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  1. Hi, I recently went back to this game, haven't been playing since october last year on release. I've noticed that they've been adding custom matches so I was wondering if I can obtain 1000 kills in dogfight this way? I'm not really into the MP portion of this game, because of the loading times. It may take 4 minutes to get into a mp game, and the pre-game lobby takes 1min30sec because there is always people who don't press ready
  2. I’ve recently started playing the campaign in this game, going from the very first Karting Dicipline, and working my way up to LMP1 (i just started season 3, continental gt3). From the calender in this game, I have the option to press triangle and that way jump to my next event, optionally I could press square and «jump to today» and do invitational events (Look at picture above). I was wondering if I mess up anything trophy-wise by skipping these invitational events? Up to this point I’ve done every event with the exception of one I accidentally skipped. I wouldn’t like to mess up any of the trophies during this timeconsuming platinum. I couldn’t find anything on the trophyguide from playstationtrohies. org regarding this. Skipping invitational events will make this plat a lot quicker I would assume. Hopefully someone knows whether or not I'll have to do these invitaional events. Thx in advance
  3. gamemode: uprising map: last bastion 6545xp: 1 round (knifing enemy's team general whole round while he/she having a teammate revive him/her) u should use exactly the numbers that mekktor came up with, they point is to get to lvl 7 and almost get to rank 8 in final step (if u mess up u can quit the match before round ends, make sure not to hit rank 8, u can easily time this since u get "-" from suiciding) -1995 xp: this takes 2 rounds, teamkilling urself and a dummy everything is explained in the original post and further commented on by me n mekktor, its been a while since I did it and there should be more than enough info in this forumpost to get it there might be other methods but this one worked perfectly for me n 2 friends that placed all diamonds.
  4. I've done the same nothing really useful has come around here either, hopefully they're trying to sort things out. Let me know if the situation get sorted out for u
  5. Hey, just came across this Minecraft ripoff, just wondering if someone can tell me if u need Playstation VR to get 100% in this game?
  6. @Geridian just sent an email to Sony hopefully it will get sorted out or that I will be paid in full for all Minecraft: Story Mode content that I've bought
  7. Bought the season pass (ep1-5) a long time ago, also bought the adventure pass later on (ep6-8).I bought everything from the european ps store. However, im only able to download episode 1-6, ep 7-8 is greyed out and says "unavailable" for me. Haven't gotten any trophies for the game, but want to do this game since I bought the second game aswell. Not gonna touch any of them if I can't 100% the first one, care to much about completion
  8. @RinoaBC I played the map Last Bastion on Uprising, playing on APR (red team). U should have 2 players/dummys on UFLL (yellow team), as they should spawn right next to eachother. the two spots they should swap between is the one next to some stairs (dark area) and the other spawn location is up the stair's on your right hand side (UFLL's side of the the map). u shouldn't move to much after u kill the two opposing enemies. if u starting to move up/down the stairs prior to them respawning, the enemies might not spawn where u want them to. i always stand still after i get my two kills, and wait for them to respawn before running up/down the stairs. when u go up the stairs there will also be a ammo crate on the right hand side. if u need ammo just head over there after u kill the enemies on top of the stairs. when i was getting more ammo i always jump down from where the ammocrate is located instead of going down the stairs (this wont mess up the spawnlocation). I always used the last lmg with 200 ammo in each mag, easily got more than 1500xp. u could also kill sheep (opposing team's general) with machete, and have another player on the opposing team revive him over and over. Once u reach rank 5 u must use sheep-method to get the excess xp in mekktor's fix (step1: 4895xp, step 2: 5795xp, step 3: 6545xp). u dont need to use this method before reaching rank 5 though. U only have 1 alt account RinoaBC? u wont be able to plat this game 1v1 if u want to manually derank from 20 ->5 ->30.
  9. Well, I know a friend that did this from rank 19-20. Still, do to a long session with this u will be needing 1.000.000 xp to go from rank 20-30 With 8000p/each match it will take 31.25 hours to get from rank 20-30, and that's without loading screens and rehosting matches. And ps3 could likely freeze during that time, and u will most likely have the game on for days to do your method. it's a big risk to do it this way, and more secure to do it my way. It might be a bit faster doing it your way, but it's still a big risk to take if something should happen to your ps3 while doing it.
  10. nothing to do with lucky here. just get the xp stated in the discription (mekktor's way). Just do it with these except numbers and u're good. there is no video explaining this as far as I know. the picture in the discription (originally posted by mekktor) shows how to get from rank 5 -> 7 -> 4 -> 7 -> 3 ->7 -> 30 (this is exactly what I did). i did this within 9 matches. 3 matches for step 1, 2 and 3. The first match in each step is getting the xp. the next two matches is for getting negative xp, then it is dashing out from the game twice for all xp to be subtracted. before u can do any of this u'll have to derank from 20->5 which will take a while
  11. @totallycrushed much appreciated. just did my first communityevent today. hopefully SMS keep on supporting their game since they add stupid trophies like this to the game
  12. Yep, these numbers looks accurate to me. took me around 50 hours to level down. If u're so unlucky to be in a situation where all diamonds are placed, ranking down will be faster. u should have 3 ps3's for this. it's doable with 2 but then u need a close friend/friends to join ur server while getting negative xp. That's how i did it from rank 15->5 since i only have 2 ps3's as of now. ur friend don't have to do anything just rejoin ur server now and then, since ppl dont get kicked from being idle in this game. if u have a friend that will do this for u, just switch over to the same team as ur dummy and start getting negative xp. u will want to be on our own dummy's team so that u get rid of spawnprotection with the dummy for each suicide/teamkill u get (i got between 1600-1700 negative xp each match, there is no cap to negative xp, just when u hit level treshold). then u have to wait for the timer to go down or have the other team capture the flags and kill the captain on your team for the match to end.
  13. yeah I was thinking the same, better safe than sorry I guess 😅
  14. oh shit, one of my friends said I didn't have to think about anything, he got Community Ambassador as first trophy in the game. im confident I can avoid getting emergency stop, but now I immediately got afraid of popping "You Smell Somethin'?". is there a way to tell how many degrees the brakes are? 😅
  15. @totallycrushed thx for reply. im just gonna start by doing community events, and not go for any other trophies, so i can delete it from my list if it becomes unobtainable. if sms decide to add more events in the future i'm definitely going for this platinum. just bought game of the year edition since one of the upcoming events requires dlc.