much time to work on it, between looking for a job, school, friends, and boosting other games. SO I NEED SOME HELP . I would appreciate help from anyone with the game and is willing to contribute some way, but the major things im hoping people can offer: - A detailed coverage of the Battle dont need to have them all, just have a way to earn them, especially the more difficult and tedious ones - Someone who has great knowledge of the solo/team Colosseum set-up that can maybe make tips for each match, and also tips for Bunny Races - Someone who can give tips on what skills/characters to use for Galaxy, or even better, Chaos. - ANyone with great experience with the item creation and synthesis that wouldnt mind giving some tips or what they use for fighting in the 7SD or WD - Anyone who plays and has a lot of time to do so, to assist in making the main portion covering treasures, harvesting, starship data and weapons. anyone willing to help please post here or message me on the site, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated, as-is i think it would take maybe a year to get all that done, probably more like 2 if i do get a job over summer break. also....i know a few other sites have really good stuff for these, but please dont try to copy them over here, and the reason i am making this is because while they are good, none really cover all the stuff im hoping to. thanks for helping
  6. surprisingly, a lot of the people in the CB are planning to buy Mass Effect 3, and whenever we talk about this, this never gets remembered, so i figured maybe itd be worth making a thread for it. here is a video showing a bit about the different races and classes: but to help for those who have a hard time maing out the races and classes (and for new people), here they are: Races- Asari, Quarian, Drell, Human, Krogan, Turian, Salarian Classes- Infiltrator, Soldier, Vanguard, Adept, Engineer the video shows each race as a certain class, but i think that each race can choose between 2, so until we get a set list, class can be either based on what race you think will have it as an option, or just what you are hoping for.
  7. Looking for someone to play this with, hopefully all the way to plat. I just never have the interest in this game anymore unless im playing with someone else on the game. Doesn't matter if you are an expert and are just gunna give me the plat pretty much, or if you know about as much as me and also want a partner, I'm just looking for someone to play this with.
  8. So, after i platinumed this game, I happened to venture onto the online portion, and found that i was quite fond of it, it was different from all the FPS war games these days. But, i didn't find many other people playing this online, and my friends never really wanted to, so after a while i stopped. ...does anyone else actually play and enjoy the online? Cuz i feel like I'm one of the few who found it to be fun, even though it did have its annoying moments
  9. best bet is either general type of rogue, or spec a mage for support role I'd say. a DW Rogue spec'd for Assassin will be the way to go, thanks to heavy utilization of Stealth and the immense one-hit damage it can do. i run DW right now, and spec'd so I can stealth and twin fangs for a one hit, which instantly resets stealth, so rinse and repeat on the ranged enemies while my party (Bull, Dorian and Blackwall) focus down the hardier enemies. you could try tempest or artificer, but a tempest is very up close and easy to kill it seems, plus why would you run an artificer DW. Archery is also good, if not better, because artificer makes more sense here allowing you to have more control of the area in addition to keeping ranged during the fight. Also, it may be tricky but off the top of my head visualizing the assassin-friendly abilities and passives, an assassin archer is also very viable, you just have to stealth behind the enemies and get off that first shot on the biggest enemy, then hang back and take out the ranged ones as the rest of the party goes to work. for the mage, anything is possible obviously, but support seems ideal because if you are controlling the support, you cant do damage but you control the when and where of the buffs and debuffs. personally the friendly AI for the mages seems kinda inconclusive, not sure about it too much but Dorian loves to not use his buffs unless i make him. also, just for extra, i would shy away from Solas and Sera for nightmare. Tempest on a rogue archer seems like a waste and not very ideal for use on harder difficulties, but i havent used it and its new to the games so if im wrong bite my head off for it. for Solas, his specialization seems subpar to the others. I use Dorian and he is constantly stealing kills so we always have a spirit up, and Vivienne's specialization, while not ideal for nightmare, seems like its possible to make her a powerhouse. Varric+artificer is definitely a good pull, Cassandra has the magic dispels which when used on enemies spawning in from fade rifts can kill them before them fully spawn, and blackwall has the badass tank abilities in his specialization. Iron Bull is 50/50. I use him and he wrecks face well enough, but on harder difficulties I can see him being a bit of a glass cannon. I cant say much on cole since im a DW Rogue spec'd for assassin so I never use him, so if you like him go for it. keep in mind I have yet to start nightmare because I have final exams for college coming up so I can't be playing my PS4 much, but this should hold up I would expect. if not tell me and thisll be gone
  10. so, I'm curious...what is everyone's favorite mix of a type of soda and alcohol? for me, it'd have to be Jack Daniels whiskey and plain Coke....its has the kick from the soda, and the mellow of the Whiskey, perfect mix.
  11. looking around for tips on some stuff in DMC3, came across this site.....seems like a major DMC fan site, and for DMC3 they even have tutorials on how to perform certain techniques that other use.
  12. well, ive been getting back into RPGs heavily, with Mass effect, Dragon Age, getting back to Star Ocean, getting Kingdoms of get the idea. A while back, this and Resonance of fate were on my wishlist, but as new games came out i lost interest...but it seems to be picking back up. But seeing as there are all these other games coming out that i want to get, and some are sequels so id like to beat the first getting this (and if you have it, RoF) still worth it?
  13. Why are people still looking at my profile when I haven't been on my PS3 or here for like 4 months. If you want a picture of my dick, that's why they invented email and private browsing, kids

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  14. so here is something to talk about: do you prefer to fight without using a weapon, or by using your dual hidden blades? i chose these two because i found (sold the game) these two to be the most rewarding in a fight. with the bare hands, you need to time counters right, and if you are quick enough after you disarm you can get a counter kill easy, making fights with Seekers and Brutes that much more easy...and fun, its nice to try other weapons. With the hidden blades, they arent very offensive, but are GREAT to practice your counter timing: get it right, and its always an instant counter kill. time it wrong, and you get hit. it really pushes you to perfect the counter kill, and i did this so much before brotherhood, to the point where when i played the game, i had a very easy time since i had almost perfected the counter kill with the dual hidden blades, which return of course. so, feel free to state which you like more, and debate which is the superior one. hell, if you like the short sword or anything else, feel free to say so. for me, its Dual Hidden Blades, while bare hand fighting is fun and entertaining, i just loved getting into fights with my hidden blades. by the time i sold this game, i was amazing at the counter kill thanks to it, i love them
  15. Killswitch Engage Crown The Empire Four Year Strong Stick To Your Guns Pierce The Veil having to choose just 5 seems like choosing which best friend to kill....then again i did just choose 5
  16. havent posted one in a while, guess its time to fix that (and a less retarded, more awkward one)
  17. sell, the only games ive ever sold then bought back in regret are DMC4 and Bioshock 1, the rest i have no qualms with when i sell because i know i will never again play them due to constantly buying new games that interest me more until the old games just end up collecting dust..same with the games i want to buy
  18. gota, right my biography please
  19. what sexymcgee here said, kids...and personally, im not going to be surprised over the new "shock factor" moment being them killing the so focused on dog...and even there, THEY ARE FOCUSING SO MUCH ON A FUCKING CANINE AI, wheres the new engine talk, new gameplay implements that will give interesting tweaks to the already existing mechanics behind the CoD series' gameplay, and all that? nope, all I can tell you is that they have a fucking dog. [/boredom]
  20. cant decide between TheLoneFondler,ThatFuckerJimmy, or TheMuffinStuffin for a new PSN ID :/

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  21. which one is better, and what bands would you consider to make them better? should be interesting if there as many people on here as i think that listen to a lot of bands from these too. I'd say Rise cuz of CTE, MMF, SWS and Palisades, but Blessthefall @[email protected]