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  1. @Plataholic use a weapon that uses bullets for stoking the flames and aim for the weak spots on the stoker. He has to die from you shooting the weak spots and not from you just unloading enough ammo in him to kill him. Double pack a weapon that that uses bullets until you have firebomb for rock, paper, plasma. Then just keep killing catalysts until the trophy unlocks. Both trophies are attainable in the low 20’s on casual.
  2. All of the blackout characters can be boosted. It can still be challenging because of all the double and triple rng, but it is manageable with time. Also, there’s a game mode called ground war that comes up in rotation that’s 50v50. Makes the ten wins and Woods a breeze to get. The three vanilla EE’s aren’t that bad with a good team. I feel like they’re easier to do than the ones in BO3 but that’s just me.
  3. Op said that he’s already tried that. @Alihsan621 that trophy is just really buggy. Please post back your results with @steel6burgh‘s method. Good luck!
  4. The items are definitely more rare, but I still feel the Blightfather is the best method for obtaining all the zombie character items. I got the pulp magazine and alchemical set last night. One of my friends got the mugshot to get Bruno last night too.
  5. Are you killing the Blightfather? I asked a question similar to yours on another sub and was given the same advice. The Blightfather has a 100% drop rate for a zombie quest item. I killed him four times last night and got blood vials, scarf and goggles, letter to the emperor and the mugshot. I tried the Alcatraz mode and didn’t get anything, but I did for killing the Blightfather. Still looking for the damn pulp magazine. At least I was able to Bruno at a stage in the game where I could get a melee kill before everyone is armed to the teeth. Plus, the Blightfather drops all kinds of med kits and gold weapons.
  6. Maybe. My only reason in correcting it was to make sure everyone reading the thread had the most recent info. Do you have all the exotics on the character that you bought the fated engram with? Might explain why you got y1 stuff. I have a friend that just recently returned to D2 tell me that fated engrams now award forsaken exotics. I believe he’s gotten forsaken gear for the past couple of weeks and I just got the heart of inmost light last weekend which is one of the last two I’m missing for my titan.
  7. This is incorrect. Things may have changed since you posted this, but fated engrams award Forsaken exotics now.
  8. Treasures can be boosted the way you described. Hunter arena with two ps3’s and four controllers. Both teams would have have to be split screen and you would have to be very diligent about not letting one controller idle too long because that team would be kicked. It’s not too hard though. The majority of pvp mp needs ten players to fill a lobby. That’s two teams of five. Bare minimum would be six consoles with four of them being split screen.
  9. Light level (pl) is capped at 300 for prestige leviathan. That means you do 300 damage no matter how much higher you are. You need six players to complete the leviathan raid. There are mechanics involved that require that many players in order to damage the final boss.
  10. I just checked on a low level alt account and I don't have it either. My best guess would be that it'll show up once you start making progress on it. If you've already made progress then it could be that it unlocks at a certain level.
  11. So you've beaten some or all of the heists on overkill without anyone being taken into custody and it's not counting or you don't see the challenge at all? Also, the wording is that you have to be in the heist from the beginning for the heist completion to count towards the challenges.
  12. @Nitro iirc, the Don't Lose Face challenge has the same requirements as the trophy. Completing all six base game heists on overkill difficulty without anyone getting traded from custody.
  13. @TheCatHerder42Here you go:
  14. @LethalLuke1993 Depends on which version of the game you're wanting to purchase. Either way could easily take a couple hundred hours. Owning Forsaken will speed up the process because it'll allow you to do more powerful gear activities (leveling up in D2). Double the time estimate if you're going for 100%. PSNP's guide for D2 is not up to date. Forsaken made some changes to the vanilla game that changed how some of the trophies are unlocked. Also, the Leviathan raid walkthrough has some parts that are incomplete or incorrect. I recommend this guide if you do decide to play D2:
  15. I got the ship and the sparrow after my third or fourth meatball. Seems to me like the drop rate for them isn't extremely low like other things in Destiny. Keep at it. You're bound to see more since it's max curse week.