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  1. Thanks for this bro. Did levels 65-80 legit but it’s become too time consuming. Your method works good, however I made a macro to do a manual for 10 seconds then a lip trick for 10 seconds then alternate lip tricks until I get a 300,000 score. This essentially nets you 3x more xp per run (longest lip trick, highest combo and high score) I didn’t bother with longest grind as the macro always desyncs and misses it. I don’t even feel a little guilty using a macro as there is literally 0 skill required for the trophy (cheats can be enabled). I was doing it while watching a show when doing it legit, it’s so pointless.
  2. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Next Up: Assassins Creed III & Assassins Creed IV
  3. I'm just trying to get good with the Controller. I played The Binding of Issac on PC quite a lot and i just find it weird playing with a controller. Not that the controls are bad, I'm just bad with them..