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  1. I can understand the devs removing the donut exploit, but I agree it was a dick move not to add a difficulty option. Ramping up the difficulty by lowering event times and adding BS mechanics to the AI left me feeling cheated. Have you tried adjusting the stats on your cars for drifting? Both the guides that I read said to lower all stats. I kept my acceleration maxed and lowered top speed and handling to a minimum. Experiment and use what works best for you. I felt all the drift events were very doable with a little practice. You can't change the car for special events.
  2. You could have. The issue with Infinite came about from signing out of psn mid game. This is a known issue with Infinite not psn. I don't think this will help the OP's dispute.
  3. I have no idea why I put that shit about the blaster turret. I didn't use it. Did you watch the video I posted? Just making sure you aren't confusing it with another popular video that uses the blaster turret in a corner without much cover. From that spot in the video, I was able to pick off a few enemy AI, pop the personal shield then pick up a few tokens and run back the cover of the cave. Repeat until you get the required amount of tokens. Just keep and eye on your radar. A couple enemies may try to flank you by dropping down the hole and the coming up behind you. That number was surprising low though.
  4. Physical here. I only had to reboot my vita in order to get the trophies to start popping again. I don't think the rest of that is needed. Missed about three trophies before I realized what had happened. Went ahead and started a new pt in order to have the unmissables in the correct order. Good thing this is a short game.
  5. Of course there's going to be loads of DLC. There shouldn't be anyone surprised by it this time. I understand wanting a cheaper price. Playing content when it's no longer relevant is a hassle. You're going to need boosting sessions or a group of friends willing to help to even get little things done. Ex. Court of Oryx died when Rise of Iron expansion released. Looks can be deceiving. It's still going to be a grind. I'm sure there'll be something snuck in to up the difficulty. Did you try any of the raids? You don't have the trophy for finishing one. Most, if not all, of the game was prep work getting you ready to raid. You missed out in the one part that redeems Destiny if you haven't raided.
  6. You're the mod and you opened the dispute back up. Edit: @dee-lan If the roles were reversed, wouldn't you want the same courtesy?
  7. New glitches and exploits are found all the time. Nothing wrong with asking. Discuss all you want. @MMDE should notify the OP if he hasn't already though. As wrong as I feel this is, the trophies auto-popping in the way that they did (last and not first) is indistinguishable from cheated trophies. The game should probably stay flagged and serve as a precedence for Payday 2. The last thing disputes needs is more inconsistency.
  8. I thought he said he was at college and his PS4 with the level 25 infamy save was at home (which is why the unlocked last). Maybe he didn't want to wait to go home to load the original save. It's possible he used a resigned save and cheated to get those last two grind trophies. It's just as possible that he played all the DLC while he was at school on his friend's PS4 without access to his old save and then returned home after to load up his original save. OP thinks the flag is lifted and this thread closed. It's not fair to discuss it further without the OP having knowledge of it.
  9. Worked for me on 8/9 which was a day after the patch released, iirc.
  10. You guys are reaching. So what if he was curious? That post proves nothing. Flag is already supposed to be lifted anyways because his explanation sounds plausible. Thread should be closed already.
  11. Xur is at the reef.
  12. Yeah, you'll need the NA version to play the DC DLC if you're into that. Your save won't transfer over either or at least it wouldn't for me.
  13. @dmsleight Stevie pretty much hit it on the head. You won't be able to use anything from the NA store with the Marvel Edition. I imported the Marvel Edition too. I only used it to access the Marvel content though. I already had a NA copy to play the vanilla game and DC content. What do you need help with? Accessing the DLC? Go to more stories from your pod. You may have to play the first world for the vanilla before you get access to your pod.
  14. @lordzeze @melodicmizery @Maxie Mouse I definitely understand you guys wanting to wait on more double xp. We just had two weekends back to back, so I think it's going to be a while. Give it a couple weeks to see just in case. Don't wait too long though. This mp was dead a year ago and I'm sure it won't take long for it to go back to being dead again.
  15. There's a good chance you'll get flagged at some point if those trophies unlocked seconds apart when they couldn't under normal circumstances. I can't really comment on whether the flag would stick or not though.