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  1. Hopefully it lasts a couple more years, I still have around two dozen games in my backlog and a couple on my wishlist
  2. Same, I've had this glitch for a couple of weeks. Thought it'd go away on its own, but so far I'm still a premium member. Not that I mind it too much ( ) but when (or if) they fix it, I'll renew the membership, of course. Since I'm technically still premium, I can't even purchase another year, so technically I'm freeloading (through no fault of my own, though )
  3. https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/dragon-age-origins/achievement/32934-The-Ultimate-Sacrifice.html Found another thread in which people pointed out the bug By the way, thanks for your replies guys
  4. Same here, over 80 games still to play on PS3
  5. Anyone else? Was it a glitch? >Female Rogue >Morrigan performs the ritual with Alistair >I complete the last mission >"A Dark Promise" pops up after killing the Archdemon >The other trophy pops up immediately after I leave the castle to end the game