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  1. Thanks for the update, I thought I was going crazy!
  2. working great for me, i like the ps+ badge, do you think you can also put one for ps now?
  3. Yeah i got Titanfall 2 for like $5 at some point and Monster Energy Supercross is on PS Now... good month for those that don't have though.
  4. well, hate isn't really the word, i just prefer psn rarity. i don't really care about the rarity of only the people on this site. it's not because trophies are more rare on psn rarity cause i could care less, i just prefer the overall number.
  5. I hope it expands site-wide soon, i hate the psnp rarity. I just want the overall psn rarity in everything. good job so far sly!
  6. it was there it was just written in japanese, i couldnt search when searching "dragon quest" for it then i started playing it. they fixed it now though. still weird they share a list. the game is really fun btw
  7. it shares the trophy list with the jp version, its really weird.
  8. All my trophies are visible and my status is public to anyone, about 200 games are gone from my profile. got trophies on the games that are gone but wont update, then got trophies on the games still on my profile and it only updates the ones on there but still missing many games. i think its a psn glotch because it doesnt show up on the android ps trophies app either but it does show all 605 games on the yapsn app and playstation app
  9. No, but i noticed the "PS trophies" app doesnt update the same trophies im missing on psnprofiles. "yapsn" app works fine but i think they do it differently because they show even your hidden trophies highlighted so you know theyre hidden. when i check psn on ps3, ps3, or vita none are hidden, same on yapsn app. the weird thing is most peoe its 1 or 2 games, i have like 610 and only see 418
  10. i have like 200 games hidden now, none are private
  11. thats weird, i platinumed the game on vita with not one issue, have you tried re-downloading it
  12. Have 500+ games on PS4, PS3, and Vita Add me for and trophy hunting or just to play for fun Oshkoshbagosh1 (Let us change our PSN names sony!!)
  13. they were really nice people, i told the aac devs ill be buying their game if they dont end up on ps plus, yeah, either way ill get both broforce and aac,hope one of them wins
  14. yeah if they reply ill edit this, on steam it only has like 7 achievememts though. i was between aac and broforce. for now, im voting aac
  15. Hi everyone, i took the time to reach out to the devs of action henk, assault android cactus, and broforce. i was able to get two replies as to whether their game had a platinum, so, incase you guys were curious action henk - no platinum assault android cactus - has a platinum broforce - no answer yet, but judging from its steam achievements i doubt it will have a platinum p.s. to anyone like me, wondering if the vita version of aac will be out the same time as ps4; it will not. they dont have a date set for its release yet but it will be crossbuy upon its release.