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  1. i Think u need 20 diffrent Weapons
  2. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finaly Trophy Poped on 36 Weapon WTH!!??!?!?!!! i think Doubles not ♥
  3. Hi Evryone!! i got 30 Legendary Weapons but trophy didn't poped, What is Solution? i try to craft diffrent ones ? i have 30 Total Legendary Weapons, But 16 Typs 14 Doublecated
  4. Paladins is just a game Coped for ''LEAGUE OF LEGENDS'' + ''Overwatch'' + ''Fortnite'' , So they have nothing special , And about trophies better if they keep only 21.
  5. Hi Guys iam on for boost Multiplayer trophies of this game so who want to boost with me ?
  6. When they start ? Next Week ?
  7. No one got Trophy This Week ?
  8. BilalElOtmani Call of Duty: Black Ops II It's simply out of my control! when i was in an online game, suddenly i saw all trophies popping!!!!<br /> After this, i knew that's happend by some hackers who can do some tricks to unlock trophies for them and for other players too!
  9. Guys We Can Make it, The Servers Close in 31 March 2018. SO We Have Time!! I Will Creat A Team in ''PSApp'' for We Play Evry day. Add me: BilalElOtmani
  10. Yes i copy it from guide, for ppl know level10 method thas all bro in my method, if u use method (LVL10) and u get all kills u will make alot of XP, and u lost just 3 fuel. 1 for your turn 3 for your team
  11. Guys i Think i have a Tactical way to boost , In Week-End we can play **4 Players Vs. 4 Players**, And Evry Match 1 Player of one team Take Kills, Example 1A And B1 Take Kills ________________________________________________________ ''There is now a way to boost this. As of the November 2015 update to the game, you can change the level of your aircraft and your special weapon to any level that you have researched. For example, if you have a Lv.10 ADFX-01 Morgan with Lv.5 MPBM, you can create an aircraft set with a Lv.1 ADFX-01 Morgan with Lv.1 MPBM. Obviously, you will be losing power when you do that, but lowering these levels will give you bonus rank experience per sortie! Experiment and see how low you can go with your aircraft and weapon levels.''
  12. Add me to play together guys and have same fun time! ID: BilalElOtmani
  13. BilalElOtmani Call of Duty: Black Ops II Replace this with the reason you should be unflagged
  14. I find the solution for FRIENDSHIP Trophy problem , You Need To Delet All 'Friends Request' and You Need To have -50 Friends in your 'Friends List' I got the Trophy , and 100% work , Try it
  15. I Habe Problem To