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  1. Reading all this -> yet another PS+ game scratched out of my backlog. Won't even try it, good riddance.
  2. Killzone 3 #54 S rank #90 The single-player Platinum has also been successfully migrated. Same icon and, mostly, the same trophy, so the MP Plat won't affect the unique count. It's more like another DLC. So, Killzone 3 - my first PlayStation game ever on my old profile. A great past-gen blockbuster game, it was love at first sight. The universe is not very big, so I didn't really have any problems with understanding what was going on; even though there were no codex/intel entries to read. When I revisited the campaign this year, I was surprised how good it still was after 7 years. And I still like it better then Killzone 2. Not much to say, so I'll be brief... My verdict: 8/10 (one of my favourite shooters, although it's not really my genre in general) Platinum difficulty: 5/10 (an average Platinum with a bit of everything)
  3. Yes, it's about emoticons. I've inserted check marks as images instead, resized to 20x20. Now the spoilers open properly
  4. OK, I'll try moving stuff around later.
  5. How did you guys fix this issue? What did you do exactly? Because I'm having the same issue right now in my checklist thread: The first post works just fine, and it has two spoiler tags there. Spoilers in the linked one don't work at all.
  6. Killzone 3 Multiplayer #53 S rank #89 This Platinum is a part of my Migration Project – I really need to get to posting these lists. Like, right now! Seriously, dude I never bother with multiplayer portion of any game, no matter how it's praised. Unless there are MP trophies in a game that I like. And if it's a series, I must collect 'em all! DLCs included, no matter how tedious and difficult. Not pointing my claw or anything, Uncharted 3. Will be back later. That said, Killzone 3 was the first ever game on my first profile. This new profile already has the Shadow Fall platinum but I couldn't get myself to finishing the series until the server shutdown was announced. Today I officially finished all things online for KZ2 & KZ3, including this standalone platinum. The next one on migration list is KZ3 itself (remaining single player trophies). I'm leaving KZ2 SP for later because it's a tad hardcore. Well, the multiplayer... For a cat who's not interested in things like that it was kinda fun. Most trophies on the previous profile were done without boosting, back when the community was more active and servers more stable. This time it was boosting through and through. I have a second console + KZ2 boosting experience, so I did most of KZ3 online trophies in both games with my alt. Didn't have to buy a second disc because MP edition and full game are compatible. My verdict: 7/10 (not interested in MP games but this one was fun while it lasted) Platinum difficulty: 3/10 (only 3 trophies require more that 2 players to boost) Helghan belongs to the Helghast!
  7. Had exactly the same problem buying lots of games and saving them for later. Still yet to play many titles, not saying about Uncharted 4 – pre-ordered(!), installed(!!) and never played(!!!). So I just stopped buying games blindly. Trying to clean my backlog and 'migrate' trophies from my old profile and keep my overall completion percentage in check. But PS+ is not helping Good luck with your noble quest!
  8. Time to start posting progress updates. While this game is not as special story-wise as I expected, it still requires some attention because... Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness #52 S rank #88 🎚️ Level-up trophy (pure coincidence) This visual novel is disappointing. It would be even more so if it wasn't a PS+ game. I hadn't read any reviews on it at the time, even thought of buying it at some point. As soon as I started it, I didn't like the setting, colors and a bunch of characters introduced almost all at once. And, what's worse, they are not really interesting. The story lacks variety and the base plot stays almost the same across all chapters despite two playable characters. Moreover, if a scene is a tiny bit different from the one you've read before, the game won't let you skip even the parts you already know by heart. I 'play' VNs honestly (with a guide at paw though), not force skipping anything, so by the end of my 5th full playthrough I was pretty fed up with it. I have to admit, I like Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ much better although it's an otome title. After all, it has vibrant colors and cool characters, the story branches in 5 different ways, and read text can be skipped properly. And, of course, Psycho-Pass can't compete with Steins;Gate on any level. I mean in terms of Vita 'novelization', not the anime. I haven't watched any of those titles, so can't say anything on this category. Oh, and the mini-game. You actually need to grind it for some time to buy all the voice and picture content necessary for the Platinum trophy. I got as far as level 9-1 and grinded the remaining points on that level getting up to 5.4k per game but always failing it. This small puzzle game is actually not bad, even a bit addictive. My verdict: 6/10 (has its moments but pretty bland overall) Platinum difficulty: 3/10 (guide needed + mini-game to grind)
  9. Challenges and We Plays section opened in the second post. More cool stuff on the way!
  10. Please sign me up for Artifact Collector + Gambler bonus:
  11. Please sign me up for Elite. My Platinums: +
  12. Showcases are now finished! It was fun actually – posting all these icons, good memories about some of them... More work ahead but feel free to comment on what you already see. I know it's not really awesome in terms of hardcore completions, rarity and stuff but I'm working on some cool Plats and 100%s.
  13. Let's start with some recent fake milestones of which there are four... Rare trophy #555 Pinball FX3 -> Did It for the Dowry Start the Princess multiball on Epic Quest by hitting the locker wheel 3 times Current rarity: 13.99% Gold trophy #250 Killzone 3 -> Let's Go Home Destroyed Stahl's Cruiser and left the planet on any difficulty Current rarity: 57.24% Bronze trophy #2,500 Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness -> Bedtime Stories You have reached the "Bedtime Stories" route Current rarity: 28.21% Uncommon trophy #1,234 Killzone 3 Multiplayer -> Frequent Flyer – Fly for 60 Seconds With a Jetpack equipped, fly for 60 seconds or more in Tharsis Depot Current rarity: 34.05% Stay tuned for my 200th Ultra Rare!
  14. It was just an unrelated cat pun. The link worked yesterday but, I guess, that photo hosting site is trying to extort some subscription money from me. Ain't happening 😼 As for internal trophy/game images, I know about hotlinking them. Sneaking up to this task. UPD: Goodbye, PhotoBucket! Hello, imgur... Let's see how you'll behave.
  15. And this post is reserved for Important Stuff #3. Enough, I guess...