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  1. My leet trophy: Mutually Assured Destruction from Trine 2: Complete Story
  2. Ugh, so much work ahead, but I'm getting clawser and clawser. I need to cross check PS3 and Vita lists + assign colors. And that should be it. Pretty much. The rest is easy - just play the games.
  3. Oh, yes - we can! Although most of us choose not to. We actually prefer old-school stuff, like playing with a ball of yarn or scratching and biting our humans 😸
  4. Spoilers are misbehaving again no matter if I use images instead of emoticons (could be I screwed up something though), so I'm going with color coding for the backlog. Ugh, who would've thought I have 150+ games in my PS4 backlog alone, thanks to PS+. Still need to check some of them, but at least I have them all listed. Excluded a few titles I added free DLC packs for without owning base games. VR-only titles not included as well because I don't own the device (yet).
  5. OK, time to get back on track. But before I do anything else here, I need to complete my backlog lists. I know, it's getting old. This time it's for real though. I'll have a few more or less free days until the end of the year, so it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to catch up 😸 I've been into this challenge lately where you need to improve your trophy grades, completion rate and stuff; but when I got to 96% from 84% or whatever I had in 2017, it seems a bit... unfair. I still have a huge backlog with lots of cool old games waiting to be played. So maybe I need to acknowledge the vastness of it before trying to 'improve' stuff. And that's why I'm going to murder my completion rate and then struggle to bring it back to life. That's what I need finalized lists for. My goal is to download as many games as possible to all my consoles and play each of them through at least once to burn them on my profile. Easy platinums will get cleared quickly in order to free up space. In general, though, I should be able to play whatever I want whenever I want. And then I'll see if my completion rate needs improvement in 2020. The work has begun, see the top parts of this thread. I should be able to complete all the required lists by the end of the week. This time it's serious!
  6. OK, after a few "side projects", I'm back on track with 96.38% completion and 141 unearned trophies. It's a new record, but there's no way I'll reach all my goals this month. At least I don't have ranks lower than A. Maybe I'll see 97% completion soon. I plan to finish Zen Pinball 2 by the end of December and get a few more trophies in Resogun, and maybe my team will get to co-op missions in Uncharted 3 leading to a couple of trophies from it as well. Then I'll just let myself go. It will be something like "kill your completion" event. I'm going to run through my backlog adding as many games as possible. But to do this, I need to return to my lair and finish all the checklists - migration, purchases, PS+... Gonna set my priorities like this (from top to bottom): 0) Games from my current list get some mandatory time (60-90 minutes, then I do whatever I want) 1) Single-player games with no DLCs or online trophies (difficulty doesn't matter as long as all trophies are obtainable) 2) Single-player games with no DLCs but with easy online trophies (online done first) 3) Single-player games with DLCs and with easy online trophies (if present, no matter if online trophies belong to DLCs or main list) 4) Single-player games with difficult/grindy online trophies, but no DLCs 5) Single-player games with difficult/grindy online trophies with DLCs (no matter if online trophies belong to DLCs or main list) 6) Multiplayer-only games (almost never, special cases only) Current games with online trophies are prioritized (Resogun, Uncharted 3 and Killzone: Shadow Fall). After that, I'll be able to add other games with online trophies (one per platform - PS4, PS3, Vita). If it's an easy Platinum, I do it in one go to clear out disk space. If it's something difficult/grindy, I play for the story first. Then I do other trophies until I get bored. Then I do something else. Let's see how far I can go, and maybe I'll be back to this challenge the year after. I have so many old games to play and I'll be glad to migrate my favorite series like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Assassin's Creed and God of War, abuse some Telltale stacks, check out some hidden PS+ gems, and get my Platinum count to 100+ along the way 😸
  7. So, this summer is no more... And, finally, I've beaten the last year's record in terms of unearned trophies. Now I have 156 instead of 164 but since there are no obviously easy ones left, it would be quite a feat to reach my goal in 4 months. Let's see what this old cat is capable of under pressure As for the gaming itself, this month was quite productive: 1) Finished Heavy Rain (PS3), that Platinum I was 'secretly' working on; 2) After 3 years 11 months and 1 week, Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) is 100% complete; 3) Shook the dust off Road Not Taken (PS4) - very easy ultra rares (the game itself became easier after a couple of patches); 4) Added and completed Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) to fulfill my trophy quota; 5) Back to Resogun's DLCs (PS4), even earned a couple more trophies from there; 6) Going back to boosting Uncharted 3's DLCs (PS3) as well, no fresh trophies yet but I'm close. In September, a part of my Killzone 2 gang will be boosting U3, so I'll join them. I'll also keep working on Resogun, will try to get my wife on board for that local co-op trophy
  8. August is half-gone but not much to say for this old cat... Only finished Heavy Rain for PS3 (the 'secret' platinum from last month). I'm also getting close to 100% in GTA V (PS3 version as well), though it takes longer then expected. First there was the 100 level online grind. I did a few remaining levels with randoms using a bookmarked Capture mission, the one with cases already in drop zone, while listening to my old iPod. Then there were the remaining Gold medals in single player which also took a few evenings. Then it was time to clean up hobbies and misc activities (that last triathlon race for almost 30 minutes, maw-ha-ha... and that Vespucci Canals bike race, bleh...). Now I finally see the light in this tunnel; I only have 10 stunt jumps left, and this leaves us only Under-the-Bridge and Knife Flight challenges. Not the biggest fan of the latter but a shiny platinum is a shiny platinum... Oh, and slacking off in terms of Zen Pinball 2. Only one trophy obtained, took me a few hours. Well, the remaining ones are rather difficult, even with the USB/cloud save trick. I definitely should try and earn a couple more before the month ends. One more thing I've noticed: with the number of games I have now, adding a quick new platinum boosts my completion rate only by a tiny bit, about 0,02%. But earning a single silver or gold trophy from my current list gives me much bigger boost. Must have something to do with point values, ratios, rarity and whatnot... Anyway, more reason to try harder with my unfinished games.
  9. OK, last month was a tiny bit slow again, but at least it was better than June. 1) Finished a few last trophies for Pinball FX3. More DLCs should be on their way but, for now, I can enjoy the crispy 100% with #1 spot on the Fastest Achievers list. 2) Finally got the Platinum for Killzone: Mercenary. A great game, one of the best-est for Vita, but 10.000 kills for a bronze trophy is a bit of... an overkill. 3) Two easy games also done - Anna: Complete Edition and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Both are from old PS+ lists. 4) 'Secretly' working on another PS3 game, will sync the trophies when finished. Completion rate reached 95% again, so I'm back the way I was at the end of last December. As for the number of unobtained trophies, I'm 11 trophies short from my record number of 164. Will make sure to improve this soon. In August, I should be able to finally finish the 100 level grind in GTA V, then I may take a final stab at the remaining single-player trophies. Meanwhile I'll keep working on Zen Pinball 2. Some trophies will probably be too time-consuming to get them done before September, but I'll do my best. Also, this year, I REALLY need to finish all the online/co-op/DLC trophies for all of my unfinished games, including Uncharted 3, Resogun, and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Not a simple task but this challenge keeps me motivated.
  10. Not much progress from my side. Actually, it's the least productive gaming month this year, especially the second half. Too busy with other things - working, helping my wife with her education, other activities... I only got to the last trophy in Pinball FX3 and duplicated Life Is Strange on PS4. I don't remember even running Killzone: Mercenary (maybe collected a few pieces of intel but that was it). Now, since I've switched to a different daily schedule, I may be able to fix it all soon-ish. Maybe I'll even manage to restore last year's stats, but we'll see about that.
  11. A quick mid-month update from the old cat 😸 No new games added in June, daily pinball trophies popping. Although I'm 2 trophies overdue at the moment, I'll do my best to catch up this weekend. Not much progress anywhere else though - been busy with other stuff over the last two weeks. Trophy-wise, it's business as usual but no extra mile.
  12. Nothing will change today, so I'll just make my monthly update before I forget 😸 Again, a productive month: 1) Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PS4) -> 2) Pinball FX3 -> Core game + 4 table packs 100% completed (75% overall). 3) Three easy Plats to boost my stats a tiny bit: Telltale's Batman (PS4), Life Is Strange (PS3) and Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD (PS3). 4) GTA V (PS3) -> One last trophy earned in the Heists DLC, only Level 100 left to complete the online portion of the game (I'm currently at level 85). Overall completion rate reached 94% with 211 unearned trophies. Should be able to recover my stats from last December soon-ish, by the middle of July for sure. Still need to finish Killzone: Mercenary, doing Demolition and Covert contracts first, then Veteran difficulty. I'll leave precision speed runs for last, I HATE speed runs especially with other strings attached. I'm also going to complete Pinball FX3 and go back to remaining Zen Pinball 2 trophies. With The Pinball Arcade's added trophy goodness, there's still too much unearned pinball stuff on my system. Gotta buy Seasons 6-7 for PS4 soon to have all the collection at hand before Williams/Bally tables are de-listed (which is June 30 in case you were looking at this hardcore pinball beast - it's now or never if you want to tackle it).
  13. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (PS3) #60 S rank #96 Silver Trophy #900 -> Complete Aveline's Story (Complete the game [fake ending]) Common Trophy #1,515 -> Survivor (Survive 10 animal encounters) Uncommon Trophy #1,337 -> Persona Collector (Collect every persona-specific collectible) Lots of fake milestones with this one I already have this game's Platinum on Vita, and back then I had to struggle with questionable sensor controls and crappy multiplayer, whatever it was. Thankfully, nothing of that is present in this port, so it's pretty much the same AC game with all the standard flaws. This particular game is not very gripping, boring even. The storytelling is mediocre at best and voiceovers are at times horrible, plus those accents... It's short though, collectibles are easier to find as well - now they appear on the map when you're near them, no need to pinpoint them with Eagle Vision. Also some missions were changed. My verdict: 6/10 (improved in comparison to the Vita version but not much added in terms of content, it should've stayed portable) Platinum difficulty: 3/10 (easier than the Vita version because online grind and some stupid kill trophies were removed)
  14. Purchases between PS3 and Vita are cross-buy. I bought seasons 1 & 2 on Vita, and they are available to download to my PS3. But you'll have to check each table individually as the game is a mess in terms of table import.
  15. They added new trophies for Seasons 2-6 on PS4 only this January. I don't think they'll ever update the PS3/Vita lists. That would be a pretty mean thing to do right now - forcing us to buy the remaining seasons with no discount.