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  1. A quick mid-month update from the old cat 😸 No new games added in June, daily pinball trophies popping. Although I'm 2 trophies overdue at the moment, I'll do my best to catch up this weekend. Not much progress anywhere else though - been busy with other stuff over the last two weeks. Trophy-wise, it's business as usual but no extra mile.
  2. Nothing will change today, so I'll just make my monthly update before I forget 😸 Again, a productive month: 1) Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PS4) -> 2) Pinball FX3 -> Core game + 4 table packs 100% completed (75% overall). 3) Three easy Plats to boost my stats a tiny bit: Telltale's Batman (PS4), Life Is Strange (PS3) and Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD (PS3). 4) GTA V (PS3) -> One last trophy earned in the Heists DLC, only Level 100 left to complete the online portion of the game (I'm currently at level 85). Overall completion rate reached 94% with 211 unearned trophies. Should be able to recover my stats from last December soon-ish, by the middle of July for sure. Still need to finish Killzone: Mercenary, doing Demolition and Covert contracts first, then Veteran difficulty. I'll leave precision speed runs for last, I HATE speed runs especially with other strings attached. I'm also going to complete Pinball FX3 and go back to remaining Zen Pinball 2 trophies. With The Pinball Arcade's added trophy goodness, there's still too much unearned pinball stuff on my system. Gotta buy Seasons 6-7 for PS4 soon to have all the collection at hand before Williams/Bally tables are de-listed (which is June 30 in case you were looking at this hardcore pinball beast - it's now or never if you want to tackle it).
  3. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (PS3) #60 S rank #96 Silver Trophy #900 -> Complete Aveline's Story (Complete the game [fake ending]) Common Trophy #1,515 -> Survivor (Survive 10 animal encounters) Uncommon Trophy #1,337 -> Persona Collector (Collect every persona-specific collectible) Lots of fake milestones with this one I already have this game's Platinum on Vita, and back then I had to struggle with questionable sensor controls and crappy multiplayer, whatever it was. Thankfully, nothing of that is present in this port, so it's pretty much the same AC game with all the standard flaws. This particular game is not very gripping, boring even. The storytelling is mediocre at best and voiceovers are at times horrible, plus those accents... It's short though, collectibles are easier to find as well - now they appear on the map when you're near them, no need to pinpoint them with Eagle Vision. Also some missions were changed. My verdict: 6/10 (improved in comparison to the Vita version but not much added in terms of content, it should've stayed portable) Platinum difficulty: 3/10 (easier than the Vita version because online grind and some stupid kill trophies were removed)
  4. Purchases between PS3 and Vita are cross-buy. I bought seasons 1 & 2 on Vita, and they are available to download to my PS3. But you'll have to check each table individually as the game is a mess in terms of table import.
  5. They added new trophies for Seasons 2-6 on PS4 only this January. I don't think they'll ever update the PS3/Vita lists. That would be a pretty mean thing to do right now - forcing us to buy the remaining seasons with no discount.
  6. OK, here's my list 😸
  7. Life Is Strange (PS3) #59 S rank #95 Common Trophy #1,500 -> Meter Made (Take optional photo #9 in Episode 2: Out of Time) A very nice adventure game, unexpectedly captivating. It's actually more engaging than some Telltale titles. The illusion of choice is still out there but, considering the plot, it actually works. Not much more to say – play the game if you haven't yet. Jump right in the middle and experience it, live this world (and don't forget to feed squirrels and water Lisa). My verdict: 9/10 (one of the best adventure games I've ever played except for the nightmare section – screw it and its optional photos) Platinum difficulty: 2/10 (some collectibles aren't obvious) Also it's time for one more fake milestone: Ultra Rare trophy #222 Pinball FX3 -> The Wanderer Reach level five on the Fallout® Pinball table Current rarity: 2.42%
  8. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (100% DLC) #58 S rank #94 #888 -> Batting 500 (Complete 500 Bounties) Another long Diablo grind finished, this time for PS4 (the Necromancer DLC included). Nothing much to say here: it's Diablo. This version of the game is way too easy to Platinum unless you make yourself some challenges along the way. Easy but boring with 500 bounties to grind unless, of course, you combine it with some other challenges like rifts. Overall the trophy list, as Zoltun Kulle would say, is not very imaginative. It could be so hardcore and grindy by looking at some internal achievements (like killing 100,000 demons as Demon Hunter). Hell, give us some Greater Rifts to do solo and Torment-related trophies, but nooo. Damn, this trophy list could be so much more. About the game itself, simple - it's great. Lots of content with the latest updates and DLC pack. The Necromancer class is fun to play. I started getting close calls with it only on Torment IV difficulty (I played Hardcore all the way, did 400 bounties with my Necromancer). Someday I'll also do the PS3 version with a hardcore challenge of my own to make it last. My verdict: 9/10 (as close as possible to what the vanilla D3 should've been) Platinum difficulty: 2/10 (easy but boring to grind only the bounties) DLC difficulty: 2/10 (also too easy with no added challenge)
  9. Batman #57 S rank #93 I've been a good kitty lately. Cleaning up the old stuff, advancing my progress, etc. So right before finishing the game from the next post, I wanted to treat myself with something easy. And here's Batman by Telltale, a PS+ game. In general, it's the same good old Telltale with their own illusion of choice, QTEs, frame rate drops and animation glitches. As for the story itself, it turned out to be surprisingly... fresh? I really liked how the Wayne family's past was presented. It made Batman more likeable for me, more down-to-earth in a way. Unlike the movies, there's no grotesque. The plot is toned down to a more realistic style but it helps make the story more intense, the game's also pretty violent at times. The opening scenes sets the mood perfectly, definitely not PG-13 material. Well, it has some arguable moments, like the Penguin's new interpretation. Also Vicky's motivation could have been explained better. But, overall, the game is fun and recommended to all who's interested in the universe of it. My verdict: 8/10 (great game but Telltale should REALLY do something about their engine + some questionable plot moments) Platinum difficulty: 1/10 (all the trophies are story-related)
  10. A quick mid-month update: everything's good. Finally finished Diablo III: Reaper of Souls for PS4 Also achieved a decent progress on Pinball FX3 with the core list and two DLC packs completed + hit my Silver trophy #888. Because I've been such a good kitty lately, I'm treating myself to some easy games I've been dying to play. Already finished the first season of Telltale's Batman and started Life Is Strange. I'm still grinding my main list and pop trophies from it daily; the easy stuff is just for more fun. I'm not sure if I'll finish Killzone: Mercenary by the end of the month but I'll try.
  11. Found out about it from this thread myself not so long ago: It's much easier this way but still may require many retries. At least you don't have to start all over any more. As for TPA, no such feature it seems. I only hope that the Wizard Goals for seasons 2-7 are not as insane as in Season 1 with Genie, Ripley's, Medieval Madness and some other tables. Btw, yesterday's patch 1.25 added Banzai Run from Williams to season 7 and one more trophy on the list (#118).
  12. I made that costly mistake by adding a couple of 'free' pinball titles without looking at their actual trophy sets. At least I could transfer most of my library from ZP2 to FX3, and in both of those games you can actually save your progress and upload your save to the cloud or a USB stick. So more easy ultra rares for this old cat 😸
  13. Yes, and I may never get some of them but I'd hate to see something truly unobtainable on my profile. While being a trophy hunter, hard games don't scare me. Since they added more trophies earlier this year, I was going to buy all seasons eventually but they've initiated a hurry-up mode (pun intended). So I'll just make sure everything's in my library by the deadline and then I'll get back to this game after I finish Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX3.
  14. Oh no, the copyright crap strikes again... 💩 Of all people, Williams - you backstabbing sons of... Ugh! Thanks for the warning, I'll make sure to purchase the remaining seasons ASAP. Just bought the 4th one. I mean, 61 tables to be de-listed?? Bloody come on!!
  15. It's been a long time since I've last posted here, but it's business as usual. Trophies popping daily and all the checklists are still pending... Need to do it soon! Meanwhile, I've decided to put my trophy hunting principles on 'paper'. Mostly for internal use but maybe someone else will accept them as their own. 0. My big goal is to reach and maintain 99% completion rate with 99 or less unearned trophies. 1. Trophies should pop daily. A trophy a day keeps my whoring at bay. One daily trophy on business days, two dailies on Saturdays, Sundays, vacation days and bank holidays. Multipliers can be applied for extra challenge. Trophies can't be earned 'in advance'. If I get 50 trophies today, I'm still due one or two tomorrow. 2. New games are not supposed to be added until the overdue trophies number reaches 10. Then this new game gets all my attention and the gap should be closed as soon as catly possible. If I've been a good boy lately and secured some solid objectives (like completing base game or DLC trophy sets), I can treat myself with an easy game I know I can complete over a few days without jeopardizing my big goal (last week of the month should be great, when you already can tell how good you've been performing). Old games should still be worked on but not at full strength - some rest is needed from time to time. 3. There's absolutely no shame in whoring. But it's always better to play something you actually enjoy, so put your whoring urges to stacking - platform, regional, etc. I won't get out of my hide to obtain some rare Korea-only disc for another Platinum of the same game, but I'll keep my eyes open just in case I can grab something like that. That's all I have in my small head at the moment. Maybe I'll add something later but it looks good as it is now.