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  1. SHG Easter Eggs are easier than Treyarchs, however, those last two DLC's are a pain. The rng of the UFO step on carrier and Oz's jump challenge can be infuriating. On top of that, you're limited on each map by the rng of the printer. Wall weapons are crap and it makes all the maps a chore if you're not lucky enough to get a good gun. If it's your first attempt at zombies, I'd rate the difficulty at 7 or 8 out of 10. I reccomend you ask someone to let you shareplay (if that's possible) before you buy the DLC. Two of the four map packs require you to get to round 25 and 30, so keep that in mind. It doesn't get easier with more people either. I feel like more players makes the maps too congested and the zombies' health scales. Two player games are optimal, imo. Solo if you're really good at it. Three players is a possibility with some maps though and four is, like I said earlier, just too congested.
  2. The booster will only improve your range. Your speed may improve because it's getting a better wifi signal. It can't improve your speed beyond what your ISP provides. That particular booster is rated at 300 mbs; as in that's the most it can do. Not sure if there was some confusion about that. I think this is your best solution and what I'd do if I couldn't run an ethernet cable.
  3. Randoms can join games in progress and there's no vote to kick.
  4. All done! No longer L4L'ing
  5. You're disc and DLC have to be from the same region. You'd need an asian(?) copy of LPB2 for your DLC to work.
  6. Pretty much why I advise most people not to wait until an all inclusive goty edition comes out. By the time you get around to actually playing end game content, a huge chunk of the community has already moved on. At that point you're reliant on friends or LFG. As you pointed out, LFG isn't much of an option and if you don't have friends willing to help you're just shit out of luck.
  7. I see more people bitch about the pressure cooker trophy than the EE. /topic: there's isn't anything difficult about WW2 plat. Vet campaign had a couple tricky spots, but nothing that can't be done in a couple attempts. Vanilla zombie trophies aren't that bad and the prestiging in mp is just time consuming. Fair warning: SHG is stingy af with the soldier 2xp. They'll periodically give it out to certain game modes or for parties of two or more players. If you have a favorite game mode, be prepared to not have 2xp for it. My biggest gripe with the game right now.
  8. I did the nazi axe, dancer's dagger, smuggler's bat and the blade and the trophy didn't pop. Then I tried the shovel then nail bat in the process of elimination and the trophy popped on the bat.
  9. I think the CoD's are the real deal. @VirtuaSoulXray1 I'd like to see the videos regardless of the outcome of this dispute.
  10. MW2: Can Pit Boss be gotten without Gold Star? The reason I ask is because SSDD is at the beginning of the campaign and also one of the first spec ops missions. That particular spec ops mission qualifies you for a higher difficulty level the faster your time is (as in you don't set the difficulty, you earn it). I think a sub 30 second time is what's required for veteran. Earning veteran would get you three stars. My only hesitation is that it may not pop gold star because it is a story mission the first time you play it.
  11. I don't see it as definite proof and evidently I'm in the minority. If MMDE finds it to cfw, which it very well may be, then great. Keep trusting those 10+ year old servers that probably weren't maintained at all in the last few years. I'm going to remain skeptical.
  12. Ok, if everyone wants to use leaderboards that don't update properly to discern illegitimacy of the trophy then do it. I guess it's not ok to ask for simething more reliable.
  13. "Was" as in no longer. How about now? @Sergen I don't agree. If you guys want to use the leaderboard knowing it's limitations then so be it. Is the rest of the disputer's profile shady? If it's not, I think the flag should be lifted. MMDE could always come back to reapply if other games were found to have illegitimate timestamps. I just find this to be a weak excuse as a standalone flag. That, I can get behind.
  14. How will discern legitimacy or illegitimacy without a properly functioning in game leaderboard?
  15. Are you going to use a method to conclude this trophy to be illegitimate that's been known to be faulty? Btw, are we actually discussing GVC as the dispute trophy? The disputer never posted the reason for the dispute.