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  1. Ooof 2020? Had you played any PS+ titles this year on the Vita? Honestly I dunno if they will release a general fix for all as in my case it took someone on Sony's end in PlayStation Support to apply a 1 day PS+ voucher to refresh my PS+ Licenses. No harm to try and get in contact with them.
  2. It's very possible because others I've asked on Reddit when this issue first started had no trouble starting or downloading their PS+ titles. And it's a stretch but maybe physical codes and digitally bought/auto-renewed licenses through PSN are handle completely differently in similar vein to how some digital games behave with not detecting physical game saves or certain DLC.
  3. Didn't misread @RNumbers, but in my case I bought the month's membership directly from PS Store while @BoredDogBDG bought a code from a third party seller. Third party sellers tend to buy up physical vouchers from other buyers and send them out as "digital codes" by email, because as far as I'm aware Sony doesn't actually sell keys to third parties. So there could have been an issue on Sony's end with their digital licenses which prevented a license refresh for my account that doesn't affect physical vouchers. Reminds me of an issue similar occurring in the past with some PS+ offer the PS store had on last year I think causing PS+ games to not appear on download lists on the PS3 and it was due to whatever way those PS+ licenses were implemented Sony side. But again @RNumbers you're not wrong in saying it might not be a surefire fix as not everyone has the spare cash to drop on a month's sub only for it to not work.
  4. I noted it in my feedback that it's affecting numerous users so I'm hoping they do a proper rollout fix for it, I mean it will benefit them too unless they love the idea of getting inundated with support tickets about it. Again if waiting isn't for you, message support, explain the issue and the error code, add it updates any PS+ games with a bad date usually 1/1/1 1:00am and that a user had the issue resolved with a 1day PS+ voucher to refresh the license. Just goes to show also how digital only is not the way to go in the future if the infrastructure hosting said digital content is unreliable. Really wish I bought physical vita carts when they were in plenty of supply and fairly priced too.
  5. The text I originally sent was typed up on their online support contact page, I wasn't sent a copy of it when they acknowledged it. I was then sent an email for more information regarding the issue such as listing the games affected, so I had sent the following. But honestly I don't think you need all this information now that we know how to fix it. If you contact them, specify that you can't start or download any PS+ content on the PS Vita, state the error code (C0-9250-6), add that after attempting to start a game it sets the expiry date to 1/1/1 1:00am and then explain that this issue had been resolved for another user when Support activated a 1 day PS+ voucher to refresh the PS+ license, I don't see why they can't do that for you when it's explained so clearly. Link this thread to them as further proof. Also I think they mention to restore the licenses on the PS4/PS5 because most likely what they did on their end by applying that 1 day voucher would affect them in some way, so by restoring them they get the new updated license.
  6. Received this email today from an actual person at PlayStation Support... From reading this they seem to be fixing the issue on a case by case basis? Meaning anyone with this exact issue needs to contact PlayStation Support through your respective region's support portal. Annoyingly I had bought a month of PS Plus 2 weeks ago with the idea in mind that it would change my PS Plus expiry date. PlayStation Support's process however resolved the issue for me. So the only way of fixing this is to contact PlayStation Support, specify it's a PlayStation Plus issue along with the error code, hell just copy and paste the thread title, explain it was fixed for another user when Support redeemed a 1 day PS Plus Voucher on their account and hope that you don't have a long wait time (I used email, might get faster results by calling).
  7. Damn that is frustrating. On a somewhat positive note at least something is being done and there is evidence of it. Try again tomorrow, can take a day or so for server side fixes at the source to propagate throughout their network.
  8. So you still get that error code when trying to download any PS+ game from the Vita store? I can only assume Sony hasn't rolled out the fix yet in the US. :/
  9. This is only assuming what Sony fixed on their end has been implemented worldwide. I just know it's working for me in Ireland (European Region) right now. If the (C0-9250-6) error is affecting games you still have installed, you need to do the following: Take note of the games that give you a (C0-9250-6) error AND check for a bad expiry date in the game's Information, usually is 1/1/1 1:00am. If a PS+ redeemed game has a normal expiry date like 15/06/2021, it should renew automatically when you start it. I tested a backup game from my PC and it started without issue. IMPORTANT! Backup the saves of any games with a bad expiry date. Backups can be sent to the PS+ Cloud or your PC/MAC through Content Manager. Delete the games you've taken note of that have what is mentioned in 1. above. Search for those same games on the PSN Vita Store, it's quicker than using the Download List. Download one game to test. It should now start without issue with a fresh license. And it goes without saying but restore any saves you might have backed up before. Again this method was tested with titles redeemed through PS+. Purchased titles did not have this issue. Notes: You could use a PS3 to re-download any titles as the download speeds would be quicker than over Wi-Fi on the Vita. Can't test if downloading a PS+ game while it is already installed on a Vita with a bad expiry date of 1/1/1 1:00am fixes the date, it's better in my opinion to just download a fresh copy. Also unsure if what Sony fixed on their end has been implemented worldwide. I just know it's working for me in Ireland (European Region) right now. Hope this clears up any confusion.
  10. Everyone. Just tested again right now and I was able to download and play any PS+ redeemed titles! Tested Rayman, Silent Hill, Duke Nukem 3D, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Killzone: Mercenaries. Downside is any titles you attempted to play previously won't update get a license update, it will throw that error code. Possible something bad on Sony's end corrupted the local license file. You need to download a fresh copy from the PSN Store AND remember to backup your saves beforehand! For some that could be a lot of titles. Will need others to test before we can confirm that it's a sure thing.
  11. I've seen the NP-9978-3 crop up a lot on reddit recently, apparently some have had luck by repeatedly attempting to download their content and others have said Sony is aware of the issue and looking into fixing it. I hope the fact that users can't access content they paid for now has Sony looking into all the issues plaguing the Vita at the moment. Still waiting on PlayStation Support to get back to me, got the scripted email stating my previous reply is now in the pile of other support tickets to be looked to speak.
  12. It's an error Sony is aware of and attempting to fix from what I have read in this Reddit post. PS Vita has had a slew of issues since the start of the month. From deactivation issues, PS Plus content no longer accessible (which I'm experiencing) and in your case being unable to access your HK account. I'm trying to find the other post I came across but your issue is affecting a lot of HK Accounts at the moment but unsure if it's affecting all or just those created outside Hong Kong.
  13. Yeah the license resets to that time when it attempts to update and throws that annoying code, it's awfully like a default date before it syncs with the license server. Sorry to hear that, I've already contacted support about it and given all the information and a link to this thread. Just a waiting game at this point.
  14. Unless Sony officially say otherwise you're just spouting pure speculation with no definitive proof or source that the CMOS fix update is the cause. The CMOS issue was already affecting people, that's how the problem came to light. It would have affected the preservation and playability of these games in the future when servers that the PS4 communicate with would eventually be shutdown. To add people currently with unstable internet (yes it's still an issue in 2021) were unable to access their games, even physical copies which were affected also by the CMOS issues. As a "cry baby" who goes back often to play PS1 and PS2 games for nostalgia and the fact that there is "still a lot of gold in them hills" in terms of story, ideas and the precursors of innovation in gaming, I'm glad Sony actually fixed the CMOS issue and didn't ignore it. Also best check yourself when you say drivel like "Man who plays ps4 anyway. PS5 can play all ps4 games and people really think they're gonna play on a ps4 in 10 years gtfo", not everyone has the means or access to the latest hardware.
  15. Aren't the servers closing in December? Join this server, I've seen today people trying to setup heists and communicating together getting things done. It's very active or you could setup a boosting session but I think you could get the online done in time.