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  1. Do next week's flashpoint on the EDZ. Interacting with the planetary vendor, Devram in this case, will probably be what unlocks the trophy for you. Nessus and Titan. The moon is D1. You should only need to complete one flashpoint for the trophy.
  2. That sucks, sorry. Thanks for letting me know about the quest weapons though. Too bad that doesn't work.
  3. The prestige leviathan raid is capped at 305 which means you can't over level. LL past 305 doesn't make any difference. It's a huge misconception. The rng on top of rng for these weapons is bs. First I need the damn schematic to drop and then I needed a certain weapon. I went through about 80 resonant stems before I saw this tip on another site. I got the last weapon I needed from Ana on the first try. I'd be interested to know if this quest resets if you abandon it where you could continually run the first step until you get the braytech weapon you need.
  4. I think this is the one I'm going to do too. I've already got most of it done. The only thing that I'm a little worried about is the Braytech Winter Wolf and Osprey. Both are notoriously rare rng drops. Edit: I'm going to keep an eye on the Dreaming City seal. Looks like I'm going to be doing most of it anyway by just playing the expansion. Those secret triumphs though...
  5. They exist, just not like they used to. I don't remember exactly when they showed up on my director, but I think it was when I reached level 50. Could have been when I finished the Forsaken campaign too. Either way makes the trophy unobtainable for vanilla owners. There's no telling if these challenges will unlock the trophy either. Edit: just checked a character that I haven't started the Forsaken campaign with and they have challenges, just not as many. I guess you need forsaken to get the challenges and more unlock as you progress.
  6. Don't play it. You won't be able to do that.
  7. Depends. If you're only interested in the trophies, the plat is unobtainable for right now and there may be some more trophies that could be affected by some changes that Bungie made for this expansion. If that doesn't bother you then give it a try. Just know that Destiny is an MMO and that the base game will evolve with each new expansion. Those expansions can be expensive and not buying them will lock you out of most endgame content.
  8. Some trophies were locked behind a paywall when TTK released. That's probably what you're salty about and rightly so. Saying everything in the game is locked out from you is incorrect though. You should still have access to activities that aren't end game related. Heroic strike list may be the exception. I wouldn't consider that end game, but who know with Bungie. I think there's a lower difficulty strike list though. Pricing for those DLC packs were legitimately stupid. The only option was to buy everything again when TTK released. There should have been a TTK only option. That's probably why we started seeing collection editions for sale starting with Rise of Iron and carrying on with Forsaken in D2. Bungie or Activision was punished? When was this and what for?
  9. You do realize Destiny is a mmo-lite, right? The game world has to evolve and new content has to be added to keep their playerbase. It's unrealistic to expect a developer to keep cranking out new content, which is expected by their playerbase, for free. The D1 trial allowed players to reach level 8, explore some planets and play one strike. Vanilla D1 players were able to reach level 30 and had access to all vanilla story missions, vanilla strikes and the vault of glass raid. A vanilla D1 owner could not access expansion content if they didn't buy it. Some vanilla trophies were locked behind a paywall at this point. D2 is about to get an expansion similar in size to TTK. Forsaken is considered to be roughly the same amount of content as vanilla D2 and why the price is about the same as a new game. Which is $40 or £35. The most expensive packages are the collections which include all of D2 year 1 content and all of the planned content for year 2 plus some added cosmetic items. Destiny Collections are meant for people that don't have Destiny 2 and are wanting to buy it in its entirety. Legacy (vanilla) D2 owners will be able to play D2 after Forsaken is released. You will not be forced to buy anything to continue playing. You will have to buy the expansion if you want to play any of its content. You will also, more than likely, have to buy the expansion if and when trials returns to get that trophy because power level will matter by then. Edit: PSA-Challenges are being changed to Bounties. This could affect the Challenge Accepted trophy. Edit 2: Correction. Removed nightfall from vanilla D1 content list as it is considered endgame and, more than likely, not accessible by vanilla D1 owners.
  10. Season 4 starts 9/4 (1st day of year 2).
  11. Pretty sure it's four months. Season four starts 9/4.
  12. I did the requirements for Happy Birthday three times before I decided to move on and come back to it later. It ended up popping at the same time as Good Father at the end of chapter 3/beginning of chapter 4.
  13. Yes, Bungie is going back to the drawing board. It should come back, but there's no telling how long before it does.
  14. The vanilla trophy for winning one trials match will temporarily be unobtainable after this weekend (8/24 - 8/27). Edit: *For a limited time. We all know how Bungie rolls. It could be a really long time. Trials will not be available through season 4.
  15. SHG Easter Eggs are easier than Treyarchs, however, those last two DLC's are a pain. The rng of the UFO step on carrier and Oz's jump challenge can be infuriating. On top of that, you're limited on each map by the rng of the printer. Wall weapons are crap and it makes all the maps a chore if you're not lucky enough to get a good gun. If it's your first attempt at zombies, I'd rate the difficulty at 7 or 8 out of 10. I reccomend you ask someone to let you shareplay (if that's possible) before you buy the DLC. Two of the four map packs require you to get to round 25 and 30, so keep that in mind. It doesn't get easier with more people either. I feel like more players makes the maps too congested and the zombies' health scales. Two player games are optimal, imo. Solo if you're really good at it. Three players is a possibility with some maps though and four is, like I said earlier, just too congested.