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  1. Not being hostile. Just saying that you can't hold something like that against someone simply because you do it. We all have our little differences. It's not personal. They're just trying to keep PSNP's leaderboard as clean as possible.
  2. This is complete BS. Just because you would do it doesn't mean that everyone else would. I don't even remember the password to some of the email addresses I had ten years ago. @Ritwik_TheGamer the problem with your trophies is that there's no way to tell the difference between a hacker or R* auto-popping your trophies without any proof. Please don't reply back to me with a copy and paste of your last two replies. Either get the screen shot of your ticket from R* social club or hide the game.
  3. I've read others have said that they've gotten cheapskate and burgle, burgle, burgle trophies in local co-op/split screen, so I don't see why not.
  4. The only difference is that R* would have to be contacted in order to reset stats before playing again. The trophies were still unlocked in a way that is not possible within the rules set by the site. A server save should not be reason to lift the flag. I've seen countless disputes for CoD where they were told "too bad" and the obligatory "You can still use blah, blah, blah". It's not fair to them for a GTA5 flag to get lifted for the same exact thing because they have a more complicated reset process. Not fair at all.
  5. A thousand times this!!! Stay consistent.
  6. If I understand your question, and it still has some variables like others have pointed out, you cannot revert anything back to pre-hack status without contacting R* to have them reset the account. Everything is saved on R*'s server and tied to each individual's social club account which means that any trophies that have their requirements met on their R* account will auto-pop once they log back into mp. Did this answer your question? Also, why is the dispute still open? Seems pretty cut and dry to me. GTA5 could be discussed in another thread for future disputes. Are you sure this would work? I had been wondering about it. And if it does, how many people would have the presence of mind to know to do it?
  7. Does it really matter? The level 50 and 100 trophies unlocked at the same time. Game should stay flagged regardless, imo. Sorry, @Beavbeats1985.
  8. I got that trophy in a private lobby on PS3. It had to be freeroam though. It wouldn't pop in the apartment or on a job. Edit: I should say that it wouldn't for me seeing as it did for other people.
  9. Did you rank up while you were in a heist? If so, just make sure you're in freeroam when you reach level 51 and it'll pop. Also, there's multiple threads with this same topic too. Have you looked at any of those?
  10. I wish I would've seen this a few nights ago. I was stuck on this part for a couple hours. I figured it was glitched because that platform looks so much further away on vita than it does in the PS2/3 videos.
  11. I don't think this is correct. I got the trophy last night and I only have about eleven exotics including one emote. I have been dismantling duplicates. Also, the trophy just popped as I was logging on instead of when I acquired my last exotic.
  12. I can understand the devs removing the donut exploit, but I agree it was a dick move not to add a difficulty option. Ramping up the difficulty by lowering event times and adding BS mechanics to the AI left me feeling cheated. Have you tried adjusting the stats on your cars for drifting? Both the guides that I read said to lower all stats. I kept my acceleration maxed and lowered top speed and handling to a minimum. Experiment and use what works best for you. I felt all the drift events were very doable with a little practice. You can't change the car for special events.
  13. You could have. The issue with Infinite came about from signing out of psn mid game. This is a known issue with Infinite not psn. I don't think this will help the OP's dispute.
  14. I have no idea why I put that shit about the blaster turret. I didn't use it. Did you watch the video I posted? Just making sure you aren't confusing it with another popular video that uses the blaster turret in a corner without much cover. From that spot in the video, I was able to pick off a few enemy AI, pop the personal shield then pick up a few tokens and run back the cover of the cave. Repeat until you get the required amount of tokens. Just keep and eye on your radar. A couple enemies may try to flank you by dropping down the hole and the coming up behind you. That number was surprising low though.
  15. Physical here. I only had to reboot my vita in order to get the trophies to start popping again. I don't think the rest of that is needed. Missed about three trophies before I realized what had happened. Went ahead and started a new pt in order to have the unmissables in the correct order. Good thing this is a short game.