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  1. will be getting the game tomorrow. feel free to add me.
  2. What load-out you have used?
  3. Yes weapon upgrade drops when you defeat a boss.
  4. Could anyone please confirm if this method still works? I need to level up my agility to level 25, is there any other easy way available? P.S. I've Dying Light Enhanced Edition with latest update.
  5. Since chapter select is available we can play the from middle to obtain required trophies. Hence those trophies are not miss-able.
  6. No trophies are miss-able. Just enjoy the game on your first play-through. Cleanup on second play-through.
  7. LOL I got the plat after a week when I posted that question.
  8. Yep server is up
  9. Glitch is still working
  10. Update1.01 fixed the issue
  11. Thank you. Do I need to update the game? Cause in a trophy guide it was mentioned "as of January 2nd, 2017 Exo survival has become much more difficult to "flip"
  12. Could anyone please confirm whether the game has update?
  13. Planning to start this game any advice?