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  1. Killzone: Shadow Fall (1.76%) Red Dead Redemption 2 (1.77%) That's You! (1.90%) GTA V PS4 (1.94%) Divinity: Original Sin (2.08%)
  2. So the question in the title. What will happen to the character when Legion League will end? What will carry over to standard league and what will not in trophy progress perspective? I've tried to find this information on official forums and Reddit, but the information there is contradictory, especially when they talk about atlas progression which is my biggest concern. P.S. I know it is over a month until league end. I will not have much time to play this month and I don't want to lose my 93/159 atlas progression.
  3. Please update me with Dead Souls. That makes 7 games in total. Will be here a spin-off section for Fist of The North Star, Judgment, something more to come?
  4. Looks like the same list as Steam version has. Trophy guide is there as well and doesn't look like there is much grind.
  5. Well, add me as well. I have: Beyond Good and Evil HD Remember Me Watch Dogs Watch Dogs 2 And also Steins;Gate
  6. Well. It looks identical to the ps3 one. So you can check out that one.
  7. Well... Add me as well. I have 6 plats. 0, Kiwami 1 and 2, 4, 5 and 6. I hope I will get 3 more this year. Dead souls, 3 and Judge Eyes
  8. Almost all minigames are extremely easy or have some cheat items or exploits. Billiard is easy, darts has so many exploits, you just have to figure out how to use them. Took me awhile to figure out air hockey. The most hardest minigames, I think, is japanese gambling games (see-lo, koi-koi, etc.) and annoying chicken runs.
  9. I have completed pachinko mini game same way as it described in a guide. I have used Virtual fighter machine 35 in Komarucho with get rich quick amulet. It took me 2 hours in afk mode&