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  1. would be my rarest, diamonds are forever on 2k16, I unlocked 5 runes in the 1st week, entered them and was denied entry to the secret auction, reordered runes (not even knowing what I was doing) then it worked. had to sell a lot of what I had to buy the diamond contract for the trophy. wasn't until later I realised how lucky I was to have the right 5 runes at that time as the combinations always changed. those runes were crap, I had fun with this game but I don't normally play sports sims, rather play the real thing lol
  2. Yes you read right source crystals stop being given at level 60..... im at level 66 and have 14350 crystals. I wont be buying anything with them until most of the dlc offerings have been shown as most of the premier skins are not worth it so far (IMO) DONT WASTE THEM!!!!!! hopefully its just a glitch but many others are reporting the same.
  3. I had my skins and upon returning to the game the next day the skins were completely gone... there is a glitch requiring you to completely shut down the system to get them back
  5. No not patched won 8 infected matches in a row last night..... no trophy....... 8 patches and still not fixed WTF edit: played 3 more infected, 1x tdm loss, 2 losses in dom.... then had 1 win in tdm to pop the trophy.... 18 wins total since patch 1.07 (14 in patch1.08)
  6. oh yeah bring back WAW get the grenade spam going again (besides that it was a good game)
  7. My plat No 200 is "hail to the king baby" also to add to the elite status I have 22 UR plats and 3 trophies sub .4% rare..... so do I qualify??
  8. I did 95% of tomb raider collectables without a guide, thinking I put in over 40hrs, I had fun and felt rewarded looking/finding most myself. THAT SAID I see nothing wrong with using a guide heavily as i'v done that lots too (especially if im not enjoying it or if there are missable trophes)
  9. I have just done a complete run and no trophy glitches so far in the main game..... cold blood dlc has glitched on me twice, first run had 105 kills no 75 kill trophy (didn't even track until 2nd run when it popped) and destroy all towers without failing glitched on my 2nd run, I did it perfect but no trophy Im assuming its also a tracking issue and will try again later. Great game enjoying it. Im 11 golds into my score attack run (this part is not so fun and needless imo) EDIT. turns out cold blood (and other dlc with challenges) wont pop the trophies unless the corresponding "challenge" is active (had to choose the challenges I wanted ea run)which is annoying as you can only have 5 active at one time. I did a few pointless runs on cold blood and survivor before I figured this out....
  10. hi mate. yes its time to finally think on that 200 plat mark! prob wont achieve it for another month yet but its close... still on dukes plat atm...

  11. thanks for the thoughts, leaning hard to Duke "hail to the king" I have enjoyed lords (it is my 1st real rpg, and most likely one of my last outside the borderlands type) Iv been pretty happy with all my xth trophies. I set up my 10000th trophy as the bat plat really well, same with my 150th plat as a very Noble achievement lol and lol to above....
  12. As the title says, what would be the best plat for my 200th.... I currently have tombraider 2. duke nuke 20th anniv ed. lords of the fallen. watch dogs 2 in my to play/plat list. My 200th wont be earned in a month or so but... I was tossing up between lords of the fallen and Duke for a cool plat (in title and picture) Thoughts??
  13. what description?? it just says above the vid to pause so make it easier! no glitch is mentioned.... either way I found a vid that showed the glitch better and not only does the blocker not reset, it hits the boss on the 1st throw (ignoring the blocker) I truly appreciate the attempt tho
  14. the vid above is out-dated... now when you pause the blockers in front of the boss move and also reappear after a short time, basically restarting the whole wave. SO annoying
  15. no, it doesn't matter one bit... just had a thought and asked a question and got at least 1 decent answer........ can close/delete the thread if u want now